PostImage Review – Is this free Image Hosting good?

PostImage was founded in 2004 and is an easy-to use image service. It is free for websites, auctions, message boards, and other sites that deal with images, mainly. Customers who don’t speak English well will find their website in several languages.
Customers do not have to register or log in to their account. They can simply submit their image. This mod, called Simple Image Upload, allows you to upload images directly from the posting page.

PostImage supports files up to 24Mb in size and 10kx10k pixels in resolution. Customers can upload files up to 48MB and 10kx10k pixels if they have a premium account. Maximum number of images that can simultaneously be uploaded is 1000. Customers can create an account to upload additional pictures. Customers can also upload as many photos as they wish. PostImage offers all the essential features that customers require to upload pictures, such as copy/paste, resize and drag & drop, copy/paste, and more.

What is PostImage?

What is PostImage? is a fast, easy to use a free image service provider. It provides free image upload and hosting integration for forums. Free picture hosting and photo sharing for websites and blogs. is better than its competitors because It has a speedy, professional, free screen capture tool, gives many options and is simple and user friendly. offers a free image hosting service that solves all your problems. This hosting service allows you to host images on your websites and blogs. allows you to host images and link them to your eBay product description, or any other shopping site that you may wish. The whole experience is better. Here are some pros and cons, along with the top features you’ll enjoy with services.

PostImage was founded in 2004 and is the leading platform for photo-sharing. It provides a forum for users to share their images and a way to upload them. These sites are an alternative to TinyPic. They offer the same core services, but with additional tools and features. You can upload images quickly and share them using a URL.

You will first need to create an account. After you have successfully logged in, your images can be uploaded. This is a great option for people who wish to save their photos online. You can also upload videos and GIFs to make your experience even better.

The site’s interface is quite impressive. The site allows you to upload large files and lets you drag and drop images. PostImage offers core features like maximum uptime, premium and free accounts, unlimited friend sharing, and more.

PostImage Features

It is one the most popular image uploading websites. Its main objectives are to make it easy to share images on social media, blogs, forums, and other platforms. It offers free image uploads and hosting integration for forums. It offers free photo hosting and photo sharing on blogs and websites. It is the best and most reliable image hosting site. It is resistant to changes in graphics and design.

This website has many great features. This website has many great features. It allows you to upload photos automatically and also offers file sharing. It can import images and is lightweight. There is also a multi-account support system. It does not require registration. This website also offers photo sharing and screenshot tools. offers unparalleled features. To top it all, you don’t have to pay for any of them. You can also choose to upgrade to the premium membership, which will give you additional features.

Sign up on the website to get started. You will get the following features if you choose to host your images on’s key features make it more enjoyable to review images.

  • Quick image sharing
  • Multiple images can be uploaded simultaneously.
  • Use the context menu to upload images
  • This is the fastest way to take a customized screenshot.
  • Hotkeys globally to instantly activate screen capturing

Here are some of the highlights that make this review even more fascinating.

Size limit

You get an amazing limit, even with a free account. The free account is limited to 24Mb in size and 10k*10k pixels per picture.

If you choose to upgrade to the higher account, the limit can be increased to 48Mb, with a 10k*10k pixel limit for the images.

Limitation on Batch’s clump limit is another cool feature you’ll love. allows you to transfer up 1000 images per batch simultaneously.

This saves you the hassle of physically transferring all of your photos.

You will still have the opportunity to pick all the photos once and have them transferred without any problems.

Images Count

Pictures tally are the coolest part of everything. There is no limit to that.

You can be sure that you will never run out of space. As long as you comply with all agreements, you can upload a lot of photos to for the best picture facilitation.

Website plugin has a plugin that facilitates the facilitation experience for those who aren’t comfortable with coding or who prefer not to manage the connections.

The plugin works with most sites. Every site that is available will want to use the plugin to take the facilitated photos.

Windows App

This is the final piece, and you will also be able to participate in their Windows application.

This application will ensure you have a better way to manage all the highlights and the whole picture.

The windows application for can be downloaded from the Windows Store. It is simple to download and provides a superior interface that includes all of the image facilitating.

PostImage Alternatives

PostImage Alternatives

Not happy with PostImage? There are alternatives that are equally good and mostly free. Here are 7 alternatives of PostImage you can use.

1. BlueMelon – PostImage Alternatives

BlueMelon, a premium web-based photo sharing platform, offers storage and online sale of images. You can access it anywhere in the world by using drag-and-drop functionality. BlueMelon offers all-in-one solutions that allow you to access high-quality, large-sized photos.

This site allows you to create backups, share images and sell your photos or videos. You can upload photos and videos to your albums. It is far more powerful than other similar platforms and has new privacy and security features like safe photo hosting, integrated Watermarking and access control tools, and privacy modes.

2. PiXhost

PiXhost, a web-based image hosting platform, allows you to upload, search, and share images with other users around the globe. You can access it anywhere in the world, and it is completely free. This site is an alternative to TinyPic. It offers all the essential services, but with new features. This site allows you to search for and download high-quality images free of charge.

You can find images from a variety of categories on this website, including Nature, Car, Video Games and many others. You can easily access each category’s photos without limitations. You will need to create an account and set a password. Once you have successfully logged in, you can upload your photos and share it privately or publicly.

3. Image Hosting Biz

Everybody can use this free image sharing site. Image Hosting Biz allows you drag and drop your photos anywhere you like, and then uploads them. It was designed by a team of artists for anyone who wants to be able to access their images from any device, at any time, and on any device.

