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Are you a die-hard NFL fan who doesn’t have cable? If so, you might be interested in NFL Plus, the National Football League’s official streaming service. With a free trial and affordable subscription options, you can watch live and on-demand streams of games throughout the pre-, regular, and post-season, including playoff games, the Pro Bowl, and the Super Bowl. NFL Plus also offers full game replays. It’s worth noting that NFL Plus is the result of a merger between NFL Game Pass, which included access to replays, and the NFL’s mobile streaming service. If you’re looking for an affordable way to watch most NFL games this season, NFL Plus is worth checking out.

What is NFL Plus?

Formerly known as NFL Game Pass, NFL Plus is a subscription-based streaming service that offers live and on-demand access to all regular season NFL games, including pre-season, playoffs, and the Super Bowl. In addition to live streams of games, NFL Plus also includes replays of past games, including Super Bowls and classic games from the NFL Films archive. This means that you can watch full game replays of every Super Bowl since 2009, as well as other memorable games and moments from the NFL’s history.

In addition to live streams and replays, NFL Plus also offers exclusive original content. This includes documentaries, shows, and other NFL-related programming that is not available elsewhere. Some examples of exclusive original content on NFL Plus include “The Timeline,” a series of documentaries that explore iconic moments in NFL history, and “Hard Knocks,” a reality show that follows an NFL team during training camp.

What does NFL+ include?

NFL Plus offers two subscription plans: the base plan for $4.99 per month and the Premium plan for $9.99 per month. Both plans provide access to live streaming of out-of-market NFL preseason games and live local and primetime regular season and postseason games on phones and tablets through the NFL app.

The base plan also includes live audio for every game, exclusive video and written content, and more. The Premium plan offers additional features, such as on-demand access to more games and the ability to watch them on additional devices.

As for the NFL+ premium plan, you get a little bit more with the expanded service plan, which includes

• Live out-of-market Preseason games

• Live local and primetime Regular Season & Postseason games on your phone or tablet

• Live game audio for every game

• Full game replays across devices (ad-free)

• Condensed game replays across devices (ad-free)

• Coaches Film

• More exclusive video and written content

NFL Plus plans and Prices

The NFL Plus subscription service is available for a standard price of $4.99 per month or $39.99 for a full season. The NFL Plus Premium package is also available for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. As the end of the 2022 NFL regular season approaches, a special offer is available for fans to sign up for the remainder of the season, including the Super Bowl, for $12.99 (NFL Plus) or $24.99 (NFL Plus Premium).

Plan FeaturesNFL PlusNFL Plus Premium
Price $4.99 per month $9.99 per month
Free Trial7 Days Free Trial7 Days Free Trial
Features*Watch LIVE games on your mobile devices*
*Watch LIVE NFL Network on your phone
*Listen to LIVE audio of every game
*Everything from NFL+
*Game Replays: Watch full, condensed and all-22 coaches film replays across devices, all ad-free

NFL Season Pass – Watch Live Games On The Go

Plan FeaturesWatch Live Games On The GoWatch Live Games On The Go+
Price $12.99 per season $24.99 per season
Features*Get a limited time offer on NFL+ for the rest of this season
*Watch LIVE games on your mobile devices*
*Watch LIVE NFL Network on your phone
*Listen to LIVE audio of every game
*Get a limited time offer on NFL+ Premium for the rest of this season
*Everything from NFL+
*Game Replays: Watch full, condensed and all-22 coaches film replays across devices, all ad-free

Does NFL Plus have a free trial?

Yes, NFL+ does offer 7 Days free trial for new users. It’s important to note that during the free trial, you will still need to provide your payment information, and you will be automatically charged for the subscription once the trial period ends unless you cancel before the end of the trial.

To sign up for a free trial of NFL+, you can visit the NFL+ website and choose the subscription plan that you are interested in. From there, you can follow the prompts to create an account and start your free trial. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the free trial carefully to understand any fees or restrictions that may apply.

How to cancel NFL Plus

To cancel your NFL Game Pass subscription, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your NFL Game Pass account.
  2. Go to the “My Account” section.
  3. Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.
  4. Confirm that you want to cancel your subscription.

It’s important to note that when you cancel your NFL Game Pass subscription, you will not receive a refund for any remaining time on your subscription. Your access to the service will also be terminated immediately, so you will not be able to continue watching games or using the service after canceling.


Does NFL Plus have a free trial?

Yes, NFL+ offers a 7 days free trial for all new users. New users can choose either NFL+ or NFL+ Premium when signing up. You’ll be automatically billed once your 7 days free trial elapses.

How can I sign up for NFL+ Free Trial?

To sign up for NFL+ free trial, visit the official website, pick a plan that suits your need/budget and follow the prompts.

Is NFL Plus Worth It?

Whether or not NFL+ is worth it for you will depend on your personal needs and interests as a football fan. If you are a fan of the NFL and want to be able to watch games live or on demand, and are willing to pay for the subscription, it could be a good option. Some of the benefits of NFL+ include:

  • Access to live and on-demand streaming of NFL games
  • Ability to watch games from multiple devices
  • Wide range of features, including game replays, NFL Films archive, and more
  • Coverage of international games
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