What Are the Nine Enneagram Types?

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The Enneagram is a psychological system that classifies individuals into nine distinct personality types, each with its own set of drives, anxieties, and internal dynamics.

The Enneagram is a system of human understanding that is emotionally centered and focuses on an individual’s fundamental emotional motives and anxieties. Every personality type is motivated by a distinct feeling.

Certain Enneagram types are characterized by intense emotions, while others strive to avoid all types of feeling. Whether avoiding or confronting feelings, each kind depicts a different part of emotional experience.

The nine distinct personality types are classified under three broad types:

  • Body Types: They are known for following their ‘gut’ when it comes to responding to opportunities and threats. This happens because of their dependence on instinctual intelligence
  • Head Types: For navigating around the world and for making sense of things, they use their intellectual intelligence.
  • Heart Types: For connecting with others and for understanding their own reactions, they use their emotional intelligence.

The Body Types

Enneagram Type Type 2w1

Body types respond instinctively and intuitively. They form connections with others based on their bodily feeling of well-being and they tend to make sense of things by perceiving their body’s response to events.

The key motivation for this trio is to retain their independence and avoid being influenced by other forces. They react by being excessively controlled, excessively passive, or excessively perfectionistic. The Enneagram types One, Eight, and Nine are based on the body or gut.

The Perfectionist – Enneagram Type 1

Ones put a high premium on adhering to the rules and carrying out tasks properly. Type Ones are fearful of imperfection and may be excessively critical of themselves and everyone else.

People of the Enneagram type One are known for being committed and loyal. They enjoy creating and following rules. They do not like abstract ideas. They may test as ISTJ, ENTJ, ENFJ, or ENTP. But, be warned: working with these types could be problematic. They are deeply self-controlling and highly idealistic, but they tend to be overly critical of others. They should avoid careers where they are likely to make mistakes and will have to work to implement their ideas.

A’s do not do well in service-oriented professions. They do routine tasks without a greater purpose. An A might feel unfulfilled by a salaried job, but they may be involved in volunteer work in their free time. They might also lean toward adjacent types. They are likely to take the lead in a team or organization. They may also prefer a more structured and challenging career.

People of the Enneagram Type One have an extremely practical attitude. They want to be useful and do their best. However, they may be prone to inner criticism, so it is crucial to find a way to balance their needs with those of other Enneagram types. They may find it difficult to get along with other types, as they lack the skills to get along with others. When it comes to relationships, they are more difficult to work with because of this characteristic.

Enneagram 1 Wings

1w9 : Enneagram Type One wing Nine people share all the traits characteristic of those who are Type One, but also like those of the Type Nine in some ways. They are Ones generally have a calmer temperament than the other Type Ones and they possess an innate sense of the right and wrong. The are also more open-minded to different perspectives and ideas than the typical One. They might appear quieter and less withdrawn as compared to Type Ones as well. Similar to Type Nines, this type is peaceful and is averse to conflicts. 1w9s are attracted by careers in journalism, social work, and even politics.

1w2 : Enneagram Type One wing Two people share the characteristics of Type One, but also like those of the Type One in many ways. They tend to be more concerned with the well-being of others and advocate for causes that focus on addressing the needs of people. They might appear too controlling or critical of others in order to assist them achieve their own “best version” of themselves. As with Type Two, this type is eager to help others and feels valued. 1w2s are attracted to jobs in law, medicine or religion, as well as social justice.

The Challenger – Enneagram Type 8

Eights regard themselves as powerful and strong individuals who are willing to fight for everything they believe in. The Type Eight’s biggest fear is being helpless, which is why they concentrate on controlling their surroundings.

The Enneagram Type 8 is a challenger. They are a straight shooter with high energy, and will get the job done no matter what. They are also known for being short and rude, but they are often good leaders. They can be quite direct. Read on to learn more about this personality type. Listed below are a few characteristics of the Enneagram Type 8. You might even find one in yourself.

A common mistake made by those of the Type 8 is to think that their problems are unsolvable. They do not, and it’s not easy to change them. Whether they’re dealing with their own problems or helping others, the Enneagram Type 8 can make the world a better place. They can solve a lot of problems, but they have a hard time setting priorities. To solve this problem, you have to first determine the root cause of the problem.

The Enneagram Type 8 is a hero. These people are generous with their time, resources, and ideas. They spend weekends helping others in need, and donate regularly to causes that they believe in. They might even start their own fundraising group. In short, they have an innate capacity for helping others and are a great role model for others. You may be the perfect candidate for this role! You’ll find that the Enneagram Type-8 can help you succeed.

Enneagram 8 Wings

8w7 : The Eight Wing Seven kind is an Eight that shares many traits similar to the Type Seven. The type is lively as well as enthusiastic and could be more combative in comparison to other Eights. Some of the most popular jobs for this kind include politician, entrepreneur and lawyer.

