Genie Script Works Review

The Genie Script program is one of a kind. It is a monthly program developed by Wesley Virgin. The program enjoys a design that aims to assist participants in manifesting better in different aspects of their life, ranging from the emotional, mental, and financial situation.

This review offers an unbiased delve into what this program offers and whether you can trust the assurances that are made.

The Overview

What makes you happy or otherwise? Things that might include the emotional state, the mental state, and the financial state. These three states are essential to many people’s happiness. It is no surprise, therefore, when it is discovered that many are looking for ways to navigate through these states successfully.

However, navigating through them and successfully is easier said than done. Due to your status, you might be looking for ways to reduce your stress or make the necessary changes to the issues that you have.

You can find solutions and pathways that will assist you to successfully navigate and come out the other side feeling happy and fulfilled.

Helping people achieve happiness is big business, which is why there are so many proposed solutions today. However, sad to say, it has been discovered that many of the programs fail to provide the needed succor. And even when these manage to produce a semblance of results, the results are not consistent.

In this review of the Genie Script, we will provide our opinion of this program, holding nothing back and ensuring that you see all that you need to know. This meditation program says it will assist you in making the best of the situation, and we will help you determine whether it lives up to the billing.

This article will answer your burning questions regarding the meditation program.

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What is Genie Script?

What is Genie Script?

To know that, you should first consider what consists of meditation and the benefits that might be derived from that.

One thing about meditation is its ability to help you sharpen your focus and expand your sphere of awareness. This expansion opens the eye of the mind to what lies in for you. Apart from opening you to opportunities, it will help you consider where you are right now and where you desire to be. With such consideration in mind, you can see your goals ever clearer and work to achieve the goals you want.

All of what we have said is simply a summary of the program. Genie Script is a corny name for the process of meditation. It comes as a month-long program that is meant to help you manifest an elevated status in your life. These include emotional state, mental state, and financial state.

At least, that is how the creator defines it.

You discover, like we did that the programs are sourced as videos, audios, and reading materials.

It is to work just as if you asked a genie to help you with your happiness. While we do not believe in magic, it might help the user to have a better mindset, which is something that everyone will benefit from. With a better mindset, you will have better willpower to achieve the goals that you have in mind. The name is a clever play on the idea of achieving your goals through your manifestations.

Creator of the Program

As said earlier, this program comes from Wesley Virgin. If financial liberation is what you are after, then you will fit right in with him. The creator is a millionaire who credits his wealth to his mindset and disposition.

Apart from his mindset, he argues that his manifestations from his mind have also helped him on the path to riches. Because of these manifestations, he can turn the ideas he has into businesses in the real world.

He claims to have a soft spot for entrepreneurs that are just looking to make a living. He dedicates his time and part of his resources to helping these change their mindsets and makes the most out of their time.

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Now that we have considered some pertinent stuff about the program, we will now consider the benefits that might be derived from this program.

In reality, this section covers the advantages, not of the program in particular, but the benefits that come from meditating – which is what the program is all about.

Learning and Memory

If you are looking to change your mindset and improve it, then meditation can come in pretty handy. Meditation is one way you can wake the parts of the brain that are necessary for concentration, assimilation, and remembering stuff. By meditating, you will notice that your mental activity gets a boost and is more agile.

Eliminate Pessimism

This is one way that you will benefit from this program. There is no denying that we usually face a challenge fighting negative thoughts. These might be so strong that they can overpower the positive things that you might think about. You might dwell on issues ranging from your regrets to your failures.

And if you don’t get rid of these, you will suffer a dip in confidence and have a clouded mindset. Thankfully meditation can assist you in breaking through. When you focus on affirmative thoughts, you can easily get rid of the negative loops.

Increase Creativity

We are considering the benefits that you will get from the program. Creativity can help you to make more out of life. Meditation comes in very useful here. You can use meditation as a conduit to making creative juices flow more freely. Studies reveal that this form of exercise serves as a boost for your divergent thoughts.

When you use the program, you will discover an endless well of creative ideas to pull on and solve your problems more easily.

