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Yearbook Avenue

Jostens, the official supplier of high school yearbooks, offers yearbook resources to help you create your own custom yearbook. You can browse through thousands of high school yearbooks that Jostens has available to choose from. The site features several categories including: Audio/DVDs & Specials, Decorations, Movies/TV, Music, Sports & Recreation and Student Activities. Here you will learn how to use Jostens yearbook avenues.

What is Yearbook Avenue?

Creating your own custom high school yearbook is easy when using Jostens’ easy-to-use yearbook avenue. The left hand navigation pane displays several different options: A drop-down menu that lets you choose from various layouts; a slide-out menu that includes drop-down menus for each of the four categories; subcategories listed beneath each of the four categories; and a search bar for searching specific pages. The search feature allows you to refine your search by entering particular terms that include certain elements. For instance, entering “sports” into the search bar will bring up a list of articles about sports.

The four main areas on the Jostens yearbook site are: Colors, Decorations, Music and Student Activities. The colors that can be used on Jostens yearbook designs are limited only by your imagination. Jostens colors are based on the MHS student survey results and the High School Athletic Association (HSAA)positioning system. You can see color samples on the left-hand navigation pane and on the right-hand navigation pane. You can change the colors on the yearbook webpage just by clicking on the color sample picture.

Jostens offers four marketing programs to enhance your high school experience. The Jostens Mobile iPhone and Jostens Android applications, which are free downloads, allow you to create fun and engaging applications for your Jostens yearbook program. The applications include: Jostens Meetup, Jostens Facebook App and Jostens Twitter App. These applications offer a simple and easy way to interact with students and fans.

The Jostens mobile app is also available for download on both iPhone and Android devices. Users can find the Jostens phone application from the Apple app store on the app stores. From the Android application, users can select “Yearbook Avenue” from the menu. On the iPhone and Android app, users can simply tap on the Jostens phone app icon and then choose “Submit”.

The Jostens yearbook app allows users to easily add new pages to the yearbook. To add pages, all that is required is an Internet connection and a user name and password provided by the Jostens developer. Jostens has an easy to use page designer that makes it easy to create an appealing webpage.

Jostens Yearbook Avenue

To switch back to the yearbook interface, users can tap on the calendar icon in the top right corner of the screen and choose “switch to Jostens”. On the left hand side, there is a page titled “select new practice page”. Here, users can select the desired practice page from the drop down menu. A drop down menu, labeled “add to cart”, appears where user can fill in the contact information.

Users can edit the art portfolio in the Jostens gallery by clicking on the pencil in the “add to cart” drop-down menu, then tapping on “edit”. After clicking “Save”, a canvas popup will appear. The fourth step, which is to upload the photos in the gallery, can be done by tapping on ” uploading images “.

One can also edit the fonts and theme colors in this area. It is advisable for one to go for a standard font for most common text items and a light or dark theme color for more special or decorative items. Changing the fonts may be done by tapping on the “endormist” icon in the upper right-hand corner. One can then select a style in the “endorment” style palette. The next step, when one wants to change the color of the Jostens yearbook avenue, is to tap on the “yearbook backdrop” icon and change the color of the Jostens background color scheme.

Yearbook Avenue Login

The fourth and final step involves editing the images that are located in this part of the yearbook. This can be done by tapping on the images found in this part of the yearbook. An editing function is provided in the software that allows one to edit the digital photos that are located in this area.

Last but not the least; a person can select the images that are located in this area in terms of categories. When they want to select an image, they can tap on the category of photos. Then, all that one needs to do is select the photo. A drop down menu with different options will appear and will allow the user to choose among the available categories. All these functions are provided by the award winning software that is featured on the internet that allows one to create an overall comprehensive site with educational tools, selling tools and fun activities.

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