• Derby Day Site 2014 - Mount Hill Tavern
  • Harrisburg Abraxas Student Academy Mural
  • Peace Wall at Foose Elementary
  • Gift of Music
  • Urban Terrace
  • Long Term Residency at PHASE 4 Learning Center
  • Thrive! members at Jump Street's Holiday Open House
  • ImagineNations
  • Jump Street's painted cow
  • Pennsylvania Past Players
  • 2012 Big Read Closing Event Rehearsal
  • Zumba Gold at Thrive!
  • Teacher Artist Partnership
  • and magazine interns at the Millenium Music Conference

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        2013-STBEST Arts Attraction & Festival


Jump Street is dedicated to developing educational and economic opportunities with the arts for all age groups.


Program Spotlight

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Through a comprehensive blend of creativity, education, and new technology, Photography for Kids seeks to connect and inspire young people to explore, embrace, and experience the world through the enjoyment of photography.

Photography for Kids is made possible with support from

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Tenant Spotlight


Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to creating a strong and supportive environment for the arts in Pennsylvania. As Pennsylvania's only statewide multidisciplinary arts advocacy organization, we work to publicize the contributions of the arts to the economy, to increase public and private investment in the arts, to expand the role of the arts in tourism, and to promote the positive impact of arts education. 

 Recognizing there was no statewide voice in support of the arts in Pennsylvania, a small group of citizens banded together in 1979 to form Citizens for the Arts in Pennsylvania. The purpose of this new organization was to advocate for greater public support for artists, arts organizations, and the cultural community in the Commonwealth. This continues to be our focus. 

The economy has been a pressing issue in Pennsylvania as well as accross the nation. Citizens has joined forces with Americans for the Arts to study the economic impact of the nonprofit arts industry in Pennsylvania with the publication of Arts & Economic Prosperity IV:PA. Highlights of the study include:

     • The nonprofit arts industry in Pennsylvania generate $2.55 million in economic impact

     • Over 81,000 FTE jobs are supported by Pennsylvania's nonprofit arts industry

     • Pennsylvania's nonprofit arts industry contributes over $360 million to state and local government revenue.

Currently, Citizens for the Arts is working with other cultural groups in Pennsylvania to form an Arts & Culture coalition which will be responsible for identifying policy and funding issues that will help grow and strengthen the cultural sector in Pennsylvania. For more information about this and other projects for the Arts in Pennsylvania, visit their website at www.citizensfortheartsinpa.org

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