Best 10 Mind Mapping Software to Visualize Ideas

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You have a wonderful idea but are unclear how to bring it to reality. After all, there is a limit to how much information you can recall or scrawl on a sheet of paper!

Have you ever experimented with mind mapping software? With appropriate preparation, you may brainstorm, acquire insights, and visualize your concept using a limitless number of mind maps.

We’ll discuss what constitutes a brilliant mind mapping tool and showcase the top ten mind mapping software in this post to assist you in making the appropriate choice.

What Is Mind Mapping Software?

Mind mapping software enables you to generate a flowchart or diagram representing your thoughts. This enables you to visually depict the links and hierarchy of ideas.

Most mind mapping applications come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of demands and provide additional capabilities.

In general, the majority of mind mapping software fits into one or more of the following categories:

  • Diagramming: A diagram that is technical in nature, such as network diagrams, architectural blueprints, or engineering flowcharts.
  • Brainstorming: Session of problem-solving in order to arrange and graphically express a concept.
  • Business intelligence: By importing data from business systems, you may see it as charts.
  • Software development: Create site map diagrams and software wireframes, among other things.

Our handpicked selection of outstanding mind mapping software covers a variety of these programs to assist you in determining which one is the greatest match for your specific requirements. And you can check out a collection of pdf download for additional resources.

Why use mind mapping software?

Mind mapping software is beneficial for any brainstorming session since it enables you to outline and organize your thoughts for improved clarity and comprehension. Additionally, it might assist you in quickly identifying the finest solution or concept from a pool of potentials.

Therefore, why not just resort to using a pen and paper? That is analogous to building a sandcastle on the beach and then waiting for it to be washed away by the waves.

In case you do not want your mind map to be lost in the sea of other things you need to remember, mapping on a piece of paper may not be the best method. If your concept is complex, mapping it on a piece of paper might make it seem disjointed and fragmented.

Additionally, using copious amounts of paper to create an infinite number of mind maps is not the greatest strategy to combat climate change.

Not only can a mind mapping tool assist you in efficiently mapping down complicated thoughts, but you will also avoid misplacing them.

What makes for great mind mapping software?

With a pen and a piece of paper, mind mapping is a very simple and natural method to work. Yes, it has some drawbacks, but in order for a mind mapping program to really be superior, it must bring a lot to the table. While each of the tools you will read about on this list has distinct advantages, they all match at least one of the following criteria:

It is, in fact, a mind mapping application.

Numerous sketching, diagramming, and charting applications are promoted as mind mapping applications—but are not. While they do have the ability to create mind maps, you could potentially also use Photoshop, PowerPoint, or MS Paint. These kinds of programs often lack elements that make mind mapping simple, such as automated node connecting, brainstorming modes that allow you to rapidly jot down a large number of ideas, and search. To qualify an app for this list, we looked beyond the marketing and ensured that it was built from scratch for brainstorming, not sketching.

It relegates itself to the background.

With a pen and paper, mind mapping is incredibly simple. While no app will ever be as easy as this, they should get as near as feasible. After a brief time of acclimatization, you should not be required to stop and ponder in order to establish a node or delve through menus in order to link two concepts. The application must fade into the background, similar to how web browsers do.

It offers an unlimited canvas.

One of the primary disadvantages of utilizing paper is, well, paper. A digital program should have a virtually limitless canvas size, allowing you to create as large a mind map as you choose. The purpose of using an app is to overcome the analog disadvantages, not to reinforce them.

It allows you to attach files.

Occasionally, more than a few words are required to adequately convey a concept—and sketching is an integral component of analog mind mapping. To get to this list, an app must allow attaching videos, photographs, web pages, documents, and other items to your mind maps.

It allows you to save and export.

Because you cannot readily update, preserve, or share paper mind maps, this is one of the primary reasons to go digital. All of these programs enable you to return to a mind map later and edit and save it, and export it in a variety of formats, allowing you to share it with classmates, coworkers, or anyone else.

Okay, now that you have the basic knowledge, let us start with the list.

Best 10 Mind Mapping Software

#1. ClickUp

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ClickUp is a highly rated productivity application and mind mapping tool that is utilized by highly productive teams in both small and big businesses.

