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Blooket is a review and trivia tool that educators can use to increase classroom engagement (Blooket 2021, para. 1. Blooket is an online gamified learning platform that allows teachers to host games using question sets, and students can answer the questions on their own devices. 

This assessment-centered tool is specifically for formative assessment. Students who answer correctly earn points that can enable them to sell and buy ‘Blooks’ . Blooket offers hundreds of premade question sets, or you can create your own. This innovative approach to reviewing and practicing material can help students engage more.

The World of Blooket is a new version of trivia and review games. It works like this: A teacher/host selects a set of questions and a game mode. We then generate a code for players to use to join the game from their own devices. Players will be asked questions in order to win the game. 

It offer many games to keep students entertained and excited. Participation in games that reward students for answering questions or exploring new learning methods is encouraged. Students learn to overcome their challenges and perform well when reviewing. Our powerful Set Builder makes it easy to import or create question sets. On the discover page, you can also view our amazing collection of sets created by other users.

What is Blooket?


Blooket is a web-based game platform that allows for solo or group competition. Blooket is part of an growing group of game-show platforms for classroom use. It is unique because the quizzes can be re-themed with a variety “game modes”, which offer different visual themes and gameplay types. This makes them competitive experiences that are similar to those students might play on their smartphones.

Teachers can create question sets, then launch games. Students can join using a code to answer questions with their phones in real-time. Participants can either participate as a team or individually. The student with the fastest correct answer wins. Blooket is unique in that quizzing is integrated with different games, each with its own visual theme and rules. In the Racing mode, students may answer five questions, then see their avatars compete in a race determined based on how they scored on the quizzes. 

Teachers can also randomly assign points earning potential to add excitement. The student who answers the fastest may earn less points than the one who answers correctly 10 seconds later. However, incorrect responses earn zero points. Cafe mode requires students to answer questions to prepare and serve food. Students can choose from a variety of characters with different stats and then battle against their opponents by answering questions.

You can play games solo, in groups, or as homework depending on your game mode. There are also different sizes for each mode. Students can still play a game for homework using a game ID code. However, to save their progress they will need to create their own accounts. Summary reports are generated for all types of gameplay. Teachers can upgrade to Plus accounts for more detailed reporting.

How Blooket Works?

Now you may be curious about how Blooket works, and what makes it so appealing to students. As I said, it presents content as a game. A multiple-choice game is the best example. Blookets are games that cover a variety of topics, content and grades. Teachers can host each Blooket in a variety of ways.

They can do it individually, in groups, as a class (Blooket Live), or as homework assignments. Blookets excel at fostering and maintaining student engagement because of the many hosting options.

Is Blooklet Good for Learning?

Blooket is simple, fun, and addictive. Students will enjoy the competitive games, adorable design, and embedded incentives (earning or spending coins), as well as the mechanics (e.g. in Factory mode, players can spend strategically on upgrades to hopefully get more money over time). However, the gameplay can become so distracting and absorbing that learning becomes secondary. 

The speed and competitive nature of the game encourages students to answer questions repeatedly, which in turn leads to effective drilling of facts. The group gameplay features, such as auto-generating groups and randomizing points, are great for classroom management. They also allow you to give your competitors multiple routes within the game so they can win. 

The lack of question variety in the game limits the type of learning that can occur. Learning is more of a process you do alongside the game than a component of it. Blooket should explore other types of learning and compete that encourage more open-ended participation.

How to Use Blooket?

Blooket can be fun for content review if the material you need students to read is in multiple-choice format. You can import sets from Quizlet into Blooket (text only). You can also search for public question sets and adapt them to your needs. While most games reward quick answers, teachers can adjust settings to reduce the emphasis on speed. Blooket can be used during class to provide class-wide review. It is simple to put students in randomized groups. This can help even the playing field and encourage camaraderie. 

Blooket works best if every student has a device. You could also create a classroom station to allow for individual play if devices are not available. For homework or practice, you can also assign games. Students will enjoy working through questions and earning points/coins/blooks.

If you plan to share it with your children, here are some additional privacy tips. Students can access the games with just a code and will be asked to create an account at the end. Children will want one to save coins and purchase avatars. They also have the ability to save their progress and make purchases. According to law and Blooket’s terms children under 13 years old shouldn’t be able to create an account. Teachers should instruct them to not do this.

You probably want to learn how to use Blooket with your students. I have some great news. Blooket is very easy to use. You will not have any trouble hosting a Blooket if you have hosted a Kahoot, Gimkit or other review-style games. Blooket is easy to use for students if you don’t know how to host review games.

To use Blooket to engage your students, you will first need to visit From there, you will need to sign up for an account. You can sign up for an account if you are a Google user. After you sign up, you can start using Blooket for student engagement.

How to Use Blooket to Play Online Games

Play Blooket

You can play Blookets made by others on almost any topic you can imagine. However, you can also make your own Blookets to suit your class’ needs. You can join Blooket from the homepage (this is where students will go to join the Blooket that you’ve created). First, log in with Google to create an account. 

Next, Blooket will take you to the Dashboard. You can either search for Blookets already made in the Discover section, or create your own game. You can type in your questions and use images to answer them. You can also import question sets from Quizlet. After students have completed a game you can see the History section of the Dashboard. This tool is extremely useful, especially when you’re preparing for an assessment.

 *Although most features in Blooket are free, Blooket Plus is a new paid version that allows you to view enhanced game reports.

Blooket Games and Customization

After you have chosen the Blooket game or created your own, it is time to choose the game mode. My preferred time limit for the game mode with a time component is 10 minutes. You can also have your students play with random names (such as SeaFriend or GriffinBreath) or their own. Random Names are our favorite due to their anonymity and the fun of making silly combinations. 

Timed Factory is our favorite mode. It’s played with Glitches ( Power Ups). This one is our favorite because it has Glitches like “Vortex Glitch,” that flips the screens of competitors, creating chaos and uproar. We also have Factory as well as Gold QuestTower Defense and Factory . We can play Blookets frequently because we have so many options. You can choose different game modes and content to keep you interested.

Blooket Alternatives

Blooket can be described as a quiz website that allows teachers to give students more interactive experiences. It has 9 game modes. You can also earn a coin currency by answering the questions correctly. These coins can be used to purchase avatars called “Blooks”. This website is part of Education & Reference. 

Blooket is available on seven different platforms. These include websites and apps as well as apps for Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad, and Android Tablet. Quizlet is the best option. It’s free. You can also find great apps and websites similar to Blooket: Kahoot (Freemium), Classtime(Freemium), AhaSlides (2-day trial), and Gimkit (3-day trial). Here are 5 Blooket alternatives you can start using today.

1. Quizizz

You can learn anything with Quizizz, from anywhere. You can learn on your own, or join a group of people for assignments, quizzes, and presentations. Quizizz is used daily by over 20 million people in schools, homes, offices, and other places around the globe. This app allows you to join in group activities or study on your own. You can also join games on any device, even without the app at 

You can play a game at home or in class with millions of questions covering all subjects. Participate in training sessions at work and compete with your colleagues, get data to see what information you have now and what you need review, respond to polls and live presentations, complete surveys, and eLearning.

2. Gimkit

Gimkit is another great alternative to Blooket. You can expect constant updates, new modes, and powerups to ensure that the game your students are playing today is still relevant tomorrow. Students can answer questions at their own pace and on their own devices. Each student will be exposed to the question multiple times throughout a Kit to help them master it. 

Upgrades and powerups can be purchased by students to reinvest their money. Students can choose from millions of combinations to make the purchase that suits their needs. Most of the work that students produce is never seen by anyone else. Ink allows students to share their work with others and create meaningful work. Ink allows students to create posts and share them with each other. It allows students to learn from each other by publishing their work.

3. Wordwall

Wordwall can be used for both printable and interactive activities. Many of our templates can be used in an interactive or printable format. Interactives can be used on any device that is web-enabled, such as a tablet, smartphone, computer or interactive whiteboard. You can play them individually or have the teacher lead the class. You can print them out straight away or download them as a PDF file. These printables can be used in conjunction with the interactive or independently. 

The template system is used to create our activities. These templates include familiar classics such as crossword and quiz. There are also arcade games such as maze chase or airplane. We also offer classroom management tools like seating plan. You can create a new activity by first selecting your template, then entering your content. It’s simple and you can create an interactive activity in just a few minutes.

4. Classtime

Classtime is a classroom management system for students and teachers that includes analytics, real-time gradeing and libraries. Teachers can use Classtime to complement in-class teaching and get immediate feedback about students’ understanding. Engage everyone and ask great questions to improve understanding. It’s easy to use, no registration needed!

5. TeacherZone

TeacherZone is all about powering learning. The integrated business management system and student engagement portal will be a great asset to any teacher, tutor, or lesson business. TeacherZone is different from other scheduling and billing platforms because of their integrated student video learning platform. You can create your own lessons and courses, and assign practice. Your instructors are available to engage students and help them learn the six other days they’re not at your Studio or School.

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