What Does Copium Mean in Twitch Chat


Copium is one of many Twitch memes which has been very popular with fans.

Because the word is catchy and attractive, almost everyone is using it. it is not a Twitch meme. It was actually first discovered on Reddit, and then spread to the United States Elections.

Copium is a common term in Twitch chats and Reddit. Its popularity spiked after the recent US election. Copium was first used in 2003, when Keak da Sneak’s album “Copium”, was released in the US. The first recorded use of the word on social media platforms and forums was in 2018, when an anonymous 4chan user used the word in the forum /int/. Copium was uploaded by Twitch user COUNCIL as a FrankerFaceZ emoticon. Although it’s not a very popular emote in Twitch chat, it has a lot of significance.

What is the Meaning of Copium in Twitch Chat?

Copium is a combination of the two words Cope and Opium. This word is used to convey consolation and self-support messages after defeat. This is a metaphorical opiate that is inhaled when facing loss, failure, or defeat. It is most commonly used in politics, sports, and other tribal settings.

Copium is a portmanteau word . Portmanteau words are created when two words are combined to create a new word. The most common portmanteau word we use is “brunch”, which is a combination between breakfast and lunch.

Portmanteau words “a word or morpheme whose form and meaning are derived from a blending of two or more distinct forms (such as smog from smoke and fog)”

Copium is a mixture of Cope (creating an emotional defense to deal with harsh truths) and Opium (a drug). it is a Twitch chat term that refers to the use this fictional drug to cope on stream with loss or failure. It is usually depicted by a Pepe the Frog meme, which shows the character hooked up to a Copium tank.

What is the Origin of Copium?

Copium was in existence even before the election. The word became viral only after the election. In the beginning, Donald Trump was the leader. However, Joe Biden eventually took the lead and caused a huge uproar across the United States.

Someone posted a photo of Pepe, the frog in response to this reversed result. The viral meme was created by Pepe the frog wearing a cap that said “make America Great Again” while smoking “copium.”

It actually originated in 2003. This was before Twitch launched June 6, 2011. In 2003, Keak da Sneak released “Copium”, a hip-hop album in the United States. This is the first known use of the word. It is not clear if it carries the Copium meaning we now know.

It was discovered via the r/the_meltdown reddit. This subreddit was popularized after Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory. This meme gained popularity because most left-wing citizens were angry.

It made a comeback in 2020 with Donald Trump’s defeat. This time, however, the meme crossed over to the right-wing side. Memes can bring people together, who said?

The Copium meme has seen an increase in usage on platforms like Twitch, Discord and Reddit since its 2016 debut.

Why is it Popular on Twitch Chat?

Although Copium’s Twitch chat presence may not be very relevant, it is a common word on Reddit. The word was popularized on the subreddit, r/the_meltdown. This subreddit was started in 2016 in order to mock left-leaning internet users upset by Donald Trump’s win.

It was first used on 4chan. Right-leaning Reddit users started to use it heavily, as did other social media platforms like Twitch. Twitch. It looked as though Donald Trump would win the next US presidential election. But Joe Biden won. Copium was used in some emotes, where the original emote/meme had been edited to show Pepe The Frog with a cap that said “Make America Great Again”.

Urban Dictionary user enterprise1701 posted a definition of Copium. He described it as “a metaphorical opioid inhaled when confronted with loss, failure, or defeat, especially in politics and other tribal settings.” Although it isn’t very popular on Twitch, it is a meme with a lot history and is being used in a political context since 2016. It was a widely shared meme during the US presidential election.

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