CNN 10 – Teaching the News With CNN 10

If you want to teach your children about the world through the media, CNN 10 is an excellent choice. The segment titled “Ten Second Trivia” is a good example of how to engage viewers. This news show asks trivia questions, does a brief investigative report, and then concludes with a quick update on the latest news. It’s a fun way to teach media literacy while engaging with a variety of subjects.

CNN 10

You can use CNN 10 as a teaching tool in your classroom. During class time, use the video to start a discussion. You can use it to prompt small group discussions and deeper investigation of news stories. You can flip your classroom and promote collaboration and creativity. Here are some tips for teaching the news through CNN 10: Let’s begin by viewing the program! On the CNN 10 home page, you’ll find an interesting video every day, as well as a list of the latest news releases.

You can also use CNN 10 for classroom activities. You can have your students create booklets of the stories they’ve seen during the school year. In addition, you can use itas a starting point for discussions. For example, you can have your students use the videos as discussion topics and flip the classroom to involve students. Using CNN 10 as a teaching tool can promote creative thinking, collaboration, and student engagement. Just be sure to make sure that you choose your content wisely.

A great way to engage your students is to let them choose what they want to learn. If you’re a teacher, use it to keep your students up-to-date on current events. A number of teaching activities can be centered around the content. You can ask them to brainstorm on different topics and to write on the topics they chose. In addition to this, you can use it to flip your classroom and encourage collaboration and creativity.

A CNN 10 special edition is a great way to connect with your students in a more authentic way. This news program features interviews with prominent people in the world. Besides being informative, it also offers opportunities for students to discuss the issues of the day. Moreover, the segments of CNN 10 are often short enough for your students to watch without disturbing them. This format of news also makes CNN 10 a great teaching tool. There are many ways to engage your students with this program.

One of the most popular ways to use this news program is to teach students about current events. You can also use it to teach students about the importance of keeping up-to-date on the news. You can also share these videos with your students through online forums. These are free and easy-to-use. A CNN 10 special edition will help you teach the most important things in the world to your students. You can then turn the classroom into a virtual classroom and engage your students.

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