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Program Archive

Milton Hershey High School, Summer 2016
Mixed Media & Mural Residency focused on Cuba

To kick off Milton Hershey School’s yearlong focus on Cuba, teaching artists Nancy Mendes and Megan Davis worked with advanced high school students to create found object art, carnival masks, and a mural – all focused on the life, culture, and experience of Cuba, with special attention paid to the connection to Milton Hershey.

Nancy Mendes, Teaching Artist
Megan Davis, Teaching Artist

Camp Hill High School, Winter 2016
Stained Glass Residency

A donation of stained glass, spurred the need for the art department to learn the techniques of stained glass. Stained glass artist Dan Hayward worked with high school art students and the high school art teacher, April Tichenor, to teach the technique of creating stained glass works of art. Dan educated students about the history and chemistry of glass as they made stained glass masterpieces. In addition to stained glass Dan taught the students glass fusing and slumping.

Dan Hayward, Teaching Artist

Camp Hill Middle School, Fall 2015
P.R.I.D.E. Mural

Coming with vast community mural experience, Ophelia Chambliss worked with the students of Camp Hill Middle School to create concepts, design the layout, and paint a mural. Under direction of the school art teacher, April Tichenor, the mural focused on the school’s main tenants of P.R.I.D.E. – Positive attitude, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence, as well as discussions about being a renaissance student.

Ophelia Chambliss, Teaching Artist