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and™ magazine

A Letter From the Editors

Hello, our names are Kya Wanner and Miranda Hallas, and we are the Senior Editors of and™ magazine – a very inspiring magazine for teens by teens! We are seniors at Susquenita High School and Camp Hill High School, and will graduate in 2016.

As an arts and healthy lifestyles magazine, and™ informs students with positive, entertaining articles promoting creativity on a day to day basis. The magazine offers students opportunities to get involved in their community. The mission ofand™ magazine is twofold:

To disseminate healthy, positive, and entertaining stories to teens in Central PA.

To give students the opportunity to gain valuable job skills training in the fields of journalism, photography, graphic design, and web development.

For more information (sponsorship/advertorials/additional copies) please contact Jeff Copus, Publisher at 717-238-1887 or jcopus@jumpstreet.org.