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Teen Night at the Ballet

Ballet: it’s not just for girls in pink tutus. Ballet and dance is something far more human, far more real. Take yourself away from your screen, and away from the drama of day to day existence. Too often as teenagers we become overwhelmed with unimportant transient events. In a world of stimuli everything is yesterday’s news, yesterday’s thoughts, and yesterday’s feelings. On Friday, January 29th step away from the known and take a step towards Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s Teen Night at the Ballet program. Allow yourself to be inspired.

CPYB’s Teen Night at the Ballet program is an in-studio dance performance, but this performance is different. Each dance is crafted by student choreographers. These dancers along with the choreographers are our peers, and we are their audience. This is an entirely teen only event. These new and innovative dances are made and performed by our generation giving a new perspective on traditional ballet. These students are pushing boundaries and fighting for new meaning in our world. This unique performance offers an up-close and personal look at dance. Witness and feel the emotional impact that stems from this performance. Be moved by movement and come see what our generation can do Friday, January 29th.

However, the performances don’t end here. On June 16th at the Harrisburg Whitaker Center the Teen Night at the Ballet program comes alive on stage. The choreography for this production is the continuation of the initial 45 minute in-studio performance. This entire experience is teen lead. Not only are the dancers and choreographers teenagers, but the Harrisburg Symphony Youth Orchestra is a crucial collaborator for this program. News and media coverage will also be done by teenagers making this performance, and the program as a whole, an exclusively teen only event. Students in the theatre will be encouraged to participate in social media coverage of their own. Come and experience part one and part two of the Teen Night at the Ballet program. This is our time and our world. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of it.

More details, including information on free registration can be found on the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet website.