Enneagram Type 1 – What is Enneagram Type 1

What Are the Nine Enneagram Types?

An Enneagram Type 1 person is a highly organized, neat, and perfectionist individual who wants to improve the world around them. Their love of order, and a sense of justice, makes them a highly motivated, hardworking type. They are often described as conscientious and controlled, and they enjoy doing a good job. However, they may have trouble relaxing and have difficulty with change. They are also very sensitive to criticism and corruption.

People with this personality type are likely to be meticulous, thorough, and exacting. They are likely to be responsible and dependable, but they are also highly critical. Because they are so meticulous, these individuals are often criticized and criticised for their rigid discipline. Generally speaking, these individuals will tend to be self-critical and overly demanding. Because of this, they may have a difficult time accepting feedback from others.

When it comes to career choices, Enneagram Type 1s are not advised to work in service professions. They will find themselves doing routine tasks that have no higher purpose. If they are salaried, they will not be happy. Instead, they may engage in voluntary work on their own time, if their main job doesn’t fulfill them. If the main job doesn’t fill them up, they may end up doing it anyway.

The Ones prefer their own company, and tend to avoid social situations. They also tend to be more careful with their own emotions. They are very understanding and responsible, and are also very fastidious. The opposite of the Ones is true, and it’s best to avoid these situations when they’re at their most vulnerable. There are some people who are more sensitive than others, but this is not an issue for those with this type.

Those with an Enneagram Type 1 are highly independent and prefer to do things according to their own rules. They are careful to avoid making mistakes, and are responsible and exacting by nature. They are also very rigid. This is why they may struggle to get along with others, but can be very helpful to other people. Unlike other Enneagram types, the Ones are not the only ones who are independent.

As an Enneagram Type 1, you will be deeply self-controlled and conscientious. You will be extremely careful to avoid mistakes. Your Enneagram type 1 will be very precise and careful. In contrast, an Enneagram Type 2 is more likely to be spontaneous and more likely to be a good leader. Aside from being responsible, they’ll be very attentive to their team.

A One with a Two wing is more people-focused and warm, and is often very empathic. Their idealistic and rational approach to decisions and situations is also an asset in the workplace. They care deeply for others. They are practical, but are sensitive to criticism and want control. This type of person can be an irritable and controlling person. These are the two types of people in an Enneagram.

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