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ClassDojo, a digital classroom management platform, is designed to assist teachers in improving student behavior and communicating more effectively with parents. Each student is given an avatar that they can personalize. Teachers set goals and behaviors for students, such as turning in homework on time, taking part in class, staying on task, etc.

Teachers can give and take away points using a tablet, smartphone or computer throughout the school day. Teachers can display each student’s points on a smart board, and can also generate reports for parents to take home. ClassDojo announced this spring that its product was used by over two million teachers in 180 countries. This includes one of three U.S. classrooms.

What is ClassDojo?

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo, a classroom management tool, allows educational institutions to engage with parents and students via images, videos and personalized messages. Teachers can create and share digital portfolios. Students and parents can login using a QR code to scan and record videos, journal entries, and submit work using images.

Story sharing is possible with ClassDojo. Teachers can share photos, videos and links at school or class level, as well as information with parents through private messages. You can use the solution to provide feedback, project activity directions and classroom music.

Mentors can arrange students into groups to complete assignments or projects using the group maker function. Families can comment on stories and translate them into multiple languages. They also receive notifications about messages or posts in real time.

The random student generator in ClassDojo helps teachers select volunteers for lessons or activities. It can be integrated with many third-party apps, including DataDog and Google Translate, SurveyMonkey, Twilio. Zendesk, Slack, SurveyMonkey, SurveyMonkey, SurveyMonkey, Twilio.

ClassDojo for students

ClassDojo, a free app available for tablets and smartphones, claims it can “connect teachers with students and parents in order to create amazing classroom communities.” Each student is given a profile with an avatar. Teachers can assign positive or negative points (or “dojos”) throughout each lesson.

The app’s goal is to allow students to speak up, have moments with their parents and foster a positive classroom culture through sound recognition, real-time progress visualization and even the gamification and management of basic classroom behaviors.

Teachers can give students digital high-fives, or reward them with points for a job done well. Parents can also get instant feedback about their child’s work in class and their child’s behavior needs.

ClassDojo for Teachers

ClassDojo could be a transformative tool for teachers in their efforts to foster parent engagement. This kind of communication can be done in real time with students, groups or whole classes. It helps students and their families understand and meet their learning and behavior expectations. Parents can also be involved by translating messages into more languages than 30. Teachers can also assign activities to whole classes, groups, and individual students. This allows for differentiation.

It is important to remember that the use of the point system for behavior management can be dangerous and even harmful depending on how it is used. Teachers need to make sure that students feel valued and encourage positive reinforcement. Despite teachers’ best efforts, students may still interpret the system in an extrinsic manner. Responsible and consistent usage are key to the program’s effectiveness. Teachers don’t need to use the point system, or display it.

ClassDojo’s communication, learning management, and SEL features can help to promote transparency and improve students’ everyday experiences. These additional features enable stakeholders to view a wider picture of student progress over time. This may allow them to make connections between student behavior, learning success, and teacher feedback. Teachers may also benefit from students being able to show learning and get meaningful feedback in other ways to help them evaluate their student’s progress. The program can help schools to focus on student academic skills and assessment, which can make it a useful tool.

ClassDojo for Parents

You can access Class Dojo via the company’s website, or download the iOS and Android apps. Parents can access behavior information across multiple classrooms for multiple children by adding the unique access codes.

Parents can see their child’s behavior “donut”, a circle graph showing the breakdown of the behaviors over a given time period, similar to the teacher’s page. Parents can access Class Story, Notifications and Messages to their child’s profiles. You can also move between student profiles by using ‘Your Children’. Parents can send and receive messages to their child’s teacher via the app or website.

Benefits of ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a beautiful, safe, and simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students.

* Teachers can encourage students for any skill, like “Working hard” and “Teamwork”
* Teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, videos, and announcements
* Students can add their classwork easily to their own digital portfolios for their parents to see
* Teachers can also safely and instantly message with any parent
* Parents see their child’s updates at home, as well as a stream of photos and videos from school
* All your favorite teacher tools, like Group Maker and Noise Meter, are now in one place!

ClassDojo helps teachers build a positive classroom culture by encouraging students and communicating with parents.

ClassDojo is free for everyone, and K-12 teachers, parents, students, and school leaders in over 180 countries have joined. It works on all devices, like tablets, phones, computers, and smart boards.

ClassDojo’s key benefits

* Communicate with parents to include them in the classroom experience. Use features like real-time chats, photo and video sharing, class-wide announcements and more.

* Get a complete classroom toolkit from ClassDojo, including tools like a random group generator and classroom music.

* Allow students to voice their opinions through digital portfolios. ClassDojo’s digital portfolios let students upload photos, videos and text, share files to teachers and parents, annotate images, and much more.

* Use the ClassDojo mobile apps on Android and iOS to manage your classroom activities and communicate with others from anywhere.

* You can monitor which content is shared with parents or other students by creating approval workflows in ClassDojo. Each piece of work must be reviewed before it is shared.

Cons of Using ClassDojo

I am a parent and have some concerns about ClassDojo. I would like to see the teacher address these concerns if ClassDojo were used in my child’s classroom. I’d like to see more information on ClassDojo privacy policies, rather than the confusing legal language found on their website. A second concern is how the public display of points to an entire class of students could impact sensitive children. ClassDojo has many ways you can use it, including anonymous avatars or not displaying any points. 

Finally, I want to make sure that ClassDojo is only one tool in the teacher’s arsenal of classroom management tools. Other tools, such as individual conversations about problem behavior or praise for good behaviours, are still being used.


While there are no perfect system, issues of privacy and psychological impact is something that needs to be addressed. Overall, ClassDojo is an amazing tool for students, parents and teacher. It ups the learning process for children in a very competitive world.

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