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Otus, an online learning management platform (LMS), focuses on the use of student data to guide instruction. You can sign up via email, or on platforms such as Microsoft, Google, Clever, which makes it easy to get started. Although students can access their classes using a class code they will need an email address to sign-up.

Teachers can use one or more data points to create assessments or lessons (simple or advanced or rubric-based), which they can assign to students, groups, or individuals. To help give a better picture of student progress, teachers can flag students and create academic and behavioral data points. Although support is available through videos, screenshots and an extensive blog it can be difficult to navigate the vast amount of information available in order to find what you are looking for.

Otus has tons of content that can help ease the burden. Teachers can upload content or add to Google Drive. Or search for OpenEd resources using the OpenEd resource tool. Teachers can save the content they want on the Bookshelf so that it can be found quickly and used when needed. The ability to pull data from third-party websites can also be very useful in helping students identify their strengths and challenges.

Although the filters are useful for finding items, it will be difficult to create assessments that meet students’ needs. The design is not very appealing, so teachers should be prepared to experiment and learn from the many resources that are available.

what is Otus?

what is Otus?

Otus, an iOS and web-based app that offers everything a mobile classroom needs for students and teachers, is available for iOS and other devices. You can access assignments, polls and feedback in a simple and free app. Otus is a great app for 1:1 schools.

Otus is a productivity tool that can be used for teaching and learning. It was created exclusively for K-12. Otus includes portfolio, assessment and assignment, blog, communication and data, as well as classroom culture tools. It offers a collaborative learning platform that allows personalized learning, assessment and student engagement. Otus is a combination of three commonly used educator tools:

  • Data Management allows you to view and analyze imported third-party data alongside data created by Otus in the classroom.
  • Assessment Management is a method of creating and executing interactive dynamic assessments.
  • Classroom and Learning Management is a better way to differentiate and personalize learning for students.

The Otus Student Performance Platform is a combination of three types of systems: a learning management platform, a formative, summative assessment system and a data warehouse.

Otus includes many classroom management tools such as digital portfolios, seating charts and communication tools. Otus allows teachers, students and families to connect their technology on a single platform.

Otus for Teachers

Teachers rarely find a technology tool that offers as much as Otus. The site offers many options to manage grades, content and student data. Teachers may find the site overwhelming at first, but with some upfront investment they will find it valuable for managing instruction and pulling data points from third-party sources such as Khan Academy and PARCC.

Otus allows you to create standards-based assessments and get student feedback. You can also access detailed reports to help you disaggregate data to create more targeted assessments and practice skills. A class blog can be used to host topic discussions and improve writing skills. You can use the item bank to address certain skills and then assign an assessment to students you have identified.

Teachers can help students learn in a variety learning styles by allowing them to choose the format for their assignments. They can also encourage student ownership through collaboration with them to create digital portfolios. Although student-to-student collaboration is limited, there are many communication options for students, parents, and teachers.

Here is a video explaining more on how a teacher can use Otus


Every day, K-12 educators, students, parents, and educators deal with disconnected edtech solutions. Otus reduces the chaos by offering one platform that allows you to plan, teach, grade and analyze.

One login allows you to access all aspects of learning management, assessment and progress monitoring in one place. Otus allows school leaders to focus on student learning, and not technology.

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