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Gimkit is a quiz-learning game for students and teachers. It was created by students. To create quizzes, you can sign up by creating “kits”, which are live learning games. You can either create a new quiz, import a quiz from Quizlet, or a CSV file. Or, you can copy quizzes from Gimkit’s gallery to modify. Follow the prompts for adding questions, four answer options, and an image, if needed. Create class rosters and assign student kits within a specified time period. Students must complete quizzes according to their own pace and within the deadline.

Students earn money by completing quizzes that are aligned with their strengths. Your Gimkit dashboard can be used to track student progress, earnings, and other formative data. All core features are available for free, as well as the ability to create unlimited Kits. You can only have five players in your live game.

What is GimKit?

What is GimKit?

Gimkit , a classroom quiz game, makes learning enjoyable and engaging. Teachers get valuable data about their students’ performance and students can compete in a game show-like environment. Gimlet was created entirely by students from Seattle high schools.

Gimkit was created by a high school student for students. Using multiple choice questions, students have to answer correctly to make money. With the money they make, they can spend it on power-ups and upgrades to make them the dominant player in the class.

Gimkit is a classroom response system developed by a high school student that incorporates game show mechanics to create an engaging and effective learning platform for students and teachers.

Josh Feinsilber created this game. It plays like a Kahoot-style game but students make money by answering correct questions.

Josh is a junior at Seattle’s high school, which encourages internships and projects. After researching what Kahoot was not liked by teachers, he began to think about the game in April 2017. He launched it at the end October 2017. While I still love Kahoot, and my students will continue to play it, Gimkit brings a lot more spice to classroom games.

Gimkit’s ease of use was what attracted me to it from the beginning. The site was discovered by me last Thursday morning at 6:45 am. I was able to play the first round of the game with my students, who arrived at class at 8:15 am. A teacher creates an account and then sets up groups. Then, they create a “kit.” You can either create questions and answers from scratch or use a Quizlet set. Or, import a CVS file. It takes only seconds to complete the entire process. The creator of the game, who is a teacher who has given 34 teacher PDs over the past few years, has done extensive research to help teachers navigate the steps of setting up a game. Gimkit has a large font size that helps teachers avoid mispellings. You can edit the groups from your dashboard. The basic version of Gimkit allows you to create three kits. This is enough to give you an idea of the way Gimkit works.

Teachers select their Gimkit kit from the dashboard. Next, they choose play. After that, they make sure to open the right group and then put the code on the board. The teacher will start the game, and students join in. You can limit the time or give a set amount of money to students.

Gimkit Live

Gimkit Live is a tool that can be used to review or introduce concepts in any classroom. It’s a mix of Kahoot and Quizlet with unique features. Gimkit Live is engaging and fast-paced. However, when Gimkit Live is used for independent practice, it functions more like flashcards. It’s easy to get started. Search for question sets (kits) created by others and then copy or modify them for your use. 

Gimkit Live can import question sets from other flash cards platforms, or a spreadsheet. KitCollab allows students to submit their questions and help you create a kit in minutes. With minimal preparation, you can easily insert interactive review games into your lesson. You can also assign homework to teachers using the assignment feature. Students work at their own pace and answer questions until they reach a goal. Teachers can also use the assignments feature to assign homework.

You will need an account to get started with Gimkit. There are two versions of Gimkit: a free and a paid.

Free Account

Access to all core features and five kits are included for free. This is not like other paid subscriptions that offer a free 14-day or 30 day trial. Your five free kits can be accessed at any time.

Premium Account

Unlimited kits and all core features are available to you. You have the option to pay monthly, or annually. There is also a bulk discount option that applies to entire campuses.

You have two options when creating a kit: you can either start from scratch or import from Quizlet.

Gimkit allows you to import questions and answers from Quizlet or from other teachers. After you’ve created your questions, or imported from Quizlet, or a CVS file to create your kit, add a fun.gif to your title page and voila!


Gimkit can be used as a formative assessment tool in all subjects. Make pretests, and let students opt out of some introductory assignments to allow them to choose other options such as multimedia presentations or research projects. You can share a quiz with your class by projecting a quiz on an interactive whiteboard. Then, discuss the question options and create a discussion board. You can use the data from student quizzes as a guide for instruction, both for individuals and whole classes. Quizlet also has a number of quizzes that you can import. Gimkit can be placed at a “center”, or “station” where students rotate through for a week to meet the live game student limit.

Gimkit is a game show for the classroom that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win.


Students answer questions on their own device at their own pace. Throughout a Kit, each student will get exposure to the questions multiple times to ensure mastery.


Students earn in-game cash by answering questions correctly. But be careful, an incorrect answer will cost you!


Students can reinvest their money by purchasing upgrades & powerups. With over 2.5 million combinations, students can make purchases that suit their strengths.

Some other things…

Powerful Data

After every game, Gimkit generates a report detailing what your class needs help on. Individual reports allow you to help specific students.


Gimkit isn’t only used in a live class setting. You can use Gimkit for homework assignments which are graded automatically.


KitCollab allows students to take charge of their own learning! Your class builds the Kit by each student contributing a question.

Gimkit Alternatives

Gimkit is a game program that features quizzes. It requires knowledge, collaboration and strategy to win. Teachers can use the platform to keep students engaged via remote learning. Teachers can also grade assignments and save them to the directory. They can also create content in minutes.

Users can create a quiz competition and students can answer questions from their own place. The app allows users to earn points that can be used to unlock new rounds or buy additional rounds with real money.

Gimkit automatically generates reports after each game. These reports contain all details for teachers about what their class needs. To be more specific, teachers can see individual student reports. You can use the app to create homework assignments. Students can also collaborate with each other and build their own assignments through the collaboration feature.

The best alternative is Classtime, which is free. Other great sites and apps similar to Gimkit are Kahoot! (Freemium), Blooket (Freemium) and Edu-pal (Free). Here are 13 Gimkit Alternatives

1. Padlet

Padlet is an education app that you can use for free. It allows you to create a blank page, then add whatever you want. You can upload videos, take photos, create text posts, record interviews and upload documents. Then watch your Padlet come alive. Teachers, students, professionals, and individuals of all ages use the application because it makes collaboration easy no matter where you are. You can also use it as a learning tool that lets you create quizzes with your friends all over the globe.

It includes core features like support any file, share accounts, add multiple widgets and create playlists. Padlet app is an easy-to-use mobile application that millions of people around the globe can use to create a biography and collaborative notes, resumes/CVs, lookbooks, inspiration boards, and more.

2. Kahoot Bot

Kahoot Bot, an online tool that allows students to flood Kahoot Games with artificial bots, is great. It allows the user to send bots online to any game or session they desire without restriction. You can call it Kahoot Ninja or Kahoot Killer. It’s a powerful tool with all the necessary features to flood a game session.

It allows its audience to have fun, and it also includes a version that can provide answers. It isn’t a hack, but you can’t call this one. It is spammy and uses an API that is free to all. This tool is different from its competitors because of the UI that is simple and intuitive. It loads faster than other tools and is lighter. It offers unique features that aren’t available in other solutions. It is also a popular choice for students due to its robust backend.

3. Classtime

Classtime provides immediate feedback and summative assessment for teachers. It is designed to help educational institutions manage both in-class and remote teaching sessions.

Teachers can use the platform to create multiple types of tech-enabled question, including multiple-choice. Right answers, sorting and hotspot are all possible. The extensive question libraries built in allow users to create engaging questions that can be used for any grade level, topic, or subject, including Mathematics, Science and English.

Supervisors can also generate detailed reports by district, school or standard to gain insight into student performance and grades. It also integrates with Google Classroom to allow for the synchronization between classes and student scores across assignments.

Teachers can use classtime to complement in-class teaching and get immediate feedback about students’ understanding. Engage everyone and ask great questions to improve understanding. It’s easy to use, no registration needed!

4. Kahoot Hacker

Kahoot Hacker allows you to compete against other players online by sharing your knowledge. It offers different knowledge to students in an easy and learning way. It allows you to quickly skip or leave a question you don’t understand, and it will do so in secret. Another feature is auto-answer which instantly answers your questions.

Kahoot hacker hosts online. This allows you to easily check your online progress. You can create puzzles and quizzes. You can use this software to hack. It is hosted on a large server and compatible with all web browsers including Edge, Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Hack is compatible with various smartphone devices including Android, Windows, and Apple.

5. Acadly

Acadly can be used to manage attendance, live polling, quizzes and questions, as well as analytics. Acadly is a great learning tool that can be used by both students and teachers. It is completely free, unlike other classroom apps. It includes a chat function as well as a range of learning tools.

Acadly’s unique course structure allows for the use of a variety of pedagogical methods. The app can be used by instructors to practice BYOD, flipped classrooms and active learning.

It allows students to create quizzes, and share them with their friends around the globe. Live polls can be created, students can be tracked, announcements made, grades given, and many other features.

6. Kids A-Z

Lazel Inc. published Kids A-Z. You can use it on any platform. It offers interactive learning content for Raz-Plus and Raz-Kids. It has a very simple interface that allows kids to choose from a variety of eBooks, quizzes and resources.

Kids A-Z offers a personalized learning system that allows users to create their own quizzes using the professional tools. You can access thousands of resources that are developmentally appropriate and share them with others through Kids A-Z.

The application has powerful coloring and drawing tools, which make learning easier. It offers many features, including play with your friends, reporting to your teachers automatically and annotation tools, as well as the ability to read books and other information. This powerful platform will amaze you.

7. Quiver

Quiver – 3D Coloring app is an Augmented Reality coloring app that can be used for free. It was published by QuiverVision Limited. This app combines traditional coloring techniques with the most advanced augmented reality technology to create an extraordinary experience for you and your child.

Quiver is an incredible education app that offers dozens of innovative and best ways to educate your students and kids. With its unparalleled expertise in augmented and virtual reality, students can let their inner artist out and connect with their creativity.

The coloring pages give the artist a special feeling of pride and ownership. Quiver comes with multiple coloring pages, including characters, education pages, incredible animals, BBC children and many more.

8. Course Hero

Course Hero is an online software solution for studying purposes. You can search different study resources by text, class notebooks, subject and literature title. You can choose to study specific courses as per your needs. There are no restrictions on how you can use the software. You can find all the information you need and many research papers.

There are many courses available, including FIN 300 and BIO 101. Course Hero has been rooted in its roots by offering 24/7 services to its learners. Students can complete their work tasks from the expert tutor with detailed and solid answers. You can upload any skills and earn money with Course Hero.

9. Quizlet

Quizlet, a web- and game-based learning application, allows students to access information through fun learning tools and games. It’s the easiest way to learn and practice what you’re learning.

Similar to Kahoot it allows you create flashcards, study sets and can also be accessed by millions of other students from around the globe. You can access it from anywhere, anytime in the world, with more than 30,000,000 users.

There are many tools in the application that can enhance your learning experience, including audio and image. Each game is unique and each one can earn points.

10. Brainscape

Brainscape is a trusted platform which allows teachers, students, and corporate trainers create electronic flashcards. You can also search flashcards created and shared by users and publishers. It is a leading web and mobile educational platform that allows students to study adaptive flashcards. Brainscape is a key tool for learning new skills, complex things, and learning a foreign language.

It comes with a qualified educational staff that optimizes the way people study. This allows students to concentrate on the areas they are most confident in. Brainscape allows students and teachers to work together to create flashcards. This dynamic platform makes it possible to learn all concepts via modern study, rather than traditional methods that are scientifically proven. Join the Brainscape from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to learn more intelligently.

11. Kahoot

Kahoot, a game-based learning platform, uses educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. This app allows you to create quizzes and share them with friends around the globe. Kahoot unlocks the magic of learning, for teachers, students, trivia lovers, and lifelong learners. This application is great for student projects, and it can be used to surprise friends at parties.

This quiz app has many great features. You can find quizzes on any topic among the millions of games it offers. You can play with friends or on your own for fun competitions. Teachers can now assign homework as quizzes instead of writing them. This will make homework fun, save time, and help track your learning progress. The core features of Kahoot are what make it stand out from the rest.

12. ExamSoft

ExamSoft is the most advanced assessment platform in the world. It enables institutions to enhance the learning experience for students by providing security assessments with comprehensive data. It prevents cheating and reduces faculty workloads. Examsoft provides detailed analytics that guide students’ remediation. It also helps with the improvement of cocurricular and exam preparation. This software simplifies the accreditation process by providing performance data that can then be linked to student learning outcomes.

You can find detailed feedback about the preparation of students for major exams in the assessment feedback. ExamSoft is highly secure and blocks exam takers’ Wi-Fi to prevent dishonesty. It provides solutions for ID verification, engagement, polling, curriculum mapping and invigilation. It allows educators to make better decisions based on the detailed data. You can create, administer and grade assessments pro-actively to enhance students’ learning.

13. Crowdpurr

Crowdpurr allows businesses to engage their audience by voting, polling and creating a social wall. It’s a complete software suite that includes all the top tools and features such as multiple choice quizzes (multiple choice), streaming, voting, etc. It is a complete solution. This solution allows you to easily create questions and answer any quiz or poll.

It allows poll creators to set requirements for respondents to submit their names, email addresses, and other data in order to take part in the poll. Sign click sign-in is also supported by Crowdpurr, which can save you a lot of time. Crowdpurr provides poll creators with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows them to manage their data and even stop polling at any time.

This solution has a receiver view mode, which allows you to share poll results or social media walls with your audience. The solution includes core features such as data analysis tools, live result tracking, phone polling and online polling, multiple question types, presentation tools and Q&A.

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