8w9 : The Eight wings Nine kind is one of the Eight with the same traits similar to those of Type Nine Peacemaker. They are calm, confident as well as generally more patient. Jobs that are popular for the 8w9 are activist, counselor, professor and judge.

The Peacemaker – Enneagram Type 9

Nines are the ones that prefer going with the flow and allow others in their immediate vicinity set the agenda. Type Nines dread alienating others by putting their own requirements first, and they are often passive.

Enneagram Type 9 is one of nine personality types. This trait is crucial to survival, as it helps the person make sense of their world and keep themselves safe. However, they may not be aware that they are hindering their freedom by being afraid of trying new things. Here are some examples of how to recognise this behavior: First, avoid letting your ego take over your life. Secondly, avoid getting angry with yourself.

The biggest motivation of an Enneagram Type nine is peace and inner harmony. They aim to understand their innermost feelings and are often very spiritual. They are drawn to tarot cards and astrology. They want to know themselves deeply and are prone to passive aggression. They are not the best people for the workplace, as they may feel unattractive in the workplace. As a result, they may suffer from problems elsewhere.

The Enneagram Type 9’s name implies that it is a dominant personality. This personality tends to be egocentric and asserts itself in the moment. These people are often very independent and can come up with complex ideas on their own. Famous examples of people with this type include Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Jane Goodall. This type is the most creative and innovative, but can also get into trouble.

Enneagram 9 Wings

9w8 : The nine wing Eight Type is an Eight that shares some of types of Eight traits. The type is socially independent capable, flexible and generally more confident and clear in comparison to other Nines. The most common professions are diplomat, writer/editor, counselor and social work.

9w1 : the Nine-Wing One Type is the Nine that has many of the same characteristics like those of the type One character. The type is hardworking and friendly. They are modest humble, and usually more diligent and serious than the other Nines. Jobs that are typical for this type include a veterinarian, nurse religious worker, and human resource manager.

The Head Types

Enneagram Type

Head types respond first via analysis. They establish intellectual connections with others and grasp the world by comprehending the mechanisms and ideas that underpin what they witness. These types are mainly concerned with ensuring security, competence, and stability. The Enneagram types five, six, and seven are all dependent on their intellectual intelligence.

The Investigator – Enneagram Type 5

Fives are in search of comprehension and information and are more at ease with data as opposed to other individuals. The Type Five’s greatest worry is being swamped by their own or other people’s needs.

The Enneagram Type Five is an introverted thinker who seeks intimacy and is deeply introspective. Despite their intense nature, these introverts often make great leaders, and many people choose to partner with them. However, they tend to lack a ‘doer’ personality, and they may seem more normal. This is due to the fact that the Four is more demanding than the Five.

A typical Enneagram Type 5 is a deeply thoughtful person who is generous and kind. The 5 personality type has a quick mind and a cool demeanor, and they love to deconstruct information. They enjoy peeling back layers of concepts and seeking the truth. As such, they’re best suited for roles in which they can use their analytical abilities. In addition, they are highly productive and can excel in teams that focus on trivia.

The Enneagram Type fives are known as Investigators. They love to learn new things, and they are driven by their desire to learn. They also love to get to the bottom of a question, and they are great for trivia teams. Their keen intellect also makes them good candidates for academic work or careers that require extensive knowledge. They also enjoy being alone. They’re great at researching new ideas, and they’re notorious for being very scholarly.

Enneagram 5 Wings

5w4 : The Five w4 is an individual Five that has many similarities with Type Four Individualist. Similar to Fours, 5w4s tend be more connected to their feelings and more expressive in comparison to other fives. They are imaginative, reflective and sensitive. The most common career paths for this kind of person include composer, author or inventor, as well as professor and engineer.

5w6 : Enneagram Five-wing six kinds are Fives that are related to a variety of characteristics of the Type Six. 5w6s are useful, supportive and well-organized. Although they are still fiercely independent, 5w6s are generally more loyal and cooperative in comparison to other Fives. They excel at the ability to solve complex issues and troubleshoot them. Careers that are popular for this type include computer science, accounting and law enforcement, math and engineering.

The Skeptic – Enneagram Type 6

Sixes are concerned with security, actively seek it, and like being prepared for issues. The biggest worry of the Type Six is being unready and therefore unable to protect oneself against harm.

The Enneagram Type 6 personality is characterized by a desire to belong, security, and support. They are responsible and loyal, but have a troubled relationship with authority. These individuals are hesitant to follow rules and rely on external authority sources for guidance and protection. They are also suspicious and often have strong feelings of self-doubt. In addition, this personality type has opposite pulls.

