What is Voomly? 2023 Voomly Cloud Reviews

Perhaps you are an expert in digital marketing, cartoon characters drawing, or training stubborn dogs. Voomly is the perfect platform for you to share your expertise with others. Voomly’s intuitive interface makes it easy to add modules, videos lessons, and additional materials to your course. Voomly has a better user experience than any other platform, with larger video dimensions and easier navigation.

Expect your students to be impressed. Voomly’s template allows you to quickly create a professional, well-designed sales page to help you market your course to potential students. Voomly makes it easy to receive payments in multiple currencies from students anywhere on the planet. Voomly is a platform that allows you to create paid or free classes. It’s the ideal solution for marketers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and teachers.

After the pandemic, the learning system has completely changed. Before the pandemic, everyone used the internet to learn new things and take online classes. Now, the entire education system has been shifted online after the lockdown. This has led to a rapid increase in the number of users. Smart people have used this time to find new information over the internet, rather than using social media or making videos.

Even schools and colleges started offering online classes and began giving assignments online. Everything is now accessible online and easy to do. Many platforms offer great online courses that also give you certificates upon completion. The real question is: Is it worth creating an internet course for your audience? Is it possible to create an online course for your audience and begin their digital journey?

Yes. It’s totally worth it to make online courses. Right now is the best time for online courses. We all prefer to learn online, as we all know. Online courses can be a great way to share your expertise and help others succeed. This is a proven and genuine way to earn money online from your couch.

An online course is a great way to share your knowledge and make an impact. People can learn from your experiences and share their struggles. This will help them achieve better lives. Online courses allow you to reach a wider audience worldwide through the use of the internet.

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Voomly Cloud Review

Voomly is a video hosting and marketing platform that offers a range of features designed to help users create, host, and promote their videos. By simply swapping out your video player, Voomly enables you to turn any video into a marketing funnel that can capture customer emails, identify their preferences, and sell products to them.

Key Features of Voomly:

  1. Affordable and high-quality video hosting
  2. Faster load times for your videos
  3. ‘Invisible’ Video Squeeze Player to capture customer emails
  4. ‘Silent Salesman’ Video Funnel for custom viewer journeys
  5. Interactive Video Closer for personalized engagement
  6. Advanced analytics to track video performance
  7. Custom branding options for your video player
  8. Video timestamps and chapters for easy navigation

Voomly also offers a bundle of video creation software when you join their cloud plan, including Doodly, Toonly, Pyks, People Builder, and Talkia.

You can try Voomly for free and, if not satisfied within 30 days, get a 100% refund. Voomly is integrated with various platforms, such as ClickFunnels, and has received 5-star ratings from over 3,000 users.

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What Voomly offers for your Business

Voomly offers you everything you need to run a teaching business/ online courses. It helps you create amazing courses online you can use to collect payments, help coaching clients, educate students, generate new leads, establish industry authority and above all, make money online. So what more does Voomly offer?

Professional Sales Page

A professional sales page can help you attract students. Create a stunning sales page for your course to convert prospects into paying students.

  • No programming required. Voomly Pages makes it easy to get your sales page up-and-running–FAST!–with its intuitive, customizable template.
  • You have complete control over the appearance of your sales page’s layout, headline and font.
  • Your sales page will render correctly on any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop anywhere in the world.

Create/Sell Your Online Courses

Everything you need to start and run a teaching business. You are an expert in something, whether it’s digital marketing, cartoon character design, or training stubborn dogs. Voomly is the perfect place to learn about your expertise, no matter what it may be.

Voomly allows you to create incredible online courses that you can use to:

  • Collect Payments
  • Educate students
  • Establish Industry Authority
  • Coaching clients
  • Generate New Leads

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos can make your lessons more engaging. Voomly makes interactivity easy so that students find your course more engaging, valuable, and enjoyable.

