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To grow, sustain, promote, and honor arts and culture in our region, Jump Street has funding streams available for specific programs in designated areas. Check out the details of the specific opportunities below.

Arts in Education

Arts in Education (AIE) places exceptional professional artists from the visual, performing, media, and literary arts in educational settings for in-depth residencies. Teachers/agencies select and collaborate with qualified artists who conduct Artist Residencies – experiences that will integrate arts into the teacher’s core curriculum.

Jump Street is an Arts in Education Partner with Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Jump Street is expanding the role of the arts in classrooms and community centers in Cumberland, Dauphin, and Schuylkill Counties.

Arts in Education began as a National Endowment of the Arts initiative for state arts councils in the late 1970s. The PA Council on the Arts introduced its innovative decentralized model and as a result, the entire state, not just the metro-areas, has AIE Partner support to help schools redefine, energize, and/or expand arts education. Pennsylvania has earned a series of awards and honors for arts in education partnerships. In July 2012, Jump Street was named as Pennsylvania’s thirteenth AIE partner.

PA Partners in the Arts

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) is a partnership between local organizations and the PCA. Jump Street is proud to administer two
grant programs during the year allocating state arts dollars to artists and organizations in Cumberland, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties.

There are two opportunities through the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts: Project Stream and Program Stream.

For more information, please visit www.pacouncilonthearts.org

PPA Objectives:

Expanding constitudent access to the arts by (a) making arts programs available to communities that may have been underservedin the past by state arts funding, and by (b) supporting a wide variety of arts activities in the community, developed in a variety of settings

Encouraging and supporting local decision-making in the re-granting of state arts dollars

Increasing awareness of and advocacy for government support and funding of the arts at the local and state levels

Enabling the PCA staff to provide increased assistance to its broad constituency throughout the state

Benefits of Applying to PPA:

Local Applications are shorter and simpler

Local grants carry the same state arts funding credibility

Local panelists provide important insight into the cultural needs of the community, which inform the local decision-making process

Check back soon for 2018-2019 grant application instructions!


FolkArtPA is a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts program, administered by Jump Street, which sustains folk and traditional arts across the commonwealth through:

– Services-to-the-field
– A statewide Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program
– Folk Arts Infrastructure, a network of seven independent regional organizations working together to support Pennsylvania folk and traditional arts.

Folk and traditional arts are artistic traditions of specific ethnic, religious, linguistic, occupational, or regional groups that are shaped and shared within communities and passed down from one generation to another. Pennsylvania is filled with folk art, from intricate Pennsylvania Dutch scherenschnitte (paper cutting) and Ukranian pysanky (egg art), to Hmong storytelling quilts and urban graff-art. For more than two hundred years Pennsylvania has incorporated the customs of its many inhabitants to create a mosaic of folk art traditions.

FolkArtPA’s goal is to document, investigate, present and sustain the folk art of Pennsylvania, and in the process learn what it means to be a Pennsylvanian today.