1k A Day Fast Track Review

1k A Day Fast Track is a 6-week training course and Clickbank product that is gaining raves in the affiliate marketing world. The training course is created by Merlin Holmes, who says you can make $14,444 from the click and paste affiliate marketing strategy.

This course and strategy advertised are said to be very highly converting. But is it legit or a scam? If you are wondering whether to buy this product or not, in this 1k A Day Fast Track review, we will analyze this course and tell you whether or not to give it a try.

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What is 1k A Day Fast Track?

1k A Day Fast Track is a very typical webinar that shows you how to make passive income with affiliate marketing. The course “1k A Day” is promoted to help you make up to $1,000 every day, and Fast Track is a Merlin Holmes company. In the free course, he shares his secret of making millions using affiliate marketing.

You will be sent to a webinar, which is about 2 hours long. However, the real webinar begins in around the 40th minute. And then you will be up-sold with their product. During the 6 week training period, students are shown the steps by using proven templates and setting up their mail system.

What you are doing is you are simply promoting other people’s products. Like on ClickBank, you can find products on different affiliate networks like JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and other affiliate networks, promoting other people’s products in exchange for a commission.

You will also be learning exactly how Merlin Holmes promotes other people’s products, and you can promote his product if you want.

It’s a six-week training course teaching you how to do affiliate marketing. However, you can finish the course in a day if you wish to. The difference between this affiliate marketing course and other affiliate marketing courses is that this one teaches students how to use a simple two-page website to promote products. This website is a pull-type of website used for promotion, whether you’re on Clickbank or other affiliate sites. And then you can run ads on that page. Usable ads and email follow-up swipe messages are also provided, so you would not need to create yours.

It’s a copy, and paste type of affiliate marketing as Merlin Holmes recommends using the provided templates. You can actually use your ideas; however, if done this way and things don’t go as you expect, he may not take responsibility.

When a person clicks on that page, he’s going to be referred to a survey, polls, or a series of questions, and you are going to answer them to be super interactive. It’s more effective if you use an email list.

How does it Work?

1k A Day Fast Track work on the email marketing methods and principles. First, you have to build a list of emails of targeted people and offer them services which they are most likely going to purchase by sending them emails.

The steps below shows what you have to follow to get result:

1.         Look for what people are buying at the moment

2.         Look for how these products are being sold

3.         Craft a very striking headline

4.         Make a curious question from the headline

5.         Make use of Merlin’s email list building template to get emails with ease

6.         From here, you will need to capture an address from your new email poll page

7.         Next, you have to send your new subscribers the products they will be interested in.

8.         Simple enough, you will earn commission instantly

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Timeline of the Course

Below is how the course is spread into a duration of 6 weeks. Note that this can be collapsed into a shorter period if you are serious enough.

First Week: Welcome to the Course

The one-day training session includes modules that contain basic methods on how to earn the fees you paid for the course back quickly.

The module focuses on the program’s business model as well as the projections. It’s all about what you can expect and the general information. 

Here, Merlin shows what ClickBank is, how it works, and how you can promote products from it to earn money. It teaches how you can have the needed mindset to accomplish the goal.

Second Week: Account Setting with 9 Lessons

This module teaches you how to set up your accounts and how to set up click funnels domains. This module also focuses on polling; you can find hot products available in the marketplace, as well as how you can prepare your promotional campaigns. You will need to know how ClickFunnels is used for this. However, for this, you should know that ClickFunnels will attract extra costs. ClickFunnels can be used to create weird two-page websites. You will be creating some content while using the pages to drive in an interested audience from your promotions.

Third Week: Setting Up Emails

In this module, you will be taught how to set up emails with your email service provider or autoresponder. It also teaches you how you can use click funnels to interact with your emails.

Fourth Week: Automating the Business

You can earn passive income on 1K a Day Fast Track, and the secret to getting up to the advertised amount is by automating your business. This module will show you how to use your autoresponders for automating the business. However, you still need to put in daily efforts, work on the generation of traffic, and more.

Fifth Week: Setting Up Native Ads

Aside from conventional ad platforms like Facebook and Google, Merlin Holmes shows how to use native ads to drive traffic to the funnels. One of these native ad platforms is RevContent. Revcontent is a great place for getting a targeted audience to your affiliate marketing campaigns. However, for many users, it’s disappointing that this is the only method taught.

Sixth Week: The Future

The final week deals with how to plan for the future and make your business grow. There is nothing new here and can be skipped.

Can You Really Earn $1k A Day?

Contrary to what is advertised, you may not be earning up to a thousand dollars per day or up to $14,444 just any quick.

It’s just a simple marketing catchphrase, and it is a very unrealistic type of thing to say. So, don’t think you would do this, and after the first try, you will get a return in several thousands of dollars. Nonetheless, it’s not to say you can’t make up to that amount or more. It’s only possible provided the templates are used and you put in the effort. This way, you can make a lot of money from the program in the long run as it’s a passive way of making money.

The program gives you tips and the top secrets of how some online marketers are making as much as $1000 every day consecutively by following the program. It’s very practical, urging you to use laid-down principles and templates that have been proven to be successful.

By just learning how to build an email list, making little product and trend research, and sending offers, you will be able to earn.

Initial tutorial videos on how to set your ClickBank account up, getting the hop links, and more are provided. So, you will need to watch the videos in full.

This webinar also includes topics that deal with how you can write your own email sequences. You will also be given information on how to get good advertising images.

The program teaches subscribers how to make commissions by simply psychologically persuading an audience to purchase some products from a typical website.

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Is 1k a Day a Legit Way of making money?

1k a Day is a completely legal and ethical way of making money through affiliate marketing. There are no frills or upsells. The course includes white hat advice that is actionable. No black hat methods are taught here.  It includes length steps, templates, and instructions. 

Those who have taken action and followed the steps have up to a 100 percent success rate. There is no obligation or pressure to upgrade the subscription. And if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back by activating the 100 percent money-back guarantee.

This is also a passive way of making money in the long term by using a large email list. The pieces of training are top quality and are supported by videos.

However, one of the downsides is that you need at least $1,000 as an investment for this but there’s a guarantee that you will get a return on investment. Note that you’ll need additional funds for native ads, and the volume of instructions and information can overwhelm you. So, you need patience and time.

Who is Holmes?

Merlin Holmes is an online marketer who has done over $250 million in sales with 15 years of experience in online marketing. He’s from Denver, Colorado, and has worked with several clients in different markets. He has also done consultancy for big companies and individuals with little or no previous experience in affiliate marketing.

Asides from that, to be honest, there is not too much information about him. Although this does not mean his affiliate marketing strategy is not legit.

There has not been much information or any credible source that verifies or promotes the course.


Merlin Holmes offers the program completely free; that is, registering to become a member is free. 

For effective training, the course is sold for around $997. It’s super expensive, but there are more expensive courses out there. However, there is also a 30-day money guarantee back, so you can get a refund within 30 days through ClickBank if you don’t like it. 

The refunds are very solid, and your fund will be returned with no further questions asked.

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Who is it for?

This training course has proven to give genuine results to a lot of subscribers with different success stories. Members have earned millions, and it’s a working system.

It’s suitable for:

  • Complete beginners who don’t have deep knowledge of marketing
  • Advanced digital marketers who want to earn more money passively
  • People who have given other models a try and failed
  • Employees who are tired of the 9 to 5 working modes
  • Retirees or those who are coming close to retirement
  • New entrepreneurs who are just getting started and want to up their game with internet marketing
  • Employees who want to continue their current jobs but have a side gig

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Helps you to earn an income passively
  • It’s ideal for beginners
  • Successful templates are also given
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Lengthy introductory webinar
  • You won’t make up to $1,000 each day without putting in an effort.
  • It’s expensive

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Email marketing is one of the cheapest methods of marketing with a high ROI. 99 percent of email users check their emails every day. Also, targeting the people that fit your audience base can help you generate sales which can help you make a lot of profit. Merlin Holmes has created the course from a 16-year experience.

The course is different from most types of online webinars. Many subscribers have shown evidence of success, although most of them were able to make around 200 dollars a day. However, some students are making up to $1,000 a day after completing the course.

However, as we mentioned in the review, if you eventually attend the webinar, pay for the subscription, and you eventually could not earn as you were promised. There is a 100% money-back guarantee supported by ClickBank, through which you will get a refund.

You don’t need a lot of marketing experience to get on the program. It is beginner-friendly, and the methods are not unethical or illegal. It’s just a legitimate method of successfully making affiliate marketing through ClickBank. You should however not expect to get results as promised from the first day of trying.

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