Master Wang Soulmate Drawing Review 2023 – Here’s Your Soulmate

Are you tired of searching for your soul mate? Hopeful romantics are flocking to a Chinese artist, Master Wang, for exactly that reason.

A lot of singles are joining the trend, paying the Chinese psychic to describe their soulmates with drawings with the hope of discovering who their true love really is. While many are raving and commenting about their experience, many others are skeptical.

So, the question is: who is Master Wang? How does his soulmate drawing work? And are his drawings and descriptions true as he claims? In this post, we’ll help you find out how the psychic works and if he can help you find your soulmate in 24 hours, or it’s just an elaborate scam!

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Who is Master Wang?

Master Wang Wu is a popular psychic in China known for connecting people’s love by opening his third eye. Master Wang claims to use his power to draw your future.

Much is not known about the China-based psychic that many of his customers refer to in the reviews of the drawings.

According to Wang’s website, Master Wu is a psychic known throughout China for the gift of opening his third eye, help connect people to love, and sketch out his vision.

Master Wang is said to be a natural psychic expert born that way and has worked with many government officials, including celebrities, lawyers, judges, and others in between.

He was dubbed a psychic artist because he could describe and accurately draw what can happen next. He says in his product description that his drawings are very accurate and realistic.

This psychic artist promises that he will draw your soulmate within 24 hours of purchase. He then emails the sketch along with a description of the person’s character.

According to his official website, Master Wu can only complete five drawings per day at his advanced age. He has also gotten multiple five-star reviews.

Master Wang claims to have psychic abilities that give him the power to capture an image of the buyer’s one true love on paper.

He claims that his drawings are very realistic and accurate. The service is supposed to bring an accurate reflection and description of whom you are supposed to marry. He describes and draws your soulmate’s physical appearance.

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How do Soulmate Drawings work?

Soulmate Drawings work

Customers are only required to submit six questions: their name, gender, birthday, sexual orientation, and racial preference.

The seller then guarantees that it will take just 24 hours for you to receive the rendering, a much more reasonable wait time than the lifetime it could take you to actually find them.

And singles are going wild over Master Wang’s psychic abilities, claiming he can draw your soulmate for a few dollars. Now, many are sharing their sketches online in the hopes of tracking down their one true love.

On the website, first of all, you have a five-minute timer that hurries you up to put your information in. This is one of the points detractors of the drawings made. However, there is a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results.

In his emails, depending on the name of the buyer, he says something in the line of: “Dear Jasmine, my fellow seeker of universal truth, thank you for putting your trust in me and my gift. I have been doing readings for over eight years now and I am constantly finding with each reason I enjoy the process more.”

As you can see, the response has been yet another favorite for many buyers. He seems like a genuinely nice person.

Then he says, “Don’t worry. If the person I draw isn’t your type or you don’t like the personality, my readings are accurate to your current energy, but ultimately you have the final choice on everything that happens within your life.”

Master Wu’s ability transcends time. This can mean that the soulmate you see today may look younger or older than they currently are now. So, look out for distinguishing marks and prominent features on your search.

Ultimately, you are two entwined souls always pulling each other together. Meeting a soulmate causes unexpected and powerful feelings. So, sometimes this can be scary. You have to look inside and always stay aware of how you feel in every encounter.

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Is soulmate Drawing real? What are critics saying?

According to video adverts of Master Wang’s drawings, Master Wang has mystical matchmaking abilities. The videos say he is sought out by the rich and famous in China. However, he has chosen to live in the street of China. Then he uses his mystical powers to help out the common people, especially those looking for a soulmate.

According to video promotions of the service, Master Wang’s photographic memory allows him to get incredible detail of people that he comes across in his visions. Then this allows him to draw the soulmates of his subjects in quite a breathtaking detail.

Then they narrate that a local who knows Master Wang then help him set up an online presence with a website. So, this allows him to use the internet to promote his services to people abroad to help them and lead them to their soulmates.

A few key points need to be highlighted: Master Wang is famous in China; he chooses to live on the street; someone set up a website for him, and he will need to soon stop allowing requests.

To many, none of these makes sense whatsoever. Firstly, there are 1.4 billion people in China. That means there’s a lot of lonely singles there. If Master Wang was really famous there, he would probably have more work than he could already handle now.

To many, this negates his claim that he will soon need to stop allowing requests – it’s either he’s not famous in China, or there’s no capacity to his workload.

Also, everyone in China is connected to the internet. The idea that he needed help setting up a website because he lives on the street is, to many, made up.