  • Voomly allows you to quickly create interactive videos. You can then teach a subject and have students test their understanding–right in your video!
  • You can make your video lessons more enjoyable by adding text or images annotations to them.
  • Students can add chapters to longer videos so they can jump right to the content that interests them.

Video Marketing Tools

Voomly’s powerful video marketing tools can help you find new students. Voomly makes it simple to capture leads and drive traffic to your industry. It also allows you to increase course sales with super-effective methods that were previously only available to marketing professionals.

  • Include an email opt-in in your marketing videos or online tutorials to collect the email addresses of potential students. This will allow you to target them with email campaigns promoting your course.
  • Place a call-to-action button in your marketing videos to drive traffic to your course sales pages. This will allow you convert more students into paying customers!
  • To increase your video views and your industry expertise, ask viewers to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Customizable Sales Videos

Promoting your course with super-effective sales videos Voomly is more than just a platform for course lessons. Voomly is more than just a platform for hosting course lessons. It also makes it easy to upload videos advertising your course.

  • Research shows that customized thumbnails and border skins can increase your video sales by up to 4X.
  • Add a clickable logo to your video player to increase website traffic. This will allow anyone who is watching your videos to easily learn more about your course.
  • Promot a professional image with video players that “travel”, so that your videos can be shared on social media in a player that features your logo and colors.
  • You can hide or display controls such as the play bar, volume, speed and time. This allows you to customize your player to meet your marketing goals.

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Voomly Pricing & Upgrades

Voomly Standard

The Standard plan is priced at $67 per month and comes with the following features.

  • Upto 250 students with option to add more as needed
  • Create Unlimited Courses
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 20 Customized Video Player
  • Instant PAyouts
  • Sales Video Hosting
  • Zero Voomly Transaction Fees
  • Course Page Creation
  • Stripe & paypal integrations
  • Desktop mobile Compatibility
  • Coupon codes
  • Video Funnel(1 interactive Video Funnels)
  • 24*7 Customer services

Voomly Enterprise

The Enterprise plan is priced at $164 per month and comes with the following features.

  • Upto 500 students with option to add more as needed
  • Create Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited customized players
  • Instant payouts
  • Sales video hosting
  • Zero Voomly Transaction Fees
  • Course page Creation
  • Stripe & Paypal integrations
  • Desktop & mobile Responsive
  • Coupon Codes
  • Custom Domain Support
  • Unlimited Video Funnels
  • Collect email Addresses
  • Share Gates
  • Video Heatmaps Graphs
  • Video Engagement Graphs
  • 24*7 Customer support
  • Live Chat

15 Voomly Alternatives

While Voomly is an excellent platform to create and sell your course online, it might not have some of the features your business needs. Here are 13 Voomly alternatives you can consider using.

1. LearnPress

LearnPress a WordPress LMS Plugin is similar to WordPress Moodle or Moodle for WordPress if you are familiar with Moodle. This plugin is a top-rated WordPress LMS plugin. This plugin can be used to create courses and sell them online. You can create each course with lessons and quizzes. It’s easy to use and great for people who are lazy. LearnPress LMS, the most popular WordPress Learning Management System, is available. It makes it easy to create, market and sell online courses.

2. Everlesson

It has never been easier to create engaging, high-quality courses that help you reach more people or increase your profit. EverLesson has been used by more than 7,000+ instructors to share the passions of their students. EverLesson’s 3-step process will have you up-and-running in no time. You can easily create a beautiful and easy-to-use course in just a few simple steps. Your students will love it. You will be taught simple goals to encourage engagement and success. It is easy to create a course that you want to teach, whether it be monthly, one-time, or standard. We make it easy! Your students should have multiple communication channels with you. EverLesson is a great tool to help you. Anyone who has something to offer the world has a solution. We offer instructors in nearly every market and niche you can think of.

3. Click 4 Course

Click 4 Course makes it easy to offer and track online courses. You can upload content (PDF, video and PowerPoint), then add interaction via surveys or tests. Your learners can receive automatic emails and custom certificates of completion. Our goal is to provide the most essential features our customers need, with minimal clutter. All plans include all features. We offer a company-branded website which can be accessed from any device, mobile or browser. Our Stripe and PayPal integrations make it easy to charge your courses. All customers get free telephone and email support Sign up to receive a free 14-day trial

4. Thinkific

Thinkific’s all-in-one platform makes it simple to share your knowledge and grow your business. You can rest assured that no matter how many students your are teaching, you will have the best technology available and the best support. Drag and drop builders make it simple to upload videos, create quizzes and organize all of your learning content. You can create an engaging learning environment for students by setting pricing, scheduling lessons, and automating your content. You can showcase your courses on a fully customizable website. This will increase sales. Our themes can be easily customized to fit your brand style. You can also connect your courses to an existing site to create a seamless brand experience.

5. UbiCast

UbiCast is Europe’s leading provider of interactive video learning recording and broadcasting solutions. It is also a global leader. UbiCast customers train, teach and communicate via video. UbiCast’s experience and customer feedback led to the creation of MediaServer, a customizable video platform that records and stores videos, streams them, and streams them. Smart and interactive social learning tools allow clients to interact with their audience via video. Access to your course materials can offer students unique learning opportunities. You can add OCR, speech to text features, slide detection, speech to text features and slide detection. It is accessible from anywhere and anytime they wish. Smart indexation will allow students to view your content at their own pace using search terms and pinpoint points of interest. You can see how your content grows over time in our interactive UbiCast player video.

6. Udemy

Your business should be personal, not mass-produced. This will allow you to have more meaningful and personal Online courses can be created and you can make money teaching people around the globe. You earn money every time a student buys your course. You have the option to be paid monthly through PayPal or Payoneer. You can share your knowledge to help others learn new skills or advance their careers. You can get help from our active community of instructors to create your course.

Udemy for Business: Virtual training for your employees. Remote workers can access the training they need, whenever they need it. To help your employees succeed, learn online from experts in technology, business, wellness, etc. Each person’s learning path will differ. Create relevant and effective learning paths to achieve the results that you want. We can help you unlock the knowledge within your company.

7. MemberVault

Your business should be personal, not mass-produced. This will allow you to have more meaningful and personal conversations with your customers. You can create a supportive buying atmosphere that allows purchases to start as soon as day 1. Join a passionate group of entrepreneurs who are changing the way people sell online. Your audience will appreciate you sharing the best content, and they will purchase your paid offers (from memberships, courses to 1:1 services and ebooks) when you are available. This is your deconstructed funnel. Your audience can see all options right away and you can track their interest. Your funnel doesn’t need to wait for email 3. They should buy right away. Gamification allows you to create a challenge, or an evergreen course.

8. Uscreen

Uscreen is a Washington D.C.-based video monetization SaaS company that allows content creators to safely distribute their content online and make money through over-the-top (OTT) devices. Our platform is used by over 5000 people from all industries. It’s easy to make money with our turn-key solution. This and much more without needing any programming skills.

The most widely used video monetization platform in the world. It’s never been easier to distribute and monetize video. With any of the Uscreen themes and templates, you can easily launch your video-on-demand service. You can customize our themes. No coding required.

9. Screencastify

Screencasting is open to everyone. Screencastify is used daily by over 12 million people worldwide to record, edit, and share videos. The results will amaze you! It’s easy! Screencastify is so simple to use, you will be able to master it within minutes. Say goodbye to expensive software. Screencastify can be installed as a Chrome extension in your browser. Hooray! Are you ready to share? There are many ways to share your videos.
Made for you. Screencastify is simple for anyone. You don’t need any experience.
Teachers: Increase one-to-one interactions with students and save time by adding video to your classroom.
Students – Create interactive videos that make students’ voices and ideas clear.
Business professionals – Forget email. Video communication can be a great way for you to communicate more effectively with your audience.

10. Teachery

Online courses can be easily created and sold for no fees. We believe everyone can teach a course. We aim to make it easy to create courses. No programming knowledge is required and no software to install. Online courses can be created in minutes. There are no fees with us! You can pay your plan monthly or annually. Annual plans will save you 20 %!).). Your course will be a success and we won’t make you pay more. Teachery won’t tell a baby that they can make an online course. Because babies don’t have credit cards, they can’t pay us. We made course creation easy by sending an email to Gmail. You can create as many courses you want. Your courses can have as many Landing Pages and Payment Pages as you like. You can have as many students in your course as you like! Being awesome is not a cost. Never.

11. Kajabi

Let what you already know work for your benefit. Kajabi doesn’t add to your tech tools. It works in place of them. One dashboard allows you to access all your online courses, websites, and marketing analytics. Only you need to be there. Subscriptions, courses and digital products can be integrated. In minutes, you can take your ideas and turn them into high-quality products. You can customize pricing, delivery, packaging. Next, you can either use our templates or make your own. Upload your content. Kajabi’s website connects all aspects to your business. Everything works seamlessly together, including marketing, products, content, and all other aspects, so you can focus on your business instead of tech. It’s easy and seamless to integrate Stripe or PayPal with Stripe. This makes it faster to get paid. Kajabi is able to do everything, from 1-click upsells to recurring payments to one-time trial payment plans to recurring payments.

12. Ruzuku

All you need to inspire and connect your audience, make a difference in the world and create inspirational content. Ruzuku is much more than just a teaching tool. You are joining a team. You’re joining a team that is passionate about creating great course platforms. This allows you to concentrate on creating engaging content and promoting your course. We are available to answer your questions about technology. Your students can ask any questions they may have. Even if you cannot log in to your course, we can help. You will be joining a team that will help you make the world a better destination. You are also part of a supportive community that will cheer you on to your success. As your friendly front desk, we will answer all questions so you can focus on teaching and creating new courses. Our goal is to inspire a new generation independent, authentic teachers all over the world.

13. Memberium

With WordPress & Infusionsoft, it’s simple to create robust and automated membership websites. These CRM systems can be integrated with Memberium. This allows you run an automated membership or course. It also makes it possible to operate your membership independently. Memberium allows you to easily create an automated membership site, course or other type of membership. It’s easy to set up a membership website with Memberium. Your site can be as simple or complex as you want. You can create the simplest or most complex membership site. Memberium makes it easy to transform your WordPress website into the perfect solution for your company.

14. Podia

Turn your passion into income. Online courses, webinars, and downloads can all be sold without the need for technical support. Podia’s online course platform has all you need. It comes in a stunning package and is backed by outstanding customer support. Host unlimited files (including video! Upsells, quizzes and drip content can be offered. You can sell digital downloads of any type, including eBooks, audio books, PDF’s cheat sheet, checklists, as well as audio files, video files, text and audio files. You can upload your file to sell it or give away the lead magnet. There are many membership levels that you can create with different benefits and products. You have the option to make certain posts only visible to members of a particular membership plan or to make them public for everyone. Host webinars for your audience. To grow your email list, you can either sell or give away your webinars. They can be scheduled in advance and delivered live.

15. Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice is the best WordPress course-building platform on the market. It also offers a complete online business toolkit. This course is designed for people who are just like you and want to create a profitable online business through their expertise and knowledge. Anyone can afford it if they are willing to work hard and build an online business. Thrive Apprentice removes all technical hurdles, so you can concentrate on creating your courses. WordPress allows you to create an online course platform with 100% ownership and control. Thrive Apprentice is designed to ensure that you have complete control over your courses and not make them subject to censorship. Imagine that you have several courses that visitors are able to purchase. Thrive Apprentice lets you display dynamic labels for each course depending on the visitor’s current course status.


While Voomly is a new kid in the block, it offers you all you need to create and sell your online courses, collect payment, manage customers and generate new leads. The alternatives are equally good and it comes down to matter of preference and what your business really needs. We however recommend LearnWorld as an alternative to Voomly.

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