KeyKey Alternatives for Windows – 11 KeyKey Alternatives

KeyKey Alternatives for Windows

KeyKey is not supported on Windows, but there are other alternatives that work with Windows. Klavaro is the best Windows alternative. It is both open-source and free. You may be able to find an alternative for KeyKey by our users. We have six alternatives available for Windows. Other Windows alternatives to KeyKey include Rapid Type Tutor (Free), Rasyti(Free, Open Source), Stamina and Taach Typing Instructor (Free).

What is KeyKey?

KeyKey is a minimalistic, yet powerful touch typing tool that’s ideal for both beginners and advanced users. It’s a complete solution with all the top features and tools to make it the best touch typing app for Mac OS X.

It supports nearly all major languages and many keyboards including QWERTY and COLEMAK. The interface is simple to use and supports multiple typing modes. There are also some fun game modes that can be added to make the experience more enjoyable and interesting.

The keyboard trainer shows you the best finger placement to ensure that you can correctly type each letter. KeyKey is a commercial program that can be downloaded only on Mac computers.

Best KeyKey Alternatives

Are you looking for KeyKey-like programs as well? Here are our top KeyKey alternatives. These fan favorites are available to test if they will support your system and address your needs.

1. PhraseExpander

PhraseExpander makes it easier to find your notes quickly and accurately. It also includes the auto-complete feature. It allows users to create powerful templates that they can use in daily life. The software allows users to save all their medical terms, templates and other information in one place. Users can access them anytime and anywhere.

With just one click, users can autocomplete drug names and prescriptions. This software allows users to quickly create templates that allow them to do things quickly and without making mistakes. The software allows users to design their own templates with flexibility. Users can also add logic and branching to them.

2. Typinator

Typinator allows users to speed up their typing productivity by allowing them type less and write more. It can store the most commonly used phrases and texts for users so they can quickly access them whenever they need. It also allows users to create keywords, abbreviations and long phrases that they can use in their work.

It features an easy-to-use configuration feature that creates abbreviations quickly and assigns replacement text as well as pictures for users. It also allows users to easily migrate different keywords and shortcuts from one device to another.

3. Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome allows users to replace and expand text while they type. It is an extension-based program. This platform allows users to reduce their typing speed and save time. It also has keystroke capabilities, which allow users to use the keyboard to copy and paste text.

It allows users to create shortcut lists, expand them and sync it with other platforms. The Omnibox feature allows users to quickly jump between websites and paste text.

4. CodeExpander

CodeExpander allows users to speed up their text and script typing by allowing them to use code more efficiently. It’s a cross-platform GitHub Gist client which allows users to store, organize, and manage unlimited text or snippets that they need for coding purposes. It allows users to quickly access scripts by using abbreviations of phrases.

You can access unlimited private and public collections of snippets from the platform, which you can organize and access at any time. It also offers instant instruction support, dynamic script support, and quick search features.

5. ProKeys

ProKeys allows users to save time and copy-paste snippets from the platform. It is accessible from any browser, so users can access it wherever they are. It also eliminates the need to waste time writing repetitive words over and over again.

It helps users increase their productivity and reduce their typing time. Users can save unlimited texts that they can later use. It supports abbreviated text, plain texts, and other types of values.

6. QuickTextPaste

QuickTextPaste allows users to quickly create and remember hotkeys that they can use to copy-past words in order to save time. It is a desktop program that helps users avoid spelling mistakes. The software allows users to copy predefined text messages by using keyboard shortcut keys.

It is a portable program that allows it to be used anywhere, so there are no traces in the Windows Registry. It can be copied to a USB drive and launched without the need for installation. Unicode support is included in the software.

7. Textspansion

Textspansion allows users to extend their text by texting and writing emails from their phone. It works by opening the app and entering the long name. This will replace the short name.

Long-press the area where you are writing and a list of sentences will appear. Users then need to select the sentence they wish to paste from that list. Users can easily drag-and-drop passages into the platform and sort their lists according to their purpose.

8. RapidKey

RapidKey software allows users to use the extra capabilities of RapidKey to improve their productivity and write on any platform in the system. It allows users to autocomplete text and phrases and expands them using shortcuts that users have saved.

This allows users to add shortcuts in the library of software. The shortcut can be accompanied by a text passage. When users type the shortcut, the software will replace it with the passage. RapidKey icon can be found on the desktop. Users can use it at any time and integrate the software with other platforms.

9. WordExpander

WordExpander allows users to save time and replace text with a phrase in a single click. This software is great for filling out forms and other documents with repetitive data.

The lightweight application lets users create shortcuts to the phrases they wish to use. With a few keystrokes, the words will be replaced with the passages. It has a simple interface that users can use to install quickly and without any complicated configuration. Users can use the platform’s phrase library to create their own phrases and shortcuts.

10. is an easy-to-use tutor and trainer that’s specifically designed for programmers looking to improve their programming speed. Its lessons are built on open-source code, which allows you to practice typing key sequences that appear in real-code. You can also create your own lesson, and begin typing in any way you like.

Most tutors using this platform skip the symbol keys and use backspace and delete instead. allows you to learn and type all types of coding with no limitations. It also includes multiple coding games, just like the Typing Masters.

11. FastFox

FastFox allows users to easily expand any text or word. It allows users to easily create and edit shortcuts, phrases, and paragraphs. It can be used to complete sentences and words. The software is compatible with MS Word and Outlook.

This software is perfect for people who need to type similar text every day. It helps improve their speed and productivity. You can expand the text to any length and insert images using the shortcuts you have created.

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