Some critics even point out that it looks very suspicious that they’re using only stock footage for the advert video. There’s not a single photo or even a sketch of Wang Wu in the entire presentation, especially considering how famous he claims to be in China.

That you can’t find a picture of this man is not a valid excuse because he’s so famous. Some say that they don’t show a picture of him in his ad because Master Wang isn’t real. Nothing in the video or any video promoting his service or website has any tangible evidence of this person being a real person. So many think it’s just a computer program that’s drawing the pictures, and nothing comes from the actual Master Wang character himself.

There are actually two websites; there’s a website called Master Wu and then another website called Master Wang, which are promoting the same service. It’s the same ad they’re promoting on the websites, the same way. So a few people say if there are two masters, Master Wu and Master Wang, doing the same thing, being promoted the same way, then this person does not exist. So it’s a scam. To many, there’s no Mr. Wang, and there’s no Mr. Wu, and that they’re both made up of fictional characters just to scam people.

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Is soulmate drawing real? What are customers saying?

Over the past week, a few customers shared photos of their drawings along with pictures of their partners to tout the accuracy of the psychic artist’s predictions, and the resemblance is striking.

A few customers shared photos of their drawings along with pictures of their partners to tout the accuracy of the psychic artist predictions.

One woman claimed she met a man just three months after she received her drawing. Another fan shared a photo of her new boyfriend along with the sketch she had received.

According to a review posted on Daily Mail, a woman even gushed about how she came across her soulmate when she purchased the drawing. The drawn picture and the partner look so alike, and they were planning a wedding.

A user on Tiktok named Victoria also explained in a video how she already got married. She says that her soulmate’s description fits her partner quite well. But she thinks the drawing wasn’t so accurate and that they do not think that they looked so alike. She said, however, that it was fun to try and so was worth it.

Meanwhile, some commenters did not agree with Victoria’s assessment. They noted that the new-found partner looks a lot like the man drawn in the sketch.

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The downside of Master Wang’s drawings

Even if Master Wang’s psychic abilities are true and he can match partners, there is a big disadvantage which many are quick to spot out.

Now one of the biggest reasons why Master Wang’s idea doesn’t sell to many is that many know the consequences of researching or having somebody see your future husband or soul mate. And this is that a lot of times when people who are single or who don’t know who they’re going to end up with get an imagery of who they think that their soulmate or future husband is, they will more often than not search for that person all of their life.

Let’s say that they are told that their soul mate has dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. You will forever search for that individual rather than maybe the light-haired, light-eyed, light-skinned individual who’s pursuing you.

Life is a series of people that we’re meant to come across and experiences that we are meant to have, and many think that that is something that shouldn’t be tampered with.

Many people are jumping on the trend that is starting up. They are asking a psychic to draw their future husband/life soulmate. To many, joining the trend isn’t going to be the be-all or end-all for their lives. So many are a little bit hesitant about doing it, except that it’s a lot of fun doing it.

However, if you say you know who your soul mate is and you have an imagery of them, you might be closed-minded, and others around you might be close-minded in your future. However, too many, this is just for fun.

Another downside is the idea of sharing out the drawings, which we’ve seen many people doing. Many psychics said in their description that the information you received is confidential and should not be released to other souls. The consequences, it is explained, may lead to your aura’s energy blockage, and it could interfere between the connection with you and your real soulmate.

You should note that if you decide to reach out to a psychic to draw your future soul mate, husband, wife, or whatever, you can decide to accept if the drawings are a reflection of what your partner is. Only you can decide to go ahead or just ignore the descriptions.

And if your significant other is drawn a certain way and you meet somebody who really makes you happy, you shouldn’t say no to that solely because you don’t think they’re the one for you.

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Price and guarantees

The starting price for a Soulmate Drawing used to be $50. However, because of high demand, the cost of a soulmate drawing was reduced. Now, Master Wang’s drawing costs just $19, which is more than half of the discount.

It’s right to be skeptical, and Master Wang has thought about this. As he’s very certain about his personality, he offers buyers a 60-day money-back guarantee for a 100% refund. That is, Master Wang promises you that you will find your soulmate in two months. If not, you can request for a full refund.


The customer plays a vital role in deciding Master Wang Wu and his company’s goodwill. Many are skeptical about the process because many think there’s no way that this is real.

Although this website is reported as suspicious, the website has good and positive customer reviews on the official website. Also, his website shows a lot of happy couple compliments and how buyers were happy together with their real-life soulmates, which Master Wang led them to in their Soulmate Drawing reviews. After reconsidering the website through the entire preview, we can say that anyone can do it for fun.

Master Wang Soulmate Drawing

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