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Half Past Seven

They are a band of 3 people, who are very dedicated to their work. They do cover songs from classics to modern day styles. Styles such as Rock, Metal, Funk, Country, Pop music and even Original music and also write their own as well. Steve Lombardi and Nick Lombardi are brothers, Tyler Kilby has been a close friend for years. Half Past Seven are a known around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Which gives YOU the opportunity to listen to a new band and maybe new influences on what you want to do in life. 


Kya: When exactly did you decide to start a band and why?

Steve LombardiMy younger brother and I, both started playing music around the age of 6. Our father played the drums and started teaching us both. I eventually got an electric guitar for my 8th birthday and ended up switching to playing just guitar. So from that point on my brother and I were finally able to jam together. Once we were in middle school, we did a few talent shows together and by the time we were in high school, we wanted to complete our band by adding a singer and a bass player. We had trouble finding a good bass player so my younger brother Nick decided he wanted to switch from drums, to playing bass while letting close friend Tyler Kilby join the band to play drums. We had former friend/singer Scott French join the band shortly after that and we began getting more serious right out of High School. We ended up playing the bar/club scene for a few years and from that point on we just knew that being a musician and performing was what we wanted to do. It’s what we are good at… and we have fun doing it. After a few more years of playing, Scott left the band and we were in search for a singer again. We had another guy we met online try out for a little while, but it didn’t work out. We eventually got tired of looking for a savior to come along so we just took over the vocals ourselves. My brother Nick Sings the main vocals and I take care of the backups. So now it’s just back to the 3 original members and ever since, it’s never been better.

Kya: Is there any point in your childhood that you reflect upon to help you with your career in music?

Steve LombardiI think because I started off on drums first I’ve always had a good sense of rhythm. Having good rhythm is so important. That’s what gives music that tight, catchy sound.

Kya: Can you tell me your favorite song and explain why it is your favorite song.

Steve LombardiI listen to a lot of different types of music so I really can’t pick a favorite song. It just depends on my mood. There is so much good music out there.

Kya: Where are you three from and how did you guys meet?

Steve LombardiWe are all from Oxford, Pa and we met when we were in elementary school.

Kya: What would you like to say to young aspiring musicians?

Steve LombardiDo what you love, have fun, dream big, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, work hard, and play A LOT of shows! lol.

Nick Lombardi, Tyler Kirby and Steve Lombardi

Half Past Seven has been performing in at Wesley’s Bar in Elkton, MD; Red Star Craft House in Exton, PA; Pickled Herring Pub in North East, MD; J&B Hotel in Quarryville, PA. You are able to find all these locations and dates on their website at www.halfpast7band.com.

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More information on Half Past Seven can be found on their facebook page at Half Past Seven Musician/Band, their website above, or on their YouTube Channel.

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