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Arts Alive!

Arts Alive is a group of arts programs designed to place trained, professional artists into settings where they can share the joy and benefits of the creative process with an equally enthusiastic and motivated group of participants for an extended period of time.


These fully customizable programs offered through Arts Alive may be summer arts camps, summer arts based training programs, preschool arts programs, or after school programs. Residencies vary in duration depending on the type of program. The art forms included, but not limited to, dance, theater, multidiscipline, and visual arts. The artist instructor is dependent upon the art form.

Design It!

Design It! is a six-week summer employment program for youth designed and coordinated by Jump Street. It is a multi-disciplined summer training program to provide alternative arts-based employment for youths by creating products to fill non-arts agency needs. The multi-layered program facilitates several agency missions simultaneously, thereby widening the funding streams that underwrite the program. It is workforce development, community service, life skills building, an arts experience, and more.

Fifteen teens from low income/public housing are hired as apprentice artists to train with a professional carpenter and artist, working 30 hours per week. The end product is then donated to a community organization

Dream Build

Dream Build is about wishes, wants, needs, and using imagination. Participants learn of key architects of the day (Gaudi, Horta, Wright) and identify domiciles that appeal to them. . In this program, attendees experience a myriad of vocations and interact with those professionals. From scaled plans of their design, the participants build 3-D imaginary cities. Local city planners, architects, interior designers, and construction professionals critique participants’ designs and impart knowledge.

Dream Build integrates math, writing, vocational education, and art.

Imagine Nations

Imagine Nations is an arts camp for children ages 8-12 to be offered in an after school or summer camp setting. Imagine Nations provides a hands-on learning experience, giving participants the opportunity to create something as they learn about the world around them. The explorers gain an understanding of the similarities and differences to other cultures to their own: music, art, customs, and language. They create their own journals and art pieces, which they share with each other and their families.


A six week program for 10-15 students in grades 7-12 that will meet twice per week for a minimum of one hour per session as either an after-school program or a summer workshop; class meetings alternate between culinary arts instruction and dance classes and focus specifically on both empowering and inspiring young people to think for themselves.   This innovative program addresses common health and fitness concerns by educating students about nutrition and anaerobic exercise, and it also explores cultures and customs from other parts of the world by tasting exotic foods and dancing to foreign music or drum beats.

Paintin Lively

A community based program teaming young people with a professional artist in which participants build self-esteem as they utilize innate and learned artistic skills to refurbish furniture for sale. Participants select old, used, or unfinished furniture pieces and employ decorative paint techniques to rehabilitate the pieces. Students are encouraged to explore their own creativity and trust their judgment as they plan and execute their designs. General guidance is given, but the participants’ personal artistic skills, taste, and values are reflected in the pieces. Participants select old, used, or unfinished furniture pieces and employ decorative paint techniques to rehabilitate the pieces to a work of art. Completed pieces are then put up for sale through local businesses, with a portion of the profits going back to the students.

Words with Wings

During the 32 week course, students will explore Jazz History, Performance and the future of Jazz music. Students will learn the various facets of music production through hands-on experience and local jazz musicians and music producers.