Discovery Plus Free Trial: Can you get Discovery Plus free trial?

Discovery plus Free Trial

Are you a fan of reality TV, cooking shows, nature programs, and true crime series? It would help if you considered signing up for a Discovery Plus subscription. The platform offers content that premiered on Discovery and Discovery’s brands like OWN, TCL, Animal Planet, Fixer Upper, Food Network, among others.

Discovery Plus is meant to provide easy accessibility to all your favorite series on one streaming app. Discovery plus is not a shared subscription; hence, there is no need for a cable or satellite plan to tune in. Its service also features several brand-new exclusive programs you won’t find in any other package else. 

What Free Trials Does Discovery Plus Offer?

Discovery Plus Free Trial

Discovery Plus 7-Day Trial

Discovery plus is currently offering a seven-day free trial to all new users on their official website. As a user, you will have access to cancel this offer if you don’t want to continue. This offer exempts no one, and even the premium users can enjoy the free trial. One can also get the same offer on the Amazon Prime Video website along with its 30-day trial. Get Discovery Plus Free Trial

Discovery plus Free Trial with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon currently offers a deal where their prime members get a 7-day free plan of Discovery plus a 30 day free trial of Amazon prime Video. 

However, this deal is only applicable to prime members and those who have not signed up for Discovery plus before. So if you have already used the platform, you will not be eligible for the trial.

Discovery plus will cost you $12.99 per month for Amazon Prime Video and $4.99 per month for the ad-supported plan. Want to sign up for this plan? Visit the Amazon offer page and follow the following procedure.

  • You will be asked to click on the start your free trial button.
  • Then you will have to sign up using your Amazon account. 
  • In the last step, you will be required to enter your payment details, and that’s it, enjoy Discovery plus for seven days!  

Verizon Discovery plus 6 months Deal

Verizon offers a six-month Discovery Plus free trial to all its members. This Discovery plus free trial by Verizon (an American Wireless Network Operator) is only applicable if you are a Verizon member. What best deal could you get from the Discovery plus deal if not this trial?

To get this free trial, you must own either of Verizon’s unlimited plans: Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited, start an unlimited, Do more Unlimited, and Go Unlimited. 

Also, if you want to enjoy Discovery plus a free trial for one year, then go for a Verizon Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited Plan.

Are you a Verizon member who wants to experience this free trial? Follow the following procedure and learn what is required? 

  • Go to Verizon’s official website and sign in to your account.
  • Then go to the account section at the top corner and click. A menu will pop up, and click on the Adds-ons & apps overview.
  • Click on your ads ons then see eligible add-ons option.
  • Lastly, please tap on the Get it Now button under Discovery plus. After that, the process will be complete. Finalize by creating your account and start watching with Verizon’s free Discovery plus plan.  

What is the cost of Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is available in two plans: the ad-supported plan costs $ 5 a month, while the ad-free plan costs $ 7 a month. However selected, Verizon customers can receive up to 12 months of ad-free access to Discovery Plus for free.

Which devices support Discovery plus?

Discovery plus is available on many different devices like android and iOS mobile devices, intelligent TVs like Samsung, amazon fire TV, Google TV, chemo cast, and many more devices. Discovery plus gives you access to renowned networks like food planet, science network, animal planet, TLC, among many others. You can also watch new episodes of your favorite films. The programs include property brothers, worst cooks in America, chopped, ghost adventures, and many more. There are also new shows you can stream exclusively on discovery plus. They include amazing shows like Bobby and Giada in India.

Is Discovery Plus worth it?

Yes, Discovery plus is worth it. Suppose you have a primary streaming platform, like Netflix, HBO MaxPeacock TV, Hulu, or Disney plus. In that case, you can use this as a secondary service to supplement your primary streaming platform. The value of a Discovery Plus subscription varies depending on your tastes as a viewer. 

The lower price of Discovery Plus makes it an appealing option for big fans of reality TV shows, cooking shows, nature docs, and other nonfiction programs.

How much will Discovery plus cost after the free trial?

As stated earlier, Discovery Plus offers two plans: the add supported to plan and the additional free plan. However, they may differ from region to region after the seven-day free trial.

For the Discovery plus with the supported ad, it will cost $4.99 monthly, while the Ad-free Discovery plus plan, you will pay $6.99 per month. Most people have subscribed to the one with supported ads since it is cheaper. But if you want to watch your series uninterrupted, the ad-free plan will be the best.

Final Verdict

Discovery plus is a new streaming service in the market and still has some flaws and areas it can improve. For instance, my list feature is quite limited, and users can’t download content to watch later. These features don’t allow the user to enjoy Discovery plus fully. Although Discovery plus has a few challenges, it is still one of the best in offering the most entertaining educational and informative shows. Adventure shows like ghost adventure are great, but dramas and comedies are not exceptional. 

The main disadvantage with Discovery plus is that it does not save episodes or allow offline watching. It makes up for this by offering diverse and original content at a very affordable price. Therefore, I recommend Discovery plus a free trial, especially for nonfiction lovers. If you are also looking for a secondary service to supplement another app like Netflix, you can consider Discovery plus.

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