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Quizalize is a quiz-game website for classrooms, is similar to KahootQuizlet and Quizizz. You can create quizzes that have multiple- or two-choice questions or single-word answers presented as word scrambles. The quiz can be accessed online by students using a class code. They will then see the entire quiz on their screen. Teachers can see the progress of each student towards the score goal and can display it to their class.

Teachers can connect to Google Classroom via ZZish. This serves as the dashboard/tracking platform for student data. If teachers wish to monitor progress, students can log in with their G Suite for education account or play a quick game by using the class code. There are a variety of premade quizzes available, some free and some that cost money. Teachers can also share quizzes they have created for free or for a fee.

Students see their score and the time taken to answer each question. They also have a list with all the questions and their answers. Correct answers are listed. Teachers can see a quick overview of which students are strong and which ones need assistance. An optional premium upgrade adds long-term tracking of student progress. Teachers and students can only access five quizzes worth of data without this upgrade.

What is Quizalize?

Quizalize, a web-based and mobile-based classroom app that differentiates teaching styles, is the most popular. This platform is ideal for teachers who want to make learning fun.

This app turns boring tests into fun games for classroom teams and lets teachers see who is in need of help. It has over 2 million users worldwide who use it to improve their knowledge and have fun doing so.

Quizalize is simple to use. You can choose from over 120K premade quizzes. You can create your own quizzes and play with other teams to motivate students to correctly answer.

Quizalize allows you to get feedback from students and determine where to focus your efforts. The vast array of learning tools it offers makes it even more impressive and superior than other apps. Quizalize is a great classroom app.

Quizalize allows teachers to create quizzes, worksheets and videos for their students. It is a digital learning environment that’s just as real-time as a classroom.

Assignments are open for multiple attempts, and may be made available for a specific time. Each class has its own Gradebook. Quiz questions can be linked to a curriculum to provide data for Mastery Dashboards that track long-term mastery learning. You can also assign quizzes with differentiated follow-up activities.

A complete lesson plan can be digitalized and given to students for them to complete in the shortest time possible.

What Makes Quizalize Different?

Quizalize is a leading web-based and mobile-based classroom application that delivers the best and easiest way to differentiates your teaching.

There are many classroom game show websites, but Quizalize is unique because of the data. While students take the quiz, teachers can see who is struggling and see detailed information about how each student answered each question. Teachers can create the quiz by adding categories and answer explanations. This will make data analysis easier and more meaningful.

Like Kahoot! scores, they are determined by how fast students answer questions. Therefore, the highest earner might not have the correct answers. You can browse pre-made quizzes by content area or standard (for Common Core states and most other states).

How to use Quizalize

Quizalize is not limited to summative assessments. It can be used as a pre-assessment tool to determine which students require enrichment or intervention. Use it to assess understanding and to determine how to proceed in lessons or units. For instructional purposes, hide student identifiers.

Set up surveys to collect student opinions and self-reflection. Students can also create questions for their classmates to add to a quiz.

Quizalize Alternatives

Quizzes can help students understand how they’re doing. Teachers can easily identify students who need help with a specific skill or topic via post-quiz reports and that where Quizalize comes in. Not just that, Quizalize features a video tutorial, a printable teacher guide, demo quizzes, and real-time chat support help teachers get going.

Teachers can add question explanations to give standardized feedback to students.

So do you still need an alternative? Well, maybe yes. Here are someQuizalize alternatives.

1. Padlet

Padlet is an education app that you can use for free. It allows you to create a blank page, then add whatever you want. You can upload videos, take photos, create text posts, record interviews and upload documents. Your Padlet will come alive!

Teachers, students, professionals, and individuals of all ages use the application because it’s the easiest way to collaborate wherever you may be. You can also use it as a learning tool that lets you create quizzes with your friends all over the globe.

It includes core features like support any file, share accounts, add multiple widgets and create playlists. Padlet app is an easy-to-use mobile application that millions of people around the globe can use to create a biography and collaborative notes, resumes, lookbooks, and inspiration boards.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet, a web- and game-based learning application, allows students to access information through fun learning tools and games. It’s the easiest way to learn and practice what you’re learning.

Similar to Kahoot it allows you create flashcards, study sets and can also be accessed by millions of other students from around the globe. You can access it from anywhere, anytime in the world, with more than 30,000,000 users.

There are many tools in the application that can enhance your learning experience, including audio and image. Each game is unique and each one can earn points.

3. Gimkit

Gimkit is a game program that features quizzes. It requires knowledge, collaboration and strategy to win. Teachers can use the platform to keep students engaged via remote learning. Teachers can also grade assignments and save them to the directory. They can also create content in minutes.

Users can create a quiz competition and students can answer questions from their own place. The app allows users to earn points that can be used to unlock new rounds or buy additional rounds with real money.

Gimkit automatically generates reports after each game. These reports contain all details for teachers about what their class needs. To be more specific, teachers can see individual student reports. You can use the app to create homework assignments. Students can also collaborate with each other and build their own assignments through the collaboration feature.

4. Kahoot

Kahoot, a game-based learning platform, uses educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. This app allows you to create quizzes and share them with your friends around the globe.

Kahoot unlocks the magic of learning, for teachers, students, trivia lovers, and lifelong learners. This application is great for student projects, and it can be used to surprise friends at parties.

This quiz app has many great features. You can find quizzes on any topic among the millions of games it offers. You can play with friends or on your own for fun competitions. Teachers can now assign homework as quizzes instead of writing them. This will save teachers time and help track student progress. The core features of Kahoot are what make it stand out from the rest.

5. Socrative

Socrative is an intuitively-used classroom app that allows for quick assessments and effective engagement. It’s a great learning app that is both for students and teachers. It has a wide range of tools that will make your work easier and more efficient.

Students can use Socrative to share their knowledge by answering formative assessment questions. These can be in the form of exit tickets, quick polls, quizzes and space races. The platform has multiple categories and each one has its own games and quizzes.

You will need to install the app on your mobile device and create a profile. Once you have created a profile, you can start using all of its features. Socrative has core features like multiple-choice questions and a variety games. It also allows you to create your own puzzles. You can access Socrative on Android, iOS and Web platforms.

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