How to Use Facebook Marketplace on Your Phone

Facebook Marketplace is an e-commerce platform that connects sellers and buyers through meaningful interactions and unique goods.

Facebook Marketplace allows people to find, buy, and sell items easily.

Filtering your results by price, location and category will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Marketplace lets Facebook users aged 18 and over post photos of their collectibles or garage sales and also browse the items offered by other nearby sellers. Sellers set the price. Buyers can counter this offer.

This feature was slowly rolling out to Facebook users in the U.S. and U.K. as well as Australia and New Zealand. A desktop version will follow in the next few months. Users can currently find vintage cameras and an iPhone 6 factory-unlocked for only $20, as well as a $350 iPhone 6 with factory unlock for around $350. You can filter the search results by product category or the distance to the items (from anywhere between two and 100 miles).

iPhone users will find Marketplace icon in the Facebook app. It is located at the bottom of the screen, between the Notifications and Groups icons. This is where the Messenger shortcut used be. It now occupies the top-left corner, just beside the search bar. Android users will find Messenger at the right-hand corner of the search bar.

What does Facebook Marketplace do?

Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace that allows users to trade, buy and sell items with others in their local area. Think Facebook-meets-Gumtree. All transactions occur outside the app and are not under Facebook’s legal responsibility. Facebook Marketplace allows you to:

  • Find items you want to purchase
  • You can search for items on sale by location and/or category
  • You can create item listings. The app allows you to create images for each item. You can also use the camera function in the app or upload photos from your phone’s camera roll. You can sort items by category and location.
  • You can view past and current transactions as well as messages under the ‘Your Items’ section.
  • For each item, set custom bids
  • To arrange transactions, message buyers/sellers

Facebook does not facilitate or manage transactions. Users are expected to do that work themselves.

Why you should use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has more than one billion monthly active users. This makes it a great place to sell unwanted goods. Many people have used the Groups function of Facebook to create mini markets in recent years.

Mary Ku, Facebook’s director for product management, stated that more than 450 million people visit buy and sell groups every month – from families in their local area to collectors all over the globe. In , she explained the new service. According to Statista, eBay had 164 million active users in the second quarter.

Marketplace will soon be integrated into the Facebook apps of more than 100 million iOS and Android users. The average user spends 50 minutes per day using the app.

The buying process is also quite smooth. It was easy to narrow down my search parameters. The Messenger interface makes it very easy to contact sellers. Craigslist’s search function is also very well handled. However, the Contact button redirects users to a web listing. It leaves it up for the user to find relevant information.

Facebook Marketplace also made selling easy. It took less than 5 minutes to create a listing and import the image. The Your Items tab makes it easy to organize and manage your listings, queries to and from buyers, and is very user-friendly.

The Benefits of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a simple way to increase brand awareness and promote products.

1. Extended reach.

Marketplace allows retailers to place their products and brands on the market.

2. Personalized customer experience.

Facebook Marketplace features products that are relevant to consumers. This will help your business reach the right customers.

This ensures that your product is seen by the right people, which ultimately leads to increased chances of a sale.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace on Your Phone

It’s easy to browse and use Facebook’s Marketplace from your smartphone. If you’re using the Facebook app for Android or iPhone, tap the Marketplace icon at bottom of the homepage (it looks like an open storefront). To browse Marketplace.

Scroll up and down with your finger and browse. To learn more, tap on any listing you are interested in. To quickly let the seller know that you are interested, tap the “I’m Interested”/”Make an Offer” button. Other buttons, such as “Check out on site” or “Add To Cart”, may be available from established businesses.

It is easy to create a new listing from your smartphone. You can take a photo of the item and upload it to your computer without needing to search your hard disk.

  1. Click on the Marketplace Publisher that asks, “What are your listing?”
    This will open a list of categories that you can use to describe your listing.
  2. You can choose from Item for sale, Vehicles for sale, Housing for rent/sale, and Jobs.
    All categories, except Jobs, open an interface to navigate your phone’s camera roll.
  3. To select a photo, tap on it. Or tap the camera icon at the upper-left corner for access to your phone’s camera.
  4. Simply point and shoot!
  5. After you have taken a photo that you are happy with, and you have edited it to your hearts content, click the Use button in the upper-right corner.This will take you back to your phone’s camera roll. You can either take additional photos by going back to the camera, or you can choose from existing photos in your phone’s gallery.
  6. Once you have selected the photos that you like, click Next in upper-right corner.This will open the New Item interface.
  7. In the New Item interface, enter your item’s information (title, price and category, location, etc.).
    You have additional options that may not be available on your computer. You have the option to ship the item or you can click the blue Add More Options link to add the information.
  8. You can decide whether to share the item on your profile, Marketplace, or in any Buy/Sell group you might be a part of.
    Your items will only be listed on Marketplace by default. You can also tap on the other options.
  9. Tap Post. Your listing will be added to the marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions

How does Facebook marketplace work?

Facebook Marketplace is a marketplace. It’s an open marketplace where you can sell or buy used items from people in your area. Click to message the seller if you find something you like.

How do I turn off Marketplace on Facebook app?

1. Log in to Facebook using your browser
2. Click the arrow to the right.
3. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
4. Select Notifications from the left-hand side menu.
5. Click the Edit button in the section On Facebook.
6. Scroll down to Activity and App Request, and then click Edit.

How does Facebook Marketplace work?

You can use Facebook Marketplace to do the following
1. Find Items Near You. Find items for sale near you
2. You have decided that it is what you want? You have decided that you want it?
3. In Just a Few Easy Steps, You Can Post Items For Sale You can also upload items for sale.
4. Anyone in your area will now be able to find your item and send you a message if they wish to purchase it.
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