Wednesday Club

The following Wednesday Club performances will occur at

The Art Association of Harrisburg at 21 N. Front Street

Saturday at noon

Resident Professional, Collegiate, and Young Concert Artists

Christyan Seay, tenor

Adam Malarich, trumpet (CH High) with Nate Malarich, piano (Penn State)

Erin Vrana, soprano (Hershey High)

Mark Wesling, guitar

Mattias Blystra, clarinet (CH High) with Matthew Podniesinski, piano (Camp Hill High)

Trio:  James Good, dobro, Dr. Ira Packman, guitar, and Norma Swain, piano


Saturday at 3 PM

Resident Professional, Collegiate, and Young Concert Artists

John Sharpe, bass

Dr. Ronald Sider, piano 


Haley Dobson, soprano (Hershey High)

Roger Lentz, piano


Cheryl Crider, soprano

Norma Swain, piano


Loy/Fierro Duo

Susan Loy, saxophone

Paul Fierro, piano


Lisa Kong, violin (Lititz High)

Christopher Kong, piano (Yale)


Sunday at 2 PM

Collegiate Concert Artists

Jambol Leuenberger, violin (Temple) and Katelyn Bouska, piano (Temple)

Solo pianists:  Rachel Cohick (Malone U), Hannah Kwak (U. of Sciences), Hanel Kwak (CV),

Sahil Nayyar (Dickinson)


Sunday at 4 PM


featuring Collegiate Concert Artist graduate students

in a joint duo recital of folk songs:

Christina Kay, soprano, (U of WI)

Matthew Giolongo, baritone (Temple U)


Monday at 2 PM - Young and Collegiate Concert Artists

Solo pianists:  Joyce Kim (CV)

J.T. Mullins (Hershey Middle), Matthew Podniesinski (CH), Austin Hess (MIT)

Ryan Nguyen (CD East), Lining Wang (Gettysburg High), David Yesilonis (PA Charter Cyber)

Soffia Blystra, saxophone (CH)

Olivia Hess, violin (Mbg. High) 




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