Kartra Review

If you have an offline store, one of the ways to boost sales and increase revenue is by taking your business online. And an integral part of any online business is a website. Well, there are plenty of software and programs that can help you with this. The Kartra software is one of these software. It claims to help the user to create an online marketplace from just a platform. In this article, we will see whether Kartra is any good for your business. We shall see features, costs, benefits, and more about this platform.

All about Kartra

Kartra is a popular platform among online marketers. The platform comes with several useful features that make for an excellent tool. For example, by using this platform, you can jettison the copywriters, developers, and other people that will usually be needed to build a website. This comes in pretty handy if you are on a budget and do not have plenty of experience setting up your website.

When you think deeply about it, you will see that you really need something to help your business – something like Kartra. Selling a service or product involves several processes, and this platform aims to bring it all together. Some of the things that you need include landing pages focused on helping you convert visitors to paying customers. You also need to build a quality sales funnel to improve leads. Additionally, it is important to have a check-out page that will move the visitor to make that final step.

Doing all of these on your own can be terribly difficult and hiring it out to designers and freelancers can cost a pretty penny or two.

How good it is, therefore, to have a platform for all of these features and more.

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What is Kartra?

Kartra Review

From the section above, you probably now have an inkling of what this platform is and what it offers. It is a software that helps to ensure the smooth and seamless running of your online business.

It is a recent software and came to the limelight in 2018. Created by the same people that made the highly rated WebinarJam, this software is an excellent option for any budding business. Included in this software is almost everything that is required to create, launch, and run your online business. There are several benefits of this software. Some of the things that you get from Kartra include webinars, checkout pages, email marketing, hosting, and much more. What is more, all of these features are integrated with each other to make it so much easier to use.

There are several advantages of this software, including the ease of use offered to all whether expert or beginner.

For example, if this is your first online business, you will find the ease of use pretty awesome. You will have features like the drag and drop editor and templates that will make everything so much easier to do.

Now, all this ease of use does not mean that it is too simple for experts to use. If you have more experience with aspects like coding or design, then you will certainly have a lovely time playing around with the more advanced features of this software.

Aside from the impressive ease of use, one other thing that makes this an excellent option is that everything about it is based on the cloud. With this cloud-based foundation, you can worry less about losing important information or data. With your internet connection, you can retrieve any information you want from wherever you might be. The software is self-based too so you don’t have to download anything else once you have gotten it. And if there are any improvements to the software, you can simply download the update. All of these make Kartra exceptional software for any online marketer or business person.

Another way that the platform is different from other marketing platforms is the provision of sales funnel and campaigns from proven marketers.

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Who should use Kartra?

Considering all the benefits we have listed above, you might feel that this is for everyone. However, that is not the case. If your business has already been set up, then adding Kartra into the mix might be one platform too many for your system.

This platform is best for anyone that doesn’t know how to handle their website or the intricate aspects of online marketing. It is also excellent for users that have different tools that are not compatible with one another.

Kartra is also an excellent fit for people on a budget that don’t have the money or time to hire a whole team of developers or writers for their website or business.

By using this platform, you have the opportunity to focus on the things that are important like closing sales.

Now that we have established who Kartra is best for, let’s now consider some of the vital features of the software.

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Features of Kartra

We have already discussed some of the most essential features of this platform in the sections above. This platform has so many features that we certainly cannot cover all of them in this article. However, to help you decide whether this is for you, we will talk about the most important ones. You will determine whether your business can benefit from something like this.

Page Builder

It comes with a very easy to use editor that will help you to attract visitors and make them interact until they become paying guests.

An advantage of the platform is the over hundred preset templates that will come in handy depending on the type of page you want to build. Part of these is sales page templates, home pages, and more. With just a button, you can overhaul the appearance of the website.

Despite the number of templates available, it is interesting to see that the templates are beautiful and are in different layouts.

Using the builder is pretty easy as well. All you need to start is select the template you want and import it to the builder. Once imported, you can just point, click, and edit the template. The editor is good enough to help you to change how text appears, change the images, and more.

Overall, the editor is fast and easy to use.