From overcoming virtual team problems to measuring the success of in-house or remote teams, ClickUp is the perfect solution for remote project management.

But wait, if it is a project management tool, how is it going to help with mind mapping?

With an integrated Mind Maps function, its unrivalled adaptability enables you to bring ideas to life.

What’s ClickUp’s Mind Maps feature?

ClickUp’s Mind Maps feature enables you to generate stunningly polished mind maps from your brain spills and easily share them with your colleagues.

Whether you’re organizing ideas, establishing a team strategy, or visualizing task frameworks, ClickUp allows you to massively arrange your thoughts!

What good is a diagram without attractive colors, correct? ClickUp enables you to color-code distinct concepts.

In ClickUp, you may construct a mind map in either the Task mode or Blank mode.

The Task mode enables you to view your current ClickUp task structure, assisting you in mapping out the workflow of a project. Then, for ease of use, you can effortlessly add, modify, and remove tasks and subtasks right from your view.

Want to create a mind map from the ground up?

Consider using the Blank mode! Create as many nodes as necessary and quickly convert all of them into tasks right in your Workspace.

Other key ClickUp features

  • Android and iOS Apps: With ClickUp’s feature-rich mobile app, you can manage all documents and projects on the go.
  • Chat view: From exchanging code to organizing happy hours, this internal chat room may be used for a variety of team talks.
  • Comments: Each ClickUp job has a dedicated comment box to facilitate task discussion among teams. Assign particular members to comments to verify ownership.
  • Dashboards: Utilize configurable velocity, burnup, burndown, and cumulative flow diagrams to remain on top of your tasks.
  • Docs: Collaboratively produce corporate and project-related papers, wikis, knowledge bases, and blogs with your remote team or your in-house workforce.
  • Gantt Chart: Utilize the easy Gantt chart to keep track of your project’s timetable.
  • Notepad: With ClickUp’s Notepad, you may record ideas as they occur to you.
  • Proofing and Annotation: Comments can be added to GIF, PNG, WEBP, PEG, and PDF files.

ClickUp pros

  • With the Forever Free plan, you have access to a slew of amazing features.
  • Multiple perspectives to accommodate agile, kanban, scrum, or any other project management method.
  • Custom task statuses to meet the unique requirements of each project.
  • Native Time Tracking allows you to keep track of how long various tasks take inside ClickUp.
  • 50+ Automations to automate routine tasks and save time.
  • Establish task dependencies to assist teams in completing work in the correct sequence.
  • With Pulse, you can see your remote or in-house team’s daily activities.
  • Integrate with a variety of third-party applications, including Time Doctor, Evernote, and others.
  • With precise reporting, you can monitor the productivity of your remote staff.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys to assist you in completing your chores quickly.
  • With ClickUp’s strong Zoom integration, you can initiate a rapid Zoom call directly from your task.
  • Supports the following platforms: iPad, iPhone, Windows, and Linux.

ClickUp cons

  • The mobile application lacks Table view for now.

ClickUp pricing

ClickUp provides a forever free Plan. Its premium plan begins at $5 per user each month.

#2. ConceptDraw MINDMAP

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ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a popular diagramming and idea management application that may assist you in organizing your ad hoc ideas.

However, at its foundation, this mind mapping application is nothing more than Microsoft Office Word enhanced with additional features.

That does not require you to have an X-ray vision to notice!

ConceptDraw MINDMAP key features

  • Brainstorm mode has a built-in timer for assisting you in staying focused.
  • Multiple notes and hyperlinks may be added to a single map using the Hypernote function.
  • MINDMAP’s editing capabilities make it simple to create presentations.
  • The graphics feature enables you to include icons and pictures into your mind maps.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP pros

  • Supports over 20 mapping themes to assist you in rapidly creating a mind map template.
  • Allows for the addition of attachments to your mind map.
  • Capable of transferring mind map data between Microsoft Office as well as other mind map applications.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP Cons

  • Expensive pricing structure.
  • Outdated UI that bears a strong resemblance to Microsoft Word.
  • There is no support for mobile devices.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP pricing

This mapping software’s price structure begins at $199 for a single-user license.

