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Gimkit was developed by students from Seattle, Washington. It’s still maintained today by them. They created the game they wanted and shared it with others.

Gimkit, is Quizizz mixed with power-ups. Students answer questions and accumulate points throughout Quizizz. The points in Quizizz add up on the leaderboard. In Gimkit, students use the points to purchase power-ups at the store.

Students can earn more points for each question and get more points if they have a streak. They also lose less points if they are wrong. Basic versions (free) limit the number of games that you can create. The pro plan ($4.99/month), which allows unlimited creation (called kits), and unlimited revisions to those games.

Gimkit makes it easy to engage students and encourages them to work with their peers. Students can answer questions individually or in groups by creating quizzes. Correct answers earn them in-game currency that they can use to purchase upgrades or powerups. The questions can be answered in class or at home.

Gimkit is a quiz-learning game that is specifically for students and teachers. It is also created by students and maintained by them. Gimkit is built around the creation of “kits”, or live learning games that allow students and teachers to create quizzes. Although Gimkit may seem complicated, it’s actually very simple.

You can either create a new quiz, import an existing Quizlet quiz or a CSV file or copy quizzes from the Gimkit Gallery. You can modify these templates for your own purposes.


Gimkit, an interactive digital tool, makes it fun to complete quizzes and offers incentives. Gimkit is similar to Kahoot! and Quizziz, which allow educators to transform questions into a game that allows learners to compete for the leaderboard.

Gimkit went beyond just displaying the names of the top players on a leaderboard and gamified it. Answering questions quickly and correctly can help players earn in-game currency. The “money” can be exchanged for upgrades that will improve their performance in Gimkit.

Gimkit does not require any downloads. Simply navigate to to create a free account. Gimkit offers several plans to choose from. Gimkit’s basic plan is free and allows users to create unlimited kits (tests) or invite up to five players to join one game. Gimkit pro now offers a 30-day free trial. This allows users to access more features and freedom.

Gimkit Play

Gimkit play is the newest kid on the block. Like Quizizz students, Gimkit is a new kid on the block. They work independently on their screens but, like Kahoot are racing against time and competing for “money.” Each question costs $1 to begin, but power-ups can increase that amount. Power-ups can be purchased by students as insurance, to change their screens’ colors or to freeze their largest competitors.

Gimkit play will continue to ask questions unlike other systems. This means that you will need to have at least 10-12 questions per game. This is great for basic knowledge questions like vocabulary and multiplication facts, but it’s not for high-level questions.

Gimkit Create

Kits are sets or questions that players answer in a Gimkit Game. Click on the blue button “New Kit” under the Kits tab in the user dashboard to create a new Kit. Gimkit lets users create flashcards or multiple choice questions from scratch, from a question bank or import from other files.

Gimkit Live

After creating a Gimkit play Kit, users have the option to either play it live or give it homework. Play Live offers 11 game modes. To join a Gimkit Game, learners need to go to Once there, they will need to enter the code. Another option is to assign homework, which allows learners to play simultaneously. Each question a player answers earns them money which can be used to upgrade, powerups and themes that will improve their game performance.

Gimkit play allows you to create an analysis report that shows how each class or individual learner did in a particular game. There are three types of reports: general report, student report and question breakdown. This report is great for determining how students or the class are doing in a particular subject.

Gimkit Play Ink

Gimkit Ink, a new feature, aims to improve the writing experience. Instead of writing assignments on paper, learners can now post their writings as blogs and share them with their peers and educators. Teachers need to log into Gimkit Ink using their dashboards in order to use it. Click on “New Project” to fill in information like the name, description, and privacy settings.

Once everything is in place, you can start the project. Then share the link with your learners. The link will allow learners to access the project and upload their content. Gimkit Ink can be customized and flexible. It is a great tool for encouraging students to share creative ideas and improve writing skills.

Gimkit Code

Students and teachers can register GimKit to create an account, or enter a GimKit Code on the site to join . You can also purchase paid plans that offer additional options and features. GimKit could be a great way to spice up your classroom reviews. You can browse the many possibilities for learning with GimKit. Make sure you also visit our store to see all the latest EdTech options.

Is Gimkit Play the Right Tool For You?

Gimkit may not be the easiest tool, but it is very appealing to students and can help increase engagement. To really grab their attention, you can play your Kit in the Trust No One mode. It is based on the popular Among Us game mode.

Gimkit is an interactive and powerful tool that makes learning and teaching fun. Gimkit’s basic plan is not free. In Live mode, five learners are allowed to play one kit simultaneously. This makes Gimkit less useful in classrooms and could hinder its effectiveness as a learning tool.

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