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“I’m Bored” Jar

When you have nothing to do and you’re laying on your bed staring at the ceiling thinking, “Oh my gosh I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do!” This is when you get off your comfy comforter and start being creative. The “I’m Bored” jar is all over websites for young or older people to take interest in for activities. So, here are some steps on how to make your very own “I’m Bored” jar to enlighten your thinking and increase your adventures.

First, take any kind of container that can hold popsicle sticks, strips of paper, disks etc. Second, decorate the container, jar, or bucket to make it unique. Thirdly, write down on the popsicle sticks or whatever you used, different activities that you can do when you’re bored. Finally, stick everything into your container and pull the popsicle sticks out whenever you have absolutely no idea what to do. This isn’t just for being bored, it can also be used to replace negative activities with positive ones.

Here’s a list of a few things that are positive that you can place on your popsicle sticks, strips of paper, or anything else you decided to use.

  • Letters Aren’t Extinct?: Write a note/call a friend that you haven’t talked to for a while.
  • Upgrade Please: Go into a phone store, look at the sales person, hold out a banana and tell them you want to upgrade to an apple.
  • Sweating Time: Do your choice of 100 sit-ups, 50 jumping jacks, 30 squats, Do 10 pull-ups, or go for a run.
  • Interior Designer for a Day: Rearrange your room in some new way and see if you like it.
  • You’re a wizard Harry: Put a letter in some random person’s mailbox saying you are a wizard and have been chosen to go to Hogwarts school.
  • Drawing About Draw: Draw a picture of the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “draw”
  • Read a book that you’ve never heard of before or write a story.
  • Get Your Art Pants On:Paint a picture,whether it be abstract or highly rendered.
  • Recipe Roulette: Go to your nearest recipe book or site and pick a random recipe. Go ahead and try to make it.
  • Your Jam: Listen to music from your favorite artist.
  • Time Travel: Go up to a random person and ask what year it is. When they respond yell “It finally worked!” Then continue to run away.
  • No Peeking: Get a friend and try and draw each other’s faces without looking at what you are drawing.
  • Those Graphics Though: Play video games from the 80’s online, or if you just have some laying around.
  • That’s Older than Me: Watch a movie that looks like it’s older than you. Grab some friends and have an old movie movie night.
  • Teehee: Search for funny cat compilation videos on youtube. I dare you to try and not laugh.
  • Zero Calories: Go into a restaurant and ask for a diet water with a very serious face.
  • A Breath of Fresh Air: Go to a park and get some fresh air. It will make you feel more awake and alive.
  • Trunktastic: Make a collage from magazine photos to create a elephant in harem pants eating a icecream cone. Don’t be afraid to really have fun with this one.
  • If It’s Yellow Let it Mellow: Ha! Gotcha ya didn’t I? Run a lemonade stand. We all did it when we were younger, why not do it now.
  • Big Kid Coloring: Do a paint-by-numbers painting. You may have to go to your local craft supply store or put a puzzle together.

Once you have made your, “I’m Bored Jar” and if it actually has helped you get out a time of despair, please let and™ hear about your adventures. Feel free to try some of our suggestions or even make up your own and let us know how they work! The “I’m Bored Jar” is for anyone, use your time not just lying around but interacting with objects and people. Have fun and tell us all about it then, you can e-mail us at editor.andmagazine@gmail.com.