You can also upload HTML thumbnails and programming codes for free. You will first need to create an account. This will include an email address, a name, and a password. You can upload unlimited images, videos and other documents after logging in. It also lets you share your URL with other users to share their stuff, which is different from others.

4. ThumbSnap

ThumbSnap allows you to easily share photos with loved ones. You can also post photos to web journals, groups, messages, websites, barters, and long-range interpersonal communication sites.

ThumbSnap doesn’t require registration. You can transfer and go! Alternativly, you can sign in using a Twitter account to transfer multiple photos on the double or monitor previously moved images.

5., a brand new service, is known for its free fast image hosting platform. It’s a powerful upload, discover, share, and sharing solution that allows you to share your images with others. This platform allows you to upload multiple photos quickly from your desktop and create short links for easy sharing. offers a simple dashboard that allows you to quickly access your images. You can quickly find your image using the search box. You can also share images from the list. Click on the sharing button and copy and paste the links you like. This site allows you to post images directly on Facebook, Twitter, or any other major platforms.

6. allows you to upload unlimited photos, store them, and then share them with others. It is an alternative to TinyPic. It offers all the core services, but with new tools and features.

You can also transfer documents, including photos, videos, music and information, in one click. The records are automatically perceived and an editable review for each one is displayed. There are also connections to share it anywhere – message sheets, on Facebook, Twitter and in emails.

7. PicturePush

PicturePush allows you to transfer your entire collection in the best quality possible. No need to worry about who will see it later. We offer several apparatuses that allow you to transfer large quantities of photos.

You can easily peruse large collections of photos without having to paging. Online photo editing is possible. Photos can be trimmed and turned around. There are no restrictions on space or transmission capacity. PicturePush allows you to choose who to share your photographs.

Best FREE Image Hosting Sites

Image hosting tools allow you to upload and easily host your images on the internet. These features are available free of charge on most image hosting platforms. Many image hosting platforms offer the same features, such as unlimited upload and sharing across multiple platforms, complete privacy control, image editing and enhancements, and full control over privacy.

You can upload images to this platform. Once the images have been uploaded, they are “hosted” and can be accessed online. The images are yours to keep. You can organize them in one place, and share them with anyone.

This specialized platform allows you to deliver images to worldwide audiences. You can use advanced features such as the content distribution network ( CDN) which speeds up image loading. They also offer large bandwidth for images to be distributed online without having to limit their services like photo-sharing sites do.

It’s ideal for photographers, graphic designers, wallpaper artists, artists, and modelers, and gives them a boost in their work.

Here are some FREE Image Hosting Sites you can start using today!!

UltraIMG : It’s a free service for image hosting. UltraIMG is the best platform for sharing images with friends and uploading them. UltraIMG’s intuitive features include the ability to hot link, simple interface, unlimited storage space, creation of image albums and galleries, listing contents, creating a unique username, support in various languages, sharing on nearly all social media platforms, and more. You can also check out the many ad-on options available to Ultraimg online.

imgChili : It’s one of the most popular and affordable image hosting services. imgChili allows you to upload images and photos, classify them, share them with your friends, and even make some money! It is not the only option. ImgChili is one of the best. It has many great features. It can also be searched online. It’s easy to make a lot of money just by uploading your photo. You can upload adult images and they will pay traffic from around the globe.

Imgur : This is a simple and free image hosting service that also includes an image editing function. Registration is not required. Uploading non-animated files is limited to 20MB. Non-animated images are subject to lossless compression, which reduces file size and preserves quality. For animated images (like GIFs), and video, the maximum file size is 200MB. Uploads of video cannot exceed 60 seconds. GIFs and videos larger than 2MB will be converted into GIFVs. The sound will then be removed. GIFV will convert large GIFs to GIFV. This reduces file size and maintains high quality. Perfect for our GIF Makers. Upload limits are 50 images per hour.

Buddy Image : Buddy image is an image host site that was named after a cat. It offers unlimited storage and can store up to 8mb of images per user. Users can also organize their photos and GIFs into albums, public or private. Buddy image offers various codes (HTML and BB Codes, markdown, direct links) that can be used on your blog or e-bay store. Video is not supported. The site does not have an ad fee and is currently free of ads. Buddy images offer many great features. Online, you can search for ads-on features for the buddy image. Buddy Image offers more than just image hosting.

Cubeupload : It is an image sharing site that does not compress or alter your images. It is free to use, and was created by three UK developers. Although there are many options, Cubeupload is the best. This is the best thing about Cubeupload. It doesn’t alter your image. Sign in with your email id to get started. The best part is that images are not lost. All images are saved to the image area. You can shorten the image by using these links. You can easily keep your file names.

Mger : This is one of the most popular free hosting and image upload services you’ll ever find. You can find the best images online and upload your own photos today. Upload as many images you like. This is a completely free service. You images are safe. This is also very safe to use. You can find many more features in MGER online. You can also visit the website online to learn more. MGER offers more than image uploading and hosting.

PostImage FAQ

What is Postimage?, is na image hosting service that is free to use, allows you to take snapshots of your whole desktop or a part of it.

Is PostImage free? is free to use and got many options even in its free account. 

Is Postimg safe?

PostImage is safe. However because it’s free the issue of quality and security comes to place. If you are concerned about privacy and security of your image, you are better of using a premium services like SmugMug