Edraw Max Review 2021

Today, we would like to deepen our knowledge of Edraw, a complete software for diagrams, mind maps, and organization charts. What is the software for? What are its features, the advantages that can be obtained from using this program as well as its downsides when compared to other alternative software? And what are the peculiarities of the tools provided? We will find these out in the article.

What is EDraw Max?

Edraw Max Review

It’s a professional all-in-one software for the creation of diagrams and graphs of all kinds: network diagrams, mind maps, flow charts, organizational charts, and also floor plans. It also offers a gallery of models and examples.

Charts and diagrams are important in any kind of work because they provide information quickly, simplify analysis, and can be used at any stage of a work process.

In planning, diagrams are useful for mapping project plans and schemes: for example, an architect can create a floor plan for clients who want to renovate their apartment. While designing, mind maps and similar diagrams can inspire creative solutions to persistent problems. And when the project is completed, graphs and tables allow both younger students and more experienced professionals to present the results and, depending on the type of work, facilitate analysis, comparison, evaluation, and estimation.

Edraw Max is one of the most valid, complete, versatile, and simple to use software tools for the creation of flow charts and graphs.

It is a professional all-in-one software that allows you to create over 280 types of diagrams: flow and fishbone, mind and concept maps, organization charts, network diagrams, floor plans, and office layouts with lots of models and examples provided.

The intuitive interface allows you to create your creations effortlessly and obtain surprising results, perfectly adapting to the needs of professionals in every sector: business, strategic analysts, human resources, management, and more.

Its broad compatibility allows users to import and export their designs in a wide variety of formats such as VISIO, Microsoft Office, PDF, JPG, SVG, PNG, HTML, and so on.

With 2000 integrated templates and 26000 drag-and-drop symbols, Edraw Max offers many customization possibilities and, at the same time, allows you to complete all operations in a very short time and share your work through any social channel. It’s a cross-platform software designed for Windows (from 2003 onwards), macOS (from X 10.11 onwards), Linux, and a browser with the same functionality on every operating system.

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Who is EDraw Max for?

  • For students, EDraw Max is one of the best software to visualize the results of science experiments or to represent data in math homework.
  • For employees, it is useful for presenting data to different stakeholders in the company using graphs and tables.
  • For coaches, using its graphs can help identify the weaknesses and strengths of players and opponents.
  • It’s also a tool which software developers can use in simplifying complex codes.

The advantages of Edraw Max

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface of the software allows even those who are not familiar with computer programs to obtain the desired result.

Many features are offered to subscribers, who will be able to take advantage of the tool to create splendid mind maps. Among these, we find, for example, the possibility to export the completed works with extreme ease.

  • Communicative potential

We could all sum up the advantages of Edraw Max in a single expression: communicative potential. Edraw Max is a software that allows anyone to take the communication of their project to a new and higher level.

The creation of diagrams and concept maps is only part of the function that the program can perform within a good marketing strategy. From a practical point of view, the software facilitates the development of ideas, the ability to devise the exchange, and to create a space where all participants can contribute freely and fairly.

If we think for example of a financial presentation, with Edraw Max it could become an opportunity for growth and a powerful means to be used in the acquisition of new customers.

The use of colored and perfectly organized slides can allow us to communicate to the potential collaborator the message we intend to convey, together with the vision that it carries, its intentions, and objectives. Concept maps make it possible to favor the phenomenon of visualization which has always been considered the most valuable of all marketing tools.

In short, using Edraw means developing a different, innovative strategy that is far better than the one that overwhelms people with data and numbers.

  • It’s for professionals and nonprofessionals

Edraw Max includes many options, all to be discovered quickly and easily. The software is extremely versatile: the flexibility of the program allows anyone to carry out high-quality projects, to be used in the professional and non-professional sectors.

The program also makes available to those who use it many pre-established models, which can be adapted to any type of work requirement: from the creation of websites to graphics for furniture. Users who choose to subscribe to this software, integrating its functions into their daily work, can benefit from a wide range of models. These can be extended and applied, as we said, to the most varied professional fields. After all, the program is a product designed to respond to different needs and to facilitate the user in the systemic programming of their projects.

  • It’s multifunctional

The multifunctionality is certainly a point in favor of the software, which is to be understood as a major point of reference when the need arises. It can be used to realize flowcharts, diagrams network, organization charts, illustrations, presentations in digital, models of design, and various schemes. It can also be used in creating graphics.

  • Works with various operating systems

Edraw Max adheres perfectly to any operating system. Whether the user uses Windows, Mac, or Linux, it does not matter. In any case, it will be easy for the user to review the models created, create new ones and save the files.

  • You can share templates created with your team

Among the wide range of functions of the program – in addition to allowing the creation of mind maps, software architecture models, and website design – it allows those who use it to share the models created with their team. This possibility is valuable for several reasons. But above all, it offers the subscriber’s team to view and use the templates created without having to install the software on their device.

  • The assistance service

A point in favor of Edraw Max is undoubtedly the efficient assistance service that is always ready to solve any problems or provide support whenever this is needed.

To receive assistance, simply refer to the software website and click on “Support.” The web portal presents a portal that is useful for starting a correspondence via chat with the Edraw team and receiving help in a very short time.

Before requesting technical intervention, it may be useful to read the information on the page, which directs you to possible solutions based on the type of need. On the portal, there is an FAQ section that tries to answer the most common questions and provide a solution quickly to any kind of problem.

Finally, it is also possible to request assistance via email.

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Disadvantages of EDraw Max

EDraw Max isn’t a software without a downside. Among the few ones, we can say the software has:

  • Inflexible partial relations

According to users, sometimes, it can be annoying when modeling a database. The partial relations are usually not flexible. This causes some distortion when moving and dragging entities.

  • No free version

The software offers no free version. But, there’s a trial version. However, five diagrams can be drawn in this version. Once this is exceeded, you wouldn’t be able to create more diagrams with the software.

Guide: how to use Edraw Max

Install the trial version of Edraw Max and test the numerous functions and customization possibilities for yourself. If you are a beginner, you can rely on the many preset diagrams that will allow you to complete a job of the highest quality in no time.

At the first start click on File> New and choose from the left side menu the type of graph or diagram you want to create.

Once you have decided, click on the + icon to start your design or use one of the many pre-set templates.

You can also access a previously saved project via the Open> Recent or Open> Computer paths. Among the various possibilities is that of importing a file using Import, exporting it in a different format using Export and Send (which also allows you to send the drawing by email), or print it using Print.

For example, to create a flow chart, click on Flow Chart on the side menu and then choose one of the available configurations: basic, data, cross-functional, BPMN, horizontal cross-functional, event flow, IDEF, SDL, or work. By clicking on each of them, you will be able to choose one of the preset templates for each type or create a new one using the + icon.

Once this is done, the worksheet will open through which you can modify the present chart or draw from scratch what you like best.

In the second case, just drag on the worksheet shapes, captions, arrows, and objects located in the library on the left, which you can color, reposition, resize and fill with text. The interface is very intuitive and you will be able to build very complex diagrams in a few very simple steps.

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Pricing and plans

The prices of EdrawMax are very competitive. Nonetheless, it offers the option to start a free trial period. The paid version, on the other hand, has different packages, cut according to the type of license to be adopted. You can try it for free for 15 days and then decide whether to buy one of the three available licenses. Some of the subscription plans include:

  • Annual (Windows only) for the price of $99 on up to 2 devices, with full access to all functions, over 280 diagrams included, guaranteed updates, 1 GB of cloud space, and support service
  • Lifetime plan (Windows, macOS, and Linux) at the price of $245 with free lifetime guaranteed updates and unlimited support service

All purchases come with 30 days of money-back guarantee. Wondershare also offers corporate and academic solutions, of which you can find prices and details on the official page. To use it, 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB of storage, mouse, keyboard, and high-resolution monitor are enough. To install it, just go to the product page, click on Free Download and run the downloaded file. You will have to select the language, choose the installation path, wait a few minutes until the procedure is complete and finally click on Start Now to start the program.

The trial version allows you to use a maximum of two templates for each diagram, adds the software logo to each output file, and prevents you from saving files once the 15 days are over. To get the full functionality, you can activate the premium version later by clicking on Help> Activate, entering the license key purchased on the official website, and clicking on Activate. The software will automatically verify that you have used the license only on the maximum number of devices allowed.

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Edraw Max aims to help perfectionists to create highly professional diagrams, infographics, mind maps, schematics, and organizational charts, simply and intuitively. It has an interface that stands out from the competition for its simplicity and navigability. And it also does so with a price, for the full version, much lower than the competition.

If you are looking for a tool that suits any level of user, with a high level of customization, but the cost of competing software like Visio seems prohibitive, then Edraw Max is the best alternative on the market. The overall experience with the software was truly exceptional and we can highly recommend a trial of the product.

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