Luis Garavito Cubillos – The Dangerous Crimes He Committed

Whether you are interested in Colombian history, the serial killer La Bestia or the rapist Tribiln, Luis Garavito Cubillos is worth knowing. He admitted to raping, torturing, and murdering 147 children and young adults. If you are looking for more information about this infamous murderer, read on. There are many disturbing facts about him. Here are some of the worst crimes he committed.

Luis Garavito Cubillos

He was an alcoholic and a gay man. When he was younger, his father abused him physically and emotionally. When he became an adult, he became drunk and belligerent everywhere. The abuse continued, and he eventually ended up in prison for 1,853 years. His crime? He was convicted of the murder of a boy because he was gay and he was a violent gang member.

Luis Garavito was born 25 January 1957 in Genova, QuindAo, Colombia. His mother was a prostitute and his father was an alcoholic. His father often forced him to witness his mother having sexual intercourse with her clients, and he was also sexually abused by his clients. After years of sexual abuse and neglect, he escaped from his family and moved to Colombia. He lived in a small town, selling prayer cards and religious icons.

Although his father was not a violent person, he was a sexual abuser. His parents beat him up when he was young and he was pregnant. He was able to get away with it, but it wasn’t easy for him. His mother was also a victim of sexual abuse. A homeless man in his neighborhood helped him to get arrested. The rape was the first step in his homosexuality, and it turned out that his father was a drugstore owner who abused his mother.

During the trial, it was revealed that Luis Garavito abused over three hundred boys in Colombia. He was jailed for his crimes, and was later found guilty of a felony of murder. He was sentenced to life in prison for a life sentence. He was not given the death penalty but he was convicted of crimes he committed against children. In the end, his actions were not a mere mistake but a tragic mistake.

Despite the criminal record of his father, Luis Garavito has been released from prison after a five-year prison sentence. The sentence was reduced because he cooperated with the authorities and was freed on bail. He is an example of common sense in action. While his father’s alcoholic habits caused him to commit his crimes, he did not care. In fact, his family was forced to give him their child’s parents a life without him.

In late 1997, police discovered a mass grave where three bodies were buried. The three bodies had been strangled and had their throats slashed. The murder weapon was found nearby. In addition, the victims were beaten by a man who did not care about them. In the end, Luis Garavito was jailed for more than a decade. A lot of his crime was related to his father.

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