#3. XMind

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XMind is a straightforward mind mapping application that assists in the organization of thoughts, objectives, and tasks.

While this mind map creator may seem like an X-Men psychic mutant, XMind isn’t all that exceptional.

XMind key features

  • Zen mode enables you to concentrate entirely on a singular mind map.
  • You may use the Equation tool to create chemical and mathematical equations.
  • Mind map templates are accessible for a variety of purposes.
  • Multiple branch colors to denote distinct nodes.

XMind pros

  • Password-protect your mind map files.
  • Export your mind map as a PNG image, a PDF document, or a markdown file.
  • There is an Android and iOS mobile application available.

XMind cons

  • It might take a long time for large mind maps to load correctly.
  • There is no complimentary plan available.
  • XMind is unsuitable for scrum or agile teams due to its lack of project management capabilities.

XMind pricing

This mapping software’s price plan begins at $39.99 for 6 months.

#4. Edraw Mind Map

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Edraw Mind Map (previously MindMaster) is a collaborative program for mind mapping that assists users in providing much-needed structure to their thoughts.

However, can this free mind mapping program enable you to develop the mental agility of X-Men’s Jean Grey?

Consider the following…

Edraw Mind Map key features

  • For a realistic brainstorming session, use the brainstorming mode.
  • There are twelve distinct mind map layouts, including treemap, radial, and fishbone.
  • The Gantt chart capability enables the creation of one from a mind map.
  • You may use presentation mode to display the mind map as a fancy slideshow.

Edraw Mind Map pros

  • Different node shapes and connecting techniques are supported.
  • Export mind maps in the following formats: PNG, JPG, and PDF.
  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android platforms.

Edraw Mind Map cons

  • Only the pro edition has a gantt chart option.
  • Limited flexibility in the layouts for mapping due to everything being template-based.
  • Imports files only from Edraw Max, MindManager, and XMind.

Edraw Mind Map pricing

This mind mapping program provides a free edition with restricted functionality. Paid plans begin at $4.92 per user per month.

#5. MindMeister

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MindMeister is a prominent online mind mapping application that enables real-time collaboration to brainstorm ideas, organize tasks, and take notes.

However, employing this technique to link disparate concepts might be cumbersome.

I’m guessing MindMeister is incapable of creating as strong mental connections as Professor X.

MindMeister key features

  • Presentation mode allows for the presentation of mind maps as an elegant slideshow.
  • History mode allows you to track the evolution of your map.
  • Numerous themes are available with customizable styles, colors, and formatting.
  • Team collaboration elements such as comments and voting are also available.

MindMeister pros

  • Create mind maps using icons, links, notes, photographs, or videos.
  • Allows exporting mind maps in the following formats: PDF, PNG, or Word.
  • MeisterTask enables the integration of mind maps into project management.

MindMeister cons

  • The free plan has a restricted feature set.
  • Cannot design maps that flow freely.
  • When you reverse a move, the formatting is gone.

MindMeister pricing

There is a free basic plan available for this mind mapping tool. Paid plans begin at $2.49 per person / month.

#6. Miro

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Miro is a user-friendly mind mapping application with collaborative capabilities. It enables distant teams to collaborate on brainstorming, concept mapping, and co-creation of organizational charts, among other things.

Is Miro a superhero capable of mind mapping? Most likely not.

Simple activities such as eliminating unwanted boards are tough to do with this mapping program.

Miro key features

  • Supports a variety of design styles.
  • Chat and video integration with @mentions.
  • Mind map templates that have been pre-created.
  • Presentation mode allows you to exhibit your map in the form of slides.

Miro pros

  • Allows you the creation of an unlimited whiteboard for brainstorming.
  • Easily integrates with other programs like as Asana, Jira, and Slack.
  • Create mind maps by embedding papers, PDFs and spreadsheets.

Miro cons

  • Owners of bulletin boards are not permitted to provide visitors editing access.
  • Presentation mode includes a restricted set of design and transition options.
  • Paid plans are prohibitively costly.

Miro pricing

Miro provides a completely free package. Paid plans begin at $10 per user / month.

#7. Lucidchart

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Lucidchart is a diagramming application that enables the visualization of complicated processes, organizational structures, and systems.

