Brain Training for Dogs – Is Brain training for dogs legitimate?

There are many dog training programs available on the market. Each claims to help your dog behave better and more intelligent. However, many of them are outdated, untrue or, in some cases, risky. In this article I’ll go over some of the Brain Training for Dogs program written by Adrienne Farricelli.

I’ve tried this program with my dogs and even though it’s not completely perfect (nothing is) but the method and the training philosophy are sound and reliable.

Through this review, you’ll discover what you can be expecting out of this program. You will also learn reasons why it is a great program and what could be improved. So, relax and relax while you go through this comprehensive overview of Brain training for dogs by Adrienne Farricelli.

About The Author

Before using the program it is crucial to be sure that you be sure to trust the creator. What is Adrienne Faracelli and what kind of credentials do they have? Let’s find out.

Adrienne has been working with dogs for over 10 years. She is an accredited dog instructor and behavior specialist. Therefore, she has a an extensive background in dog training and behavior.

In addition to being a highly respected dog trainer, she’s also accredited through The Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants.

In addition she is a certified CPDT-KA trainer in the USA. The certification is constantly updated to maintain it; so you can be sure that she is knowledgeable of the most recent methods and has a solid grasp on the tools used for training dogs effectively.

She is a writer who has been published and her work has been featured in high-profile websites and magazines such as USA Today, Nest Pets, Paw Nation, Every Dog Magazine and many more.

She’s got her onions covered!


What is Brain Training for Dogs?

The program is an electronic book with an on-line training course designed to increase your dog’s mental ability to focus, acuity and performance. The program is based upon the notion that dogs are naturally loyal animals but are distracted to be able to follow commands.

What the Program is all About

Before you purchase the program, it’s crucial to learn the fundamental foundations that underlie the software.

In the field of dog training There are a variety of different schools of thought. Some trainers are more inclined to the “pack theory” method of thinking, whereas others favor a scientific method. Best Training for Dogs uses the scientific method.

Science-based training has been found as the best way of teaching your dog. Training based on science is a method to influence your dog’s behavior by using a consistent, well-conditioned marker.

It’s a non-forced training. That means that it is not necessary to make any demands on your dog or harm the dog by any means. Contrary to other training programs that are based on force or dominance the Best Dog Training uses force-free training and positive reinforcement to teach your dog.

It makes training enjoyable for both you as well as your dog it stimulates him mentally and, in general, produces more positive results.


What Brain Training for Dogs Teaches You

Best Training for Dogs is an online course that provides dog owners a program which consists of seven parts. The book starts by providing an overview of the force-free methods of training. It offers 21 games and exercises which can be used to train your dog. Alongside an explanation of the texts, a video demonstrates how to achieve your goals.

The program is structured as an educational institution. The seven modules include:

  • Pre-school
  • Elementary
  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Graduation
  • Einstein

The modules are filled with challenges and puzzles that become more difficult as you progress through the program.


Structure of each Module

Each training session has the following structure:

  • Introduction – This includes information on the equipment you will require as well as the purpose.
  • How To Train – This section gives you information about the systematic approach to teaching the dog’s behaviour.
  • Troubleshooting – This section addresses any issues you might encounter
  • Enhancing the level – In the following section you’ll learn how to strengthen the behavior and ensure that your dog learns the behavior
  • Exams – As as regular classes, the tests grade the improvement made. The dog’s performance and find out what level of acceptance it has shown to the behaviour.

The test is evaluated in a range of A through F. The marks are awarded according to how fast your dog can complete the tasks and exercises.

After your dog has learned a new skill then you can gradually increase the difficulty. It will help reinforce the learning and help your dog be able to accept and exhibit the desired behavior.


To help you get a better understanding of the workings of the program Let’s look at the first lesson of the program.

Lesson – Targeting

The goal of the lesson is that the dog is required to touch a specific object using his nose when instructed to.


A targetis, for instance the blunt pointer

Clicker and treats


The program’s goal is to help your dog be a loyal follower of your direction.


How to do it

  • Let the dog make contact with your hands using his nose
  • After the first time you’ve succeeded to hide your hands and then click it and offer him an incentive. Make sure he hears the click as soon as after he has touched your hand.
  • Repeat the exercise repeatedly without using an cue
  • When he repeats the behavior Name the behavior
  • Make the call and then show your hand then click to you will be rewarded
  • Once you’ve learned the ability by giving an alternative target, such as sharp pointers or a post-it notes

Make it more challenging by teaching him to rub Post-it notes using his thumb.

By using this training program to instruct you and your dog how to turn lights between on and off!

This is just one instance of a training module that can be found within the program. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Other advanced lessons are included in the program. They include:

  • Leg weaving
  • Name discrimination
  • Tidy up the game
  • Piano playing, and numerous other activities.

What is the Format of the Program

The program comes in an easy-to-read format.

The lessons are presented in order. Thus, each lesson is built upon the previous. Each module comes including an intro page which contains the link to each lesson. This means that you are able to return to the place you stopped.

The online version of the program is the site is user-friendly and quick to respond. Lessons are accessible via forward and back buttons on the bottom of each page. This allows you to move on between the lesson that you are currently in or the one before it.

Bonus Book

Adrienne provides a bonus book. It offers advice about how to tackle behavior issues such as whining, screaming at people, jumping up at people, etc.

How to get Brain Training for Dogs

The Brain Dog Training program is available at the official website. The cost is just $47 which is an affordable price considering the benefits you enjoy from the program.

When you sign for membership, you’ll receive an electronic copy of the main book, a bonus book and un-limitted access to the members section that is on their official site. The site is where you can access the videos for training.


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