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Local Sports Opportunities

by Ben Egenrieder

Sports are a great way to relieve stress, build character, and develop your physical fitness. Schools do a great job at providing opportunities to students to play a variety of sports. The issue is too many sports get skipped over. Sports like handball, water polo, ice hockey, and many others are only played in a handful of schools, some sports like this are not offered at any schools.

Ice hockey is a big passion in my family. My dad, brother, and I play in a league with our relatives and friends. My mom and sister ice skate better than 90% of the people in my school. Due to this passion, it is so depressing to me that no schools in the area offer ice hockey to their students. No school in Adams County offer ice hockey. The closest school to offer ice hockey is Cumberland Valley.

Ice hockey is even a pretty followed sport and a team sport, which makes it even worse that schools do not offer it. Think about all the less recognized sports like, snowboarding, competitive shooting, rowing, and so many more sports that kids have interest in, but schools forget about.

Now comes the great news! Students can make opportunities for themselves and others to play the sports they are passionate in. Schools want to please their students and help keep them healthy. Due to this schools allow students to start clubs and extracurricular activities. Let’s say a student wants to start an after-school men’s volleyball team. The first step is talking to administration and the athletic director. They are there to help students and will want to help you get your club going. Once the plan is set for your club, you need to get organized. Organizing a club might mean setting up time spots, teams to play, or even how to raise money for the activity if need be.

Setting up a club takes up a lot of time and effort, students should be prepared for at least one full year to develop the club, due to the process and planning the club takes. The best part is, clubs like these are already set up for students. Some high schools and most colleges have clubs and intramural teams for students to participate in after school. All students must do is sign up and then they can participate. I have even heard of Quidditch (from the Harry Potter series, played like capture the flag) being offered at several universities.

If students want to get away from school or do not feel like setting up a club, there are many other opportunities too. Look around for organizations that offer sports that interest you. For me Twin Ponds and York City Ice Arena are my saviors. I have played in several ice hockey leagues there and have loved it. They help me play a sport that is not offered to me and I am very grateful for that. Organizations like these are set up everywhere. If you are a great shot with your compound bow and want to try competitive shooting, look up local 3D shoots. Any sport can be found if you look hard enough or are willing to put in the work.

Image by Brooke Ryan