100 Top Boys Names, Origins, and Meanings

There are many names for boys, but some names are more popular than others. Listed below are some great examples. Remy is an uncommon name with an ancient French origin. It means “oarsman.” Hutton is a Scottish or English name that means “settlement on a bluff.” Sebastian is a Latin or Greek variant of Reuben, meaning “god is salvation.” Jasper is an English variation that means wood, forest, or tree. Other popular names include Nicholas, which means “people of victory,” and Oliver, which is a short form of Jet.

English boys names have a long history. Classics include Paul, which derives from the Hebrew name Mattiyahu, which means “gift of God.” More recently, the name James has become a gender-neutral name for boys. Besides being popular today, James has been given to presidents, kings, apostles, and fictional international super-spies. Numerous nicknames include Jim, Jake, and Jamie.

A name with historical significance is Andrew, which means “manly.” This name derives from the ancient Greek word aner, which means “strong, manly.” It is the patron saint of Italy and the poor. Despite its popularity in the 1980s, Anthony remains in the top 30 most popular boy’s names. Benjamin is a Biblical name, and comes from the Hebrew word ahd-. Its meaning is “son of the right hand.”

100 Top Boys Names, Origins, and Meanings

100 Boys Names, Origins, and Meanings

Everything is dependent on your name. It’s the basis of who you are. Many people don’t know the meaning of their names or where they came from. Here’s a list with some of the most beloved boy names around the globe. Each name is listed with its origin, definition and fun fact. This is the list to look at if you are looking for a name to give your child or to find out more about your family’s history.

  1. Aaron

Origin: Arabic, Hebrew

Meaning: Forest, strength, high mountain, lofty

Fun fact: In the bible, Aaron is the name of Moses’ brother.

  1. Adam

Origin: English, Hebrew

Meaning: Son of the red earth

Fun fact: In the bible, Adam is the name of the very first human ever created.

  1. Albert

Origin: English, German, Hungarian, Swedish

Meaning:  Noble, bright

Fun fact: Albert was the name of Queen Victoria’s partner, as well as the name of one of the greatest minds of mankind.

  1. Apollo

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Manly beauty

Fun fact: In Greek mythology, it is the name of the god of medicine, music and poetry.

  1. Arthur

Origin: English

Meaning: Noble, courageous

Fun fact: It is the name of one of the most famous legendary kings in literature.

  1. Baron

Origin: English, French, Hebrew, Teutonic

Meaning: Warrior, noble fighter

Fun fact: As well as functioning as a name, ‘Baron’ is also used as a title of nobility.

  1. Benedict

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Blessed

Fun fact: There have been at least 15 popes named Benedict.

  1. Blake

Origin: English, Scottish

Meaning: Black or white, dark, dark-haired, fair

Fun fact: Blake is one of those names that means opposite things- it can also be used as a girl’s name, so it does seem fitting.

  1. Brandon

Origin: English

Meaning: From the beacon or broom hill

Fun fact: More contemporary versions of this name include Brendan, Braden and Landon.

  1. Caleb

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Dog, bold

Fun fact: Joshua was one of the few Israelites who left Egypt with Moses and survived long enough to get to the Promise Land.

  1. Chad

Origin: Celtic, English

Meaning: Defense, warrior

Fun fact: This name also happens to be the name of an African country.

  1. Christopher

Origin: Greek, Latin

Meaning: One who carries Christ

Fun fact: Christopher is the name of the patron saint of travelers.

  1. Connor

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Wolf lover

Fun fact: It’s from the Gaelic word ‘Conchobar,’ which means lover of hounds.

  1. Cyril

Origin: English, Greek

Meaning: Lordly

Fun fact: A saint with this name created the Cyrillic alphabet.

  1. Damian

Origin: Greek

Meaning: One who tames or subdues

Fun fact: Saint Damian and his twin brother are the patron saint of physicians.

  1. Desmond

Origin: Celtic, Gaelic, Irish

Meaning: From Desmond

Fun fact: Desmond happens to be one of the four provinces of Ireland.

  1. Diego

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Supplanter

Fun fact: Diego is actually the Spanish equivalent of ‘James.’

  1. Dmitri

Origin: Greek, Russian

Meaning: Earth-lover

Fun fact: This name is probably the most popular name for Russian boys in existence.

  1. Duke

Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: Leader

Fun fact: Not only is Duke a common name for boys, but it’s also pretty popular for dogs.

  1. Earl

Origin: English

Meaning: Nobleman

Fun fact: A strange alternative to this name is Erroll.

  1. Edward

Origin: English

Meaning: Prosperous guardian

Fun fact: This classic name has been the name of every type of man from kings to vampires.

More Boys Names and Origin

  1. Elijah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Lord is my God

Fun fact: Elijah was a prophet who went to heaven in a chariot of fire.

  1. Emmanuel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is with us

Fun fact: It doesn’t seem like it, but Emmanuel is another name for Jesus, in the bible.

  1. Eric

Origin: Norse, Scandinavian

Meaning: Eternal ruler

Fun fact: This is said to be the name (Leif Ericson) of the Viking who discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus.

  1. Fabian

Origin: English, Latin, Swedish

Meaning: Bean farmer

Fun fact: This name- Fabius, back in the day, was given to over 15 saints as well as many Roman emperors.

  1. Finn

Origin: English, Irish

Meaning: Blond, fair

Fun fact: This name is rising in popularity and is even being used as a girl’s name.

  1. Floyd

Origin: Celtic, English

Meaning: Gray

Fun fact: Boxer Floyd Mayweather and rock band Pink Floyd are two well-known uses of this name.

  1. Frederick

Origin: German

Meaning: Peaceful ruler

Fun fact: Nicknames for this popular royal name include Fritz, Freddy and Frici.

  1. Gerard

Origin: German

Meaning: Spear strength, brave with a spear

Fun fact: Gerard has been a popular name for boys since the Middle Ages.

  1. Giovanni

Origin: Italian

Meaning: God is gracious

Fun fact: This cool-sounding Italian name is just shy of making it into the top 100 most popular boy names.

  1. Grant

Origin: English, French, Scottish

Meaning: Bestow or great, tall

Fun fact: This name rose in popularity when Ulysses S. Grant became President of the United States.

  1. Gunner

Origin: Swedish, Teutonic

Meaning: Battle strong, bold warrior

Fun fact: An equally popular spelling for this name is ‘Gunnar.’

  1. Hamilton

Origin: English, Scottish

Meaning: From the proud town/estate

Fun fact: It is one of the surnames of the great families of Scotland.

  1. Harry

Origin: English, Scandinavian, Scottish

Meaning: House protector, army commander

Fun fact: This name rose to prominence because of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

  1. Hector

Origin: Greek, Latin, Spanish

Meaning: Steadfast

Fun fact: The man who saved Troy during the Trojan war was named Hector.

  1. Howard

Origin: English

Meaning: High watchman, noble watchman

Fun fact: In history, Howard was a pretty powerful surname.

  1. Hubert

Origin: German

Meaning: Bright in spirit

Fun fact: Hubert is the name of the patron saint of hunters.

  1. Ian

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: God is gracious

Fun fact: Ian is actually the Scottish version of the name ‘John.’

  1. Idris

Origin: Arabic, Welsh

Meaning: Eager lord

Fun fact: It is the name of an important Muslim prophet, who also goes by the name Enoch.

  1. Isiah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is salvation

Fun fact: Isiah is one of the few names that has remained popular among a wide variety of ethnicities.

  1. Jacob

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Supplanter

Fun fact: This name leaped to the top of the baby names list when the Twilight movies were released.

  1. Joseph

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: May God give increase

Fun fact: Joseph was the name of Jesus’ father and the Virgin Mary’s husband.

  1. Julian

Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: Youthful

Fun fact: Julian is a form of the iconic biblical and Roman name, Julius.

  1. Kai

Origin: Finnish, Hawaiian, Scottish, Welsh

Meaning: Rejoice, the sea, keeper of the keys

Fun fact: Kai is one of the few names that has origins in wildly diverse parts of the world.

  1. Kane

Origin: Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Japanese

Meaning: Battle warrior, putting together

Fun fact: Kane, despite its spelling, is inspired by the biblical name, ‘Cain.’

  1. Kennedy

Origin: Gaelic, Irish, Scottish

Meaning: Helmet head, misshapen head

Fun fact: In the United States, this name is often associated with politics.

  1. Kingston

Origin: English

Meaning: From the king’s village/estate

Fun fact: Not only is Kingston a popular ‘k’ name for boys, but there are also many cities around the world named Kingston.

More Boys Names and Origin

  1. Lancelot

Origin: French

Meaning: Assistant

Fun fact: Lancelot was one of King Arthur’s bravest knights.

  1. Leo

Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: Lion

Fun fact: The was one of the most popular boys’ names in Ancient Rome,

  1. Lewis

Origin: English

Meaning: Renowned fighter

Fun fact: Despite this being a well-known first name, it’s even more popular across the world as a surname.

  1. Logan

Origin: Gaelic, Scottish

Meaning: From the hollow

Fun fact: Logan happens to be the name of the iconic superhero, Wolverine.

  1. Lucas

Origin: English, French, Gaelic

Meaning: Light giving, light

Fun fact: For parents who love having the meaning ‘light’ as their kid’s name, Lucas is the go-to choice.

  1. Magnus

Origin: Danish, Latin, Norse, Scandinavian, Swedish

Meaning: Great

Fun fact: Magnus has been the name of several kings of Norway and Sweden.

  1. Matthew

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gift of God

Fun fact: In biblical times, Mathew was the name of the twelve apostles.

  1. Melvin

Origin: Celtic, English, Irish

Meaning: Leader or chief, mill friend, armored chief

Fun fact: International variations of this name include Melvyn and Malvin.

  1. Mikhail

Origin: Russian

Meaning: Who resembles God

Fun fact: This name is the Russian version of ‘Michael.’

  1. Murray

Origin: Celtic, Irish, Scottish

Meaning: Protects the sea, lord of the sea

Fun fact: Murray is much more common as a surname than a first name.

  1. Nathan

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gift from God

Fun fact: In the Bible, Nathan was the name of a prophet who was around during the time of King David and King Solomon.

  1. Neville

Origin: English, French

Meaning:  From the new town

Fun fact: Neville is the name of one of Harry’s best friends in the popular J K Rowling series.

  1. Nicholas

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Victorious

Fun fact: Nicholas has been one of the most popular names for boys since the mid-90s.

  1. Odell

Origin: English, Irish

Meaning: Of the valley

Fun fact: This is the name of one of the most popular players in the NFL, Odell Beckham Jr.

  1. Olaf

Origin: Danish, Norse, Scandinavian

Meaning: Ancestral heritage

Fun fact: This was the name of Anna and Elsa’s pet snowman in the movie, Frozen.

  1. Oscar

Origin: English, Irish, Scandinavian

Meaning: God’s spear, deer friend

Fun fact: Famous people with this name include Oscar Wilde and Oscar the Grouch.

  1. Pascal

Origin: French, Hebrew

Meaning: Born at Passover or Easter.

Fun fact: This name was usually given to male babies born during either of these spring holidays.

  1. Patrick

Origin: English, Irish, Latin

Meaning: Noble, patrician

Fun fact: A  man named Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland.

  1. Paul

Origin: English, French, Latin

Meaning: Little

Fun fact: Paul was the name of a very important leader in the Bible.

  1. Pierre

Origin: French

Meaning: Rock

Fun fact: This name is a variant of ‘Peter.’

  1. Quentin

Origin: English, French, Latin

Meaning: From the Queen’s place or town, born fifth

Fun fact: Quentin (spelled Quintin) is the name of a martyred saint, who inspired the name of one of San Fran’s famous prisons.

  1. Quin

Origin: Celtic, Gaelic, Irish, Spanish

Meaning: God will judge

Fun fact: In some way, this name is like a base, adding a few letters can change both the name and its meaning drastically.

  1. Ralph

Origin: English, German

Meaning: Wolf counsel

Fun fact: Outside the United States, Ralph is pronounced “Rafe.”

  1. Ramses

Origin: Egyptian

Meaning: Begotten by or belonging to Ra

Fun fact: Ramses was the name of a very powerful Egyptian pharaoh.

  1. Romeo

Origin: Italian, Latin, Spanish

Meaning: Pilgrim to Rome, from Rome

Fun fact: Romeo is the name of the male star in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

  1. Rupert

Origin: German, Teutonic

Meaning: Bright with fame

Fun fact: This name is actually a variation of the infamous ‘Robert.’

  1. Sawyer

Origin: Celtic, English

Meaning: Woodcutter

Fun fact: Sawyer is known for being a playful name, and now, it’s also being used as a girls name too.

  1. Sean

Origin: Irish

Meaning: God is gracious

Fun fact: Sean is actually the Irish version of ‘John,’

  1. Simon

Origin: English, Greek, Hebrew

Meaning: Hearkening, listening

Fun fact: Simon was one of the most common names in biblical times.

  1. Solomon

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Peace

Fun fact: In the Bible, Solomon became king, after his father, David.

  1. Stephen

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Crown, garland

Fun fact: A man named Stephen is often known as Christianity’s first Martyr.

  1. Tariq

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Way, road, path

Fun fact: The meaning of this name may change depending on its spelling and where the emphasis is placed when enunciating.

  1. Teddy

Origin: English

Meaning: Wealthy protector, brave people, God’s gift

Fun fact: Before this was considered a name on its own, it was a nickname for the serious-sounding ‘Theodore,’ and it still is today.

  1. Terrance

Origin: English, Latin

Meaning: Roman clan name

Fun fact: The more popular variation of this name is spelled ‘Terrence.’

  1. Thomas

Origin: German, Teutonic

Meaning: People’s rule

Fun fact: There have been famous Thomases throughout history, from the Bible to famous inventors and even a president.

  1. Trevor

Origin: English, Welsh

Meaning: Fair town

Fun fact: The alternate spellings of this name sound nothing like it. They are Tringad, Treasign and Treacy.

  1. Ulric

Origin: German, Latin, Swedish

Meaning: Strong-willed, determined

Fun fact: This name is rumored to be the familiar form of ‘Ursula.’

More Top Boys Names and Origin

  1. Umberto

Origin: Italian, Russian

Meaning: Renowned warrior

Fun fact: This nickname for Umberto is nothing like the name itself; it’s ‘Yuma.’

  1. Urian

Origin: Greek

Meaning: From heaven

Fun fact: Most people confuse this name with the more popular and similar-sounding ‘Orion.’

  1. Valentino

Origin: Latin, Spanish

Meaning: Brave, strong

Fun fact: Valentino is the name of one of the world’s most popular luxury brands.

  1. Vincent

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Conquering

Fun fact: This name has been popular since the Middle Ages.

  1. Vladimir

Origin: Slavic

Meaning: Renowned prince

Fun fact: This is one of the most classic Russian boy names in existence. The country’s current president is named Vladimir.

  1. Watkins

Origin: English, Teutonic

Meaning: From the intelligent one’s town, active

Fun fact: This name is much more popular as a surname than a first name.

  1. William

Origin: German

Meaning: Resolute, brilliant

Fun fact: This name belongs to some of the most famous men in the world- Shakespeare, Clinton, Faulkner, the Prince of Wales, etc.

  1. Winston

Origin: English

Meaning: Wines town

Fun fact: The most famous Winston is the WWII hero, Winston Churchill.

  1. Xavier

Origin: Basque

Meaning: New house

Fun fact: Professor X from the X-Men is actually named Charles Xavier.

  1. Xerxes

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Monarch

Fun fact: This name was said to get a boost in popularity after the Spartan movie, 300, was released.

  1. Yanni

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is gracious

Fun fact: Outside of certain cultures, this name is not very popular. Some sources rank it over 5000 when it comes to popularity.

  1. Yousef

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Jehovah increases

Fun fact: Over the years, Yousef has become more and more popular among boys, even those outside the Jewish culture.

  1. Zacharius

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The Lord has remembered

Fun fact: Zachary is the more common form of this old biblical name.

  1. Zayne

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Rose, visitor

Fun fact: Last year, this name nearly made it to the top 400 male names.

  1. Zion

Origin: Hebrew, Russian

Meaning: Highest point,

Fun fact: Zion is known as the Promise Land in some religions.

  1. Zoltan

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Shining

Fun fact: Zoltan was the name of a 10th-century Hungarian prince and a Hungarian composer.

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