Schedulefly – Review, Pricing, Should you use it

Schedulefly, a cloud-based scheduling tool for hospitality businesses, is especially designed for restaurants. It facilitates communication between employees and allows for smooth operations. This solution can be accessed via mobile phone or computer.

You can easily inform your staff about shift changes and online trades by sending them messages or emails. Users can upload files to Schedulefly and share them with their staff as needed.

Schedulefly allows users to manage their labor costs and scheduled hours. Schedulefly allows users to organize their staff by keeping track of all contact information. Executives can record time-off requests which they can accept or reject at their leisure. It provides a clear view on the resources available for each day, making it easy to manage tasks.

What is Schedulefly?


Schedulefly, a web-based software platform that allows restaurant owners and staff to schedule and communicate with each other, is available online. It is designed to meet the communication and business needs of restaurants, and provide speed, ease and simplicity for their users.

It can be used to create staff schedules anywhere. You can quickly send a schedule to everyone with just one click via email or text message. Anyone can make any schedule changes and they are all informed. Software also gives staff information, including complete names, numbers, and emails.

Schedulefly has a file sharing system that allows you to upload and share important training materials, menus, and photos with your team. You can also track who has downloaded your documents.

It is simple, but provides a complete solution when compared to other similar platforms. The most notable features include job post, fly sheets, daily crib sheet reminders, mobile access, multi unit dashboard, staff directory, and fly notes. Schedulefly is an excellent restaurant employee scheduling tool.

Features ofSchedulefly

Schedulefly allows you to manage the schedules of your employees and communicate directly with your restaurant staff. Schedulefly offers many unique features such as:

Centralized cloud-based platform

  • Schedulefly’s platform makes it easy to share your daily schedules online or by text message with employees.
  • You will also be kept informed by the platform about important information such as shift changes and important notes.

Clear overview of all expenses

  • Schedulefly gives you an accurate summary of labor cost that is constantly updated and allows you to see labor costs as percentage of your overall sales forecast.

Transparent database of past and current employees

  • A useful feature is the database of employees. It allows you to quickly refer to employees.

You can share files and documents with your employees

  • You can easily share files and documents with staff members because our platform is regularly backed up.

Enhance everyday communication

  • Schedulefly makes it easy to communicate with the management team using Fly Notes.

Streamline your hiring process

  • Schedulefly lets you know when someone applies to work in your restaurant. It also allows you to track new resumes.

Schedulefly Pricing

Schedulefly is an affordable option for small and medium-sized businesses. It costs $30 per month for fewer than 19 employees. Schedulefly can also be used by larger restaurants with more than 19 employees.

Schedulefly’s multi-unit dashboard keeps managers informed about the schedules of all their restaurants. Schedulefly can be customised to allow managers to design a scheduling system that suits any restaurant size.

Schedulefly Alternatives

Schedulefly, a cloud-based restaurant management program, allows restaurant managers to create and edit schedules, store them in templates, and communicate with employees.

Schedulefly, