Katherine Knight Facts

Katherine Knight

Katherine Mary Knight is the first Australian woman to receive a life imprisonment without parole sentence for the killing of her partner. She is currently confined at the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre in New South Wales. She was convicted of murder in February 2000. She remains in prison and has been denied parole for the past 15 years. In 2008, the media reported that she may be eligible for parole if she commits any violent crime. While she is in prison, Katherine continues to live a productive and happy life.

In high school, Katherine Knight began to develop violent tendencies and was often seen as a bully. She was also well known in Aberdeen as someone who favored fighting, and she had a full set of butcher’s knives. Her violent behavior did not come as a surprise to her former lovers, and she attempted to strangle one of her ex-partners with a frying pan. After three unsuccessful intercourses, she killed her husband.

Soon after her marriage to Kellett, Katherine became pregnant again. Her husband had left her and moved to Queensland. The couple’s relationship ended when Kellett was arrested for assault. However, it did not end there. After his release from hospital, he remarried, and they were reunited. After the hospitalization, however, Knight’s depression was very deep and she fell into a whirlwind romance with a local miner named David Saunders.

After the first son was born, Knight’s relationship with John Chillingworth deteriorated. The couple remained together for three years, and they had a daughter together. The relationship ended after Knight’s marriage to her second husband, David Kellett. After this, Knight and Kellett moved in together. The relationship turned violent and she was incarcerated. When she refused to get married to her husband, she was given a sedative to help her cope with her mental state.

After her arrest, she was released on a disability pension and lived with her mother in a cramped room. She later moved to a house in Muswellbrook. The government had also provided her with a Housing Commission house, but she refused to attend the hearing because she did not want to be “incriminated”. Instead, she hid and took an asylum in another state. There, she began to experience domestic violence. The police arrested her after she was found at the jail.

After the murder of John Price, Katherine Knight killed the two boys. Their father was the same age as their mother. He was a successful lawyer and owned a successful business. After a decade of imprisonment, she became pregnant and gave birth to twin girls. As a result, Katherine Knight’s murder case was a homicide trial. The conviction of her lover was unjustified and she was sentenced to life in prison.

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