However, novice users may find this mapping tool bewildering.

Lucidchart key features

  • There are around 500 mind map templates available.
  • Drag and drop different shapes from the shape collection onto your maps.
  • Automated layout to generate data-driven diagrams.
  • Co-authoring, in-editor chat, and shape-specific comments are various collaboration capabilities available.

Lucidchart pros

  • Platform is cloud-based and accessible from just about any device.
  • Compatibility with productivity services such as Slack and Google Apps & Workspace.
  • Import data from other applications such as Salesforce, Zapier, and Excel.

Lucidchart cons

  • Does not operate in the offline mode.
  • The basic package comes with a restricted set of features.
  • The interface seems to be out of date.

Lucidchart pricing

This mind mapping program is available for free. Paid plans begin at $7.95 per user per month.

#8. MindManager

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MindManager is a popular mind mapping application that is particularly well-suited for lengthy brainstorming sessions. Its drag-and-drop capability enables you to effortlessly develop a key concept and connect it to additional ideas.

However, demonstrating hierarchies using this mapping program is tough.

MindManager key features

  • Create a diagram from ground up or choose from one of the 25+ built-in designs.
  • Gantt chart feature is used to visualize the time frames of projects.
  • The MAP 3 add-in enables the usage of algebraic functions and other functions.
  • Co-editing capability for collaborative work in real time.

MindManager pros

  • Onboarding is simple with step-by-step training.
  • Allows for the creation of a flowchart, an organizational chart, and an idea map.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts to assist you in rapidly making mind maps.

MindManager cons

  • There is no complimentary plan available.
  • Gantt chart functionality is limited.
  • There is a limited variety of photos and icons available.

MindManager pricing

This mapping tool’s price structure begins at $99/year.

#9. Mindly

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Mindly enables you to generate visually appealing mind maps for use in brainstorming, idea collecting, project planning, and meeting preparation, among other things.

However, Windows users will vehemently oppose Mindly.

Why? There is no separate Windows application or online version!

Mindly key features

  • Numerous color schemes are available for map components.
  • Any element may be annotated with comments, photos, or icons.
  • Use the visual clipboard to reorder your thoughts and manage your information.
  • Protect your ideas and maps with a passcode.

Mindly pros

  • Create an endless number of element hierarchies.
  • Supports a variety of devices.
  • Export mind maps as OPML, PDF, or plain text.

Mindly cons

  • There are few integration possibilities.
  • There is no task management capability.
  • The free edition has a limitation on the quantity of maps and components that may be added.

Mindly pricing

Mindly is available in a free version. The complete version is $6.99 for iOS, $29.99 for Mac, and $5.49 for Android.

#10. Coggle

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Coggle is an online application that enables you to create complex mind maps and flowcharts. This mapping application can be used to create algorithms, systems, and processes.

Unfortunately, when the mind maps get extremely large, Coggle might seem awkward or sluggish.

Coggle key features

  • Images may be dragged and dropped into mind maps.
  • Texts and photos can float over the map to annotate certain areas.
  • Branches and loops are combined to indicate distinct processes.
  • Numerous starting points for grouping similar themes.

Coggle pros

  • Saves all modifications so that you can always revert to a prior version.
  • Contributes to real-time teamwork.
  • Distribute mind maps through a link.

Coggle cons

  • There is no whiteboarding capability.
  • There are no specialized desktop or mobile applications.
  • There is no option to automatically rearrange the branches or a mind map.

Coggle pricing

Additionally, Coggle offers a free plan. Paid plans begin at $5 per person / month.


While you may always create a mind map on paper, this method does not provide the flexibility or appropriate canvas for your thoughts to flourish.

That is not a problem, however, when using the appropriate mind mapping tools.

With capabilities ranging from concept mapping to real-time collaboration, a mind mapping software enables even the most complicated concepts to be broken down.

And, although MindManager and XMind are both capable mind mapping applications, ClickUp is the most powerful choice on our list.

ClickUp is the only tool that a project manager will ever need. It includes comprehensive capabilities for project planning, mind mapping, and remote team management.

Finally, powerpoint is also an excellent tool you can use for mind mapping that works well. Here are Free PowerPoint templates you can use to get started.

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