More Self-Awareness

When your mind is awake, it is hard to put it back into the darkness of ignorance. Well, with this meditative program, you gain a higher level of awareness. You come in touch with yourself, knowing just who you are and the things that you can do. You see that you will have a broader sense of self, knowing yourself even more.

With this program, you have self-examination, and when you know that you can do certain things and cannot do others, you will understand your limits better.

Furthermore, you can scrutinize how efficient you are at doing certain things. And with this, you will find better ways to solve the issues that you have.

Attention Span

The times we live in, with the focus on speed, have resulted in people having shorter attention spans – and you might be suffering from that problem.

Engaging in this program can assist you. Studies show that meditation can increase the ability of the brain to pay attention for longer. When you have even brief meditation sessions regularly, you will increase the brains’ resilience. And if you want to solve problems, having a longer attention span can assist you.

Battle Addiction

What are you fighting as an addiction? Whatever it is, you should know that meditation can come in very handy. When you meditate, the receptors in the brain that focus on addiction will be affected. This will slowly wean you off the addiction.

We have also seen that research supports meditation as a weapon in fighting addiction. With it, you can avoid going back or suffering relapses.

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Features of Genie Script

Since these advantages are what you get from the program, what then does it consist of? This section covers all of these that will help you to know the features of Genie Script.

10 Minute Meditation

One of the features of the program is the ten-minute sessions that you engage in on a weekly basis. These four sessions per week will show you the creator’s views on meditating successfully. He teaches customers how to get the best from each session.

Video Training

There are plenty of techniques that you must get a hold of if you want to get the best from the program. Before you even begin meditating, it is vital to know how everything works. And in this regard, it requires that you keep the different wave states in mind.

Do not fret, though, if you aren’t sure about the states. One feature of the program is that Virgin provides an analysis of the different states and how you can achieve each of the states.

Facebook Community

Meditation might be a solo exercise, but if you have like-minded folks with you, it is easier to get even better results due to the effect of community. Well, when you decide to buy the program, one of the benefits that you will receive is induction into a private Facebook group. Only people that have paid for the program will get this.

This community has several perks. For instance, you can hook with others that have a similar vision as yours. You can share tips and tricks, files, and more. Also, since there is the opportunity to share results, you can see how others are faring. Many former users of the program have said that one of the things that made them get better was seeing what others were doing. The motivation was really needed and handy for progress all through the period of the program.


Another feature of the program is the reading materials. It is especially good to have such materials available since reading is a form of meditation. When reading, you can get lost in the story, and time passes by quickly as you immerse yourself in what you are reading.

Well, the program comes with books and course works that boost your meditation period. With such a helpful form of meditation, you should see improvement in your different statuses.

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Bonuses of the Program

These are offered at a discount and claim to help you to get even more from the program. Let’s now consider what some of the bonuses that you are offered include.

  • Beat Track

As the name implies, the beat track will put you in the right frame of mind to have your brain completely attuned for meditation. Just listening to it can take you to another level of meditation.

  • Touch Exercise

The full name of this is the Kundalini Touch Exercise. This is a unique exercise that will involve certain things that claim to help your desires become revealed more quickly.

  • Third Eye Activation

The third eye is an obsession with mystics and similar folks. According to the program, this is a very powerful means of getting knowledge. Sadly, it is closed off for most people. With this bonus, you will learn how you can open this third eye and have better meditation sessions. You will learn how to successfully connect your body and all the things involved for a better session.

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Downsides of the Program

There are several benefits to this program, but one downside is that there are so many fake wannabes out there. Many consumers have complained that there are similar programs out there.

Another downside is that the whole program is available only in digital form.

Who this is For

Who should use this program? Well, are you frequently anxious and tense? Then you should think about this program. With this meditation session, you can clear your mind and get ahold of whatever dreams that you have.

Furthermore, we recommend that you try the program twice daily if you want the best results. Use it when you wake and before you sleep. The program is pretty easy to start and get good results from.

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Buying the Genie Script

You can get digital copies of the program. Check out the Genie Script official website for pricing and how to get your copy and bonuses.


Meditation is very useful and can help you elevate your status. We hope that we have given you enough information to assist you know whether this is the best option for your meditative needs. With the right use, you will get results in around a month of using the program.

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