It can be somewhat more cumbersome or lengthy to make changes. It simply is not as flexible as the editor and builder found in some other popular alternatives.

Other than that, though, every other thing is smooth with this software. An advantage of the software is that you get sample copy. With this feature, you can study the copy provided and use it to create yours. You therefore will not need to hire a copywriter to help with the text of the website. The software gives pop-up features too.

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  • Split Testing

The next feature here is the very important ability to do split testing. Split testing helps you to make two variations of one page and show both to different users. You can then observe how the users interact with each page and the conversions from each page. The result of the testing will determine which of the pages you would retain on the website.

This feature gives you plenty of power by editing features of a page. You can change the placement of images, videos, words of copy, and even overhaul the overall design of a page.

Other alternatives on the market only let users test small features at a time, but with Kartra, you can test large portions of the page at a go.

  • Products & Carts

You are certainly not buying this platform for the name, but to sell your products and services. So as you build your website, you also look to improve the ability to make sales. Kartra provides for this through the Products & Cart feature.

This feature’s main component is the shopping cart. This will help to improve conversions.

Adding a product or service to the software is very easy. You can create the product or upsell or down-sell it.

Setting up a shopping cart is pretty easy, even when compared with software that is dedicated to making these carts. With this feature, you can set up page design, checkout, select pricing, and more.

  • Affiliates

All the features of Kartra are integrated, therefore, it makes everything so much easier to use. Well, the affiliate portal is no different, and by integrating it into the system, you can enjoy even more functionality. Each product designed can be integrated into the affiliate program to make anyone making a purchase also promote the product for you.

Kartra also gives you the ability to choose those you want to be affiliates by having them answer certain questions and agree to the terms and conditions of the business.

Once an affiliate has been chosen, the person is given their specific URL with a tracking code. With this feature, it is vastly easier for you to decide how much the affiliate gets from a successful referral.

Aside from helping you to create the affiliates, Kartra also helps you to analyze the affiliates to find out their performance and other important metrics. You can see everything, ranging from revenue to refunds, customer value, and more.

  • Email Marketing

Lead generation is important, and Kartra can play an important role in helping you to retain the leads. To get the best from email marketing, you must have the right strategy.

Well, Kartra offers an email marketing strategy. The email feature here is designed to rival the big-name companies like MailChimp.

Using it is pretty straightforward too. You can manually add leads or import the leads from a CSV file.

  • Automation

This feature works to make all the features of Kartra work seamlessly with each other. By using the sequence builder, you can determine what actions should follow the next. On paper, it is a very useful feature to have.

If you can get past the lagging and freezing, though, this is a very useful option that will help you get the best from stuff like email marketing.

  • Marketing Campaign

Aside from helping you with email marketing campaigns, Kartra is versatile enough to also help you with regular marketing campaigns. With this software, you can make such campaigns from the ground up ( if you are tech-savvy), or you can rely on the preset campaign templates from the platform. There are up to five preset campaigns that you can choose from.

After deploying the campaign, Kartra also gives you the ability to track each of them.

  • Marketplace

This marketplace is a social center where you can interact with other Kartra users. It helps you to see campaigns from other users and offers you a way of seeing things from a new angle.

  • Video Hosting

This feature is one of the most remarkable features of the platform and isn’t something offered by many rivals. The platform lets you upload video content that can help to improve engagements and conversions.

Aside from these, you also have concierge services, a helpdesk, memberships, forms, and so much more.

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In view of all these benefits, it certainly isn’t strange to wonder how much getting the platform will set you back. Well, the platform offers different monthly plans. The price of the plan affects the features that you can access. The differences between plans include the number of emails you can send and the number of contacts that you can have. It also affects the monthly bandwidth available.

If you like it, then you can upgrade to the Starter Plan ($99), Silver Plan ($199), Gold Plan ($299), and Platinum ($499).

Final Words

Overall, this is a very useful plan that gives you plenty of power and versatility. It is very easy to use and you get continuous upgrades without having to pay more. Although it is not the cheapest on the market, the features it offers, ranging from split testing to multiple templates and more makes it excellent value for the price.

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