The Enneagram Type 6 is a gifted problem solver. They spend time thinking through potential outcomes in any situation and have a plan for each possible outcome. They are very loyal, and often show their loyalty by helping others find solutions. Sixes are likely to show up at your party with food, a plan, and a friend to help them navigate their day. However, they can be overly analytical, and their analytical streak can lead to some problematic behavior.

Sixes are committed to those they love. They are very loyal, and will fight for their family, friends, and community. They also enjoy long term friendships. These individuals are also considered excellent problem solvers and are likely to be there for you through the good and the bad. They are also known to be very generous. Regardless of the reason for their logical thinking, they are likely to give you support when you need it.

Enneagram 6 Wings

6w5 : Six-wing Five kinds are Sixes which share traits with Type Fives. They tend to be more introverted and independent as compared to the other types of Sixes. They tend to be less reliant on others and trust them and prefer to stay their own thoughts to themselves.

6w7 : Six Sevens with a wing look like a Seven in a few ways. They are more relaxed and social in comparison to other Sixes. They can be very responsive to needs of people and are comfortable in groups and organisations.

The Enthusiast – Enneagram Type 7

Sevens need excitement and adventure. They often get bored quite easily. Type Sevens are fearful of emotional discomfort, particularly grief, and actively strive to escape it via activity.

The Seven is the extroverted type of the Enneagram. This person is prone to making friends quickly and is the center of their social circles. Though they don’t like being alone, they may have notable creative abilities. This personality type is proud of their talents and does not believe in self-denial. Instead, it prefers to express themselves in creative ways. In addition to being outgoing, Sevens also enjoy learning and creating new things.

People with this Enneagram type are very cheerful and are always on the lookout for new experiences. They are quick to make friends at work and in private. Despite their outgoing nature, they do not tolerate too much silence. Their need for companionship is very great. This makes them prone to a variety of addictions. This personality type is known as an entertainer. In fact, this person often has six wings.

Enthusiasts are the most adventurous of the Enneagram types. They enjoy high-energy activities and are very creative. They are also very impulsive. They are best suited for a work environment where they can be creative and have an opportunity to try out new things. They are very expressive and like to try new things, such as art and music. The sevens have a high level of energy.

Enneagram 7 Wings

7w6 : The Seven Wing Six is a Seven which resembles a six in a few ways. The Seven wing Six is typically more focused and skeptical in comparison to other Sevens. They are reliable, trustworthy and are powerful leaders in moments of crises. The most common careers for 7w6 include tour guide journalist, pilot, detective as well as travel agents.

7w8 : The Seven wing Eight is a Seven that has some of the same traits similar to Type Eight. Type Eight. The 7w8 usually appears more robust and more focused on career in comparison to other Sevens. The Seven Wing Eight is assertive, confident and inspiring. The most popular careers for 7w8s are motivational speeches as well as law enforcement, television sales, news and management.

The Heart Types

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Emotions are the first thing that heart types respond to. They empathise with others and grasp the world by comprehending their emotions about it. These types are led by the emotions associated with their interpersonal interactions. They place a premium on emotional support, acknowledgment, and inclusion. Types Two, Three, and Four are the Enneagram types that are oriented on the heart, or feelings.

The Giver – Enneagram Type 2

Twos desire to be liked and will seek out opportunities to be useful to others in order to have a sense of belonging. This personality type is afraid of becoming unlovable.

An Enneagram Type 2 is a practical, warm, and gregarious person. Their relationships are often warm and nurturing, but they may also be clingy, controlling, or even bitter. These people enjoy the attention and acknowledgement they receive, but they are also highly manipulative. They tend to focus on others’ needs instead of their own, but they have a holy idea of independence and like to reveal their true feelings.

An Enneagram Type 2 loves people and enjoys social interaction. They enjoy being heard, making friends, and helping others in any way possible. Their desire to serve others is a constant drive. When working with other people, they are especially likely to form bonds with coworkers and clients. This cycle also helps them form meaningful relationships. But be careful! Having a job that’s a lousy fit can drive a person crazy.

A healthy Enneagram Type 2 person understands the need for time for themselves. They don’t let other people’s needs overshadow their own. They are secure and love themselves and don’t take things for granted. They also know the importance of giving and receiving in relationships. The goal of these relationships is not to give and get, but to help others find happiness. However, these types of people don’t view themselves as lovable or worthy.

Enneagram 2 Wings

2w1 : Enneagram Two Wing One Types are Twos who have many of the same characteristics like the One type. One Perfectionist. They can appear serene, quiet and reserved. They are able to help others and is often averse to criticism. Some of the most popular careers for this kind include counselor, veterinarian school psychologist and nurse.

2w3 : The 2w3 type is a Two which shares many of the traits as the Type Three. They are more social and more ambitious in comparison to other types of Twos. They are generally adept at communicating and are focused on building strong connections. They are also self-critical and competitive like the Type Three. The most common careers for people with Type Three include entertainment, public relations customer service, and non-profit leadership.

The Achiever – Enneagram Type 3

Threes want achievement and admiration from others and are very self-conscious about their public image. Type Threes dread failing and being seen as unimportant by others.

The Enneagram Type 3 is often called the achiever. They are efficient and can achieve a lot. They are often actors, quarterbacks, or entrepreneurs. They are naturally confident and know that people look up to them. Unfortunately, their vanity and charm can make them vulnerable. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when dating a type three. If you are an Enneagram Type 3, you’ll probably feel that the only way to succeed is to be as impressive and successful as possible.

The Enneagram Type 3 has a passion for success. This drives them to excel in class and in their profession. While their drive may lead to a workaholic lifestyle, they often struggle with imposter syndrome. They can lose their sense of self when trying to perform for others. Instead, they need to step back and let others shine. This way, they can move past efficiency goals and become more effective for everyone. They also need to stop striving for their own success and instead learn how to be human in their daily lives.

Because they have such high levels of self-awareness, Enneagram Type 3s are often highly motivated. Their drive often leads them to excel in classes and professions. They also tend to be highly successful in leadership positions. They have a strong desire to help others develop and are excellent at motivating others. This is a positive trait that should be cherished and celebrated. If you’re a Type 3, you’ll enjoy being a leader.

Enneagram 3 Wings

3w2 :The 3w2 Type is a Three which is also similar to the Type Two in many ways. The Threes are outgoing and social and love work which helps other people. They love entertaining and excel at creating and keeping strong social connections. They excel in jobs like marketing and broadcasting, planning events entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

3w4 :The 3w4 Type is a three that shares many of the characteristics of The Type Four. This kind of person is more reserved, serious as well as focused on the work, rather than relationships and social interactions. Three-wing Fours are always striving to improve their personal lives and professional accomplishment. They are usually employed in fields such as marketing, law business, politics, and finance.

The Individualist – Enneagram Type 4

Fours desire to be distinctive and to have genuine feelings. Type Fours are fearful of being defective and are excessively focused on their differences from other individuals.

Enneagram Type 4 are often are fearful of not making a significant impact on the world. They may be hard workers who try to find their uniqueness and express themselves creatively. As a result, they are often unsuccessful at discovering their true personality, and may copy the characteristics of their friends.

Those who are Type Four are romantic, sensitive, creative, artistic, and passionate. They may even have a creative streak. These people may be moody or self-absorbed, and can be emotional and sensitive. They are not typically the type to talk to other people, but they are often very good at sitting with those who need it most. Although they can be emotionally intense and can make an excellent partner, this type of person can also become self-absorbed, moody, or depressed.

Individualists are extremely creative and passionate. They often create artwork and work with tangible or intangible materials. Their work often explores themes related to nature and themselves. They are very self-absorbed and prefer creation over consumption. In a relationship, they tend to have a deep understanding of others, and they may be interested in learning how to connect with others. This type of person can be helpful and supportive in a romantic or sexual relationship, but it’s also very good at communicating.

Enneagram 4 Wings

4w3 : Enneagram Type Four-wing Threes are Fours with many of the same characteristics as Type Threes. 4w3s are more driven and energetic than other Fours. They are driven to make an impact on the world and have a deep self-esteem. They are more social and conscious of their image than the other Fours. This type of career is popular in entertainment, broadcast journalism and photography.

4w5 : This type of Four shares many characteristics with Type Five. This type is more reserved, intellectual, or introspective than the other Fours. The 4w5s are able to comprehend the world and make an impact on it. They can appear detached and too focused on their own needs. Writing, literature, music and graphic design are some of the most popular 4w5 careers.

The Nine Enneagram Types FAQ

There are many questions that arise when evaluating your personality, and the Enneagram is no different. From what kind of work do you do to how you deal with relationships, the answers to all of these questions can help you understand your own personal style and goals. Fortunately, there are a number of guides and FAQs that can help you learn more about your Enneagram type.

The first question that most people have is “what do these types look like?” This question may seem very straightforward, but it can be confusing. There are nine types, and you can find out which one you are by taking an online Enneagram quiz. The results will tell you everything you need to know about yourself and how to be more successful. Taking the test is free, and it only takes a few minutes. Here are some more questions

Is there a rare Enneagram type?

An Enneagram Population Distribution study has revealed that Type 8: The Challenger is the most rare Enneagram. The Investigator (Type 5) is next, followed by the Helper (22). The Peacemaker (Type 9) is the most popular.

What’s the most common Enneagram type?

Type 9 is the most common Enneagram type.
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