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“You’ll Ruin Your Dinner.”

More than once you’ve heard your parents say, “You’ll ruin your dinner.” if you go to reach for a snack. Believe me, I thought my stomach was going to start eating itself at some points!

Well, I am here to give us teens a quick tip on how to not over-do our eating, but to make sure we can hold ourselves over for dinner, so we don’t have to hear that same phrase one more time.

For breakfast make sure you drink a glass of orange juice or milk to give you the energy. Fix yourself some eggs or pour a bowl of cereal, if you normally don’t eat breakfast at least grab a yogurt. In a few hours it will be lunch time, while eating lunch only get the amount you think you will eat. Do NOT force yourself to eat more than you are able. According to BetterHealthUSA, for your lunch entree pick out something that on the lines of a sandwich or veggie pizza or pizza with any of your favorite toppings. Don’t forget to add a drink to your meal.

Now, after you have had your routine for breakfast and lunch, it’s snack time. Around 3 P.M., eat a small snack. Dietitians recommend eating something from the “healthy” part of the food pyramid like fruit. You don’t want to consume junk food on a daily basis, it will only make you feel worse about getting up and being active. So, with that being said, just pack a healthy snack. It doesn’t need to be more than a drink and small ziploc bag with your easy accessible food ready to eat.

Finally, it’s dinner time and usually you are being tormented by the pantry or the Middleswarth chips won’t leave your brain. After a few days with the routine of breakfast, lunch, a small snack and then dinner you will be able to have a conversation without your mother or father over your shoulder reminding you dinner’s almost ready. You will be able to concentrate on homework, a T.V. show you missed the other night or even just enjoying your stomach not screaming outrageously at you to feed the darn thing. After dinner, around 7 P.M., grab one more snack before bed, make sure you’re not drinking soda or anything with caffeine in the item and you will have an amazing night’s rest.

Try this technique and see how you are feeling after a couple days and if you are feeling at least 70% more awake, keep up the routine! It will save your health in the long run also. Feel free to check out any dietitian websites for more information and even go have a chat with your family doctor on how you can better your eating habits.