Top 15 Amazing Baby Shower Games Ideas To Try Right Now

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Are you planning on throwing a baby shower anytime soon? Have you thought about the various Baby Shower Games you can play with your spouse and mates on this wonderful day? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Baby showers have lately become very popular among couples, and families love to participate in such events.

And to make your day even better, there are these games. These games allow the guests to mingle with each other and create long-lasting memories they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. You can play as many or as few games as you want, keeping in mind the duration of your event.

Here are our top 15 game ideas for baby showers you would definitely love.

Baby Food Connoisseur

Let’s start with our first recommendation, and this is going to be too much fun; you guys, wait for it.

  • Blindfold everyone who’s going to participate in the game.
  • Make them taste 5-10 baby food items or as many as you want.
  • See if they can get the right flavor—the person who gets the most answers right wins.

You’ll see how fun this is when you make your old-school fellow eat a mixture of boiled and mashed veggies.

Guess What’s Inside

Assumptions are always fun, right?

  • Fill a bag with different baby items such as a bib, wipes, diapers, pacifiers, rattle, cream, etc. (Better if you choose a diaper bag, it goes well with the theme).
  • Blindfold the person playing and let them guess what’s inside the bag without seeing.
  • Have them note down their guesses and pass the bag to the next person.
  • Keep passing the bag until everyone has a list of their own.
  • Once everyone has their own list, name the items present in the bag.
  • The individual with the most accurate answers wins.

Parents-To-Be Questionnaire

This is going to be fun, and we can vouch for it.

  • Make the mom-to-be and dad-to-be sit in two separate rooms or at least somewhere distant.
  • Make the parents answer some fun questions and record the answers of both.
  • Once you’ve recorded the answers of both, bring them both together, hand over to them a pen and paper or a board or marker where they can mark the answers now.
  • Both have to guess what their partner wants/thinks, and robots reveal their answers simultaneously.

Blindfolded Spoon Feeding

Things will get messy with this game, but the fun is unlimited.

  • Make pairs of two of all of the guests present.
  • Blindfold one person in each pair.
  • Hand over a spoon and a jar of baby food to each blindfolded person.
  • Each blindfolded person has to feed their partner all the baby food present in the jar.
  • Whoever finishes first wins!

Personal Memories

While planned things have their own perks, unplanned things have their own raw crisps, and that’s how life is, right? Unplanned and unpredictable. So here’s this fun game to leave you in fits of laughter.

  • Ask each of your guests to tell a personal, funny experience or story.
  • This can be their own story if they’re still single or of their kids.
  • Whoever makes others laugh the most with their story wins.

Cupcake Decorating Contest

Now, this might sound more like a cooking contest; this is actually an enjoyable game and will help bring out your guests’ creative side.

  • Prepare different kinds of cupcake decorating supplies like creams, fondants, sprinkles, etc.
  • Let your guests decorate the cupcakes as they wish.
  • The parents-to-be then decide the winner based on the appearance of the cupcakes, and of course, you get yummy goodies too.
  • You can also choose the decorating supplies according to your theme or add a time limit to increase the fun.

The Price Is Right

This game will tell you who actually does shopping or budgeting and who just eats.

  • Gather a small collection of different baby items and display them on any table where all guests can easily see them.
  • Before the party, prepare a list of items you’ll display and print this list on paper.
  • Each guest gets one list and a pen.
  • Now they’ve to guess the right price of the product mentioned on the list.
  • Whoever gets the most right answers or the nearest correct answers wins.
  • To add up to the difficulty level, you can also mention specific amounts/quantities of products.

Guess The Baby

Here’s how you play this fun game.

  • When sending invitations, ask guests to get a picture of when they were babies or newborn babies, to be more specific. Or you can prepare these childhood pictures beforehand, whatever suits you.
  • Once you’ve received all of the pictures, number each of them and makes a list of them and the person’s name.
  • Hang all the pictures on a board and give each guest a pen and paper.
  • Let them guess whose childhood picture it is.
  • The one with the most exact answers wins.

Line It Up

This is an easy yet interesting game, and everyone on your guest list can easily play this game.

  • Before the party, get yourself some extra packets of candy, preferably small toffees.
  • Make a list of food items your guests will have to make using these toffees.
  • Enjoy the creepiest yet cute little portraits you’re going to see next!

Hatch The Baby Phrase

  • For this game, you’re going to collect a bunch of idioms/phrases/sayings related to babies, child upbringing, pregnancy, and all.
  • Next, make a pictorial representation of these idioms/phrases on big boards or anything and place them in front of the guests where they can see them easily.
  • Let each guest guess these phrases and note their answers on a page.
  • When everyone is done guessing their part, announce the results.
  • The participant who got the most right answers wins.

Mommy Cravings

We all know that pregnancy is all about cravings. Sometimes mommy-to-be even craves food she’s never liked one ordinary day. So this game will let you know how good your guests know you and your pregnancy cravings.

  • Give all of your guests a pen and a piece of paper.
  • The mommy-to-be will now describe 8-10 cravings she has had during pregnancy without saying the name of the food. She can only describe the characteristics of the food like it’s salty, or sweet, or is found at the seaside, etc.
  • Again, the guest who gets the most right answers wins.

Baby And The World

Ask your guests this question, can you speak different languages? We’re sure that many of your guests will regret not taking various language courses after this game.

  • Make a list of different baby items in other languages.
  • If you take the word “bib,” see what they call it in Spanish, Arabic, French, Dutch, etc.
  • Make different pairs like this now, i.e., for other words.
  • Start with one word; for instance, start with bib and let the guests pick its other names from the list you’ve already prepared.
  • Primarily this game will base on luck, so whoever guesses the most right answers he’s lucky and gets the winner title.

What Did Mom Say?

You can call it both what did mom say and what did dad say game. The parents-to-be should also be involved in these games to add to the fun, so this game will allow you to do that. What you’ve got to do is:

  • Interview both parents beforehand.
  • Ask them certain questions; you would probably want to create specific scenarios and see how the parents-to-be would react in such circumstances.
  • It’s better to keep these scenarios related to baby birth, pregnancy, or child upbringing.
  • Once you’ve recorded the answers of the parents-to-be, ask the guests the same questions.
  • The guests will now have to guess how the mom-to-be or dad-to-be would have reacted in such a scenario.
  • The guest who gets the most right or closest answers wins. On the other hand, the winner can also be the one who’ll give the most fun answers. The choice is yours! We just need to have fun!

Don’t Say “Baby”!

This game will keep all of your guests active throughout the event.

  • When your guests arrive, pin five or as many clothespins with them as you want.
  • Tell them not to mention the word “baby.”
  • Whoever says the word baby gets one clothespin out.
  • The person who heard the other person say “baby” gets their clothespin.
  • At the end of the event, whoever has the most clothespins wins.

Baby Bingo

This is also a printable game and comes quite handy. Here’s how you play it:

  • Print out a few prints of a baby-themed bingo puzzle before the baby shower.
  • Make sure the puzzles are 3×3.
  • The puzzle combination should be unique for each guest.
  • Now, when the parents-to-be open the gifts, the guests can tick mark the gift on their puzzle if it corresponds to that.
  • The first one to complete a line (q row, column, or diagonal line) wins.

Some Things You Can Try To Make Your Event Worth It

We know that a baby shower is an essential event for parents-to-be and their families. So you’ve to make the most out of it. You can try some of these things to make the event more fun and attractive.

  • Make a themed baby shower. Everything will be according to a theme and make things look even prettier.
  • Announce the theme beforehand so that guests can dress up according to the theme.
  • In each game, keep a prize for the winner. This will encourage participation and make the guests happier when they win.

There You Go!

These are a few baby shower game ideas we can vouch for. We hope you have the best time of your life playing these games. Baby showers are a perfect way to commemorate your happy moments with your loved ones.

We recommend playing 2-3 and a maximum of 4-5 games so that the guests still have time to talk to each other and the parents-to-be. Make sure to enjoy these precious moments with a smile on your face. Have fun!

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