What is Axie Infinity? Axie Infinity Review

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an online video game based on NFT (network-based transactions). The game was developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, and is known for its in-game economy, which utilizes Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. The in-game currency in Axie Infinity is the NFT token. This currency is used to purchase items, and can be used in the game to buy more.

The main objective in Axie Infinity is to collect creatures and breed them. You can also breed them, but you will need Smooth Love Potion. In Axie Infinity, you can only cross them seven times before they become sterile. The more you cross a certain axie, the more you can spend on the Axie’s upgrades. You can also earn Smooth Love Potion by winning battles or buying currency from the exchange. Using this currency, you can purchase Axies and sell them for real money.


Axie breeding in Axie Infinity is based on customizing the Axies. Since Axies are animated fur orbs, players are aiming to create powerful combinations of them. This is why established players stop playing Axie Infinity and start building scholarships to earn passive income. They will use the money to breed more Axies, and loan them to new players. Then, these players will continue to breed, and the profits will go straight to their pockets.

In Axie Infinity, players can hire or rent Axies, which increases their chances of winning a battle. Players will need to load up a digital wallet with Ethereum to hire Axies. They will then have to do battle with players to earn the funds. The Axies they create will then be able to do so up to seven times. The Axies will become sterile after that.

Axie Infinity NFTs Games

While Axie Infinity is a game based on NFTs, its community is growing rapidly. The game is available on both Mac and PC and is gaining in popularity each day. Axie is a popular game in the Philippines, where 40 percent of its users are Filipino. Thousands of people have started playing full time in the Philippines and Indonesia to support their families. With the growing popularity of the game, Axie’s player community is now active and expanding.

The game is a turn-based card game. Each side has three Axies, each with different stats and traits. The health and morale of an Axie determines how well the Axie will perform in a battle. There are four types of Axies: knights, dragons, and witches. All of them have different powers. However, they all have different abilities.

Players can trade Axies in Axie Infinity. There are two currencies in Axie Infinity. Small Love Potion is used for trading Axies and the Axie Infinity Shard is a governance token that will allow players to vote for the development of the game. Both can be traded like other cryptocurrency. The first is Ethereum, which is similar to Bitcoin, and the second is Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity Marketplace

The Axie Infinity marketplace uses an exchange platform to process transactions. There are three different rate systems: slow, standard, and fast. Each rate requires a minimal amount of ETH, and the buyer must confirm the transaction before it can go through. Axie Infinity generates two commissions for every NFT sold, one of which is equivalent to 4.25% of the NFT’s value. The other is a gas fee, which varies depending on the speed of the purchase.

Unlike other trading platforms, the Axie Infinity marketplace allows you to buy and sell items in real-time. You must first have Ethereum in your Ronin wallet in order to participate in the marketplace. Once you have the currency, you can buy and sell Axies. You can also sell Axies, which are worth a lot of money. Just keep in mind that the value of Axies will fluctuate as the number of players increases.

There are two ways to purchase items on the Axie Infinity marketplace. You can sell single items or bundles of items, as long as they meet the minimum requirements. In the former case, the highest bidder wins. The latter is a more convenient option for those who do not want to wait for the auction. However, it is important to note that the minimum purchase price is 0.01 ETH, and the maximum amount is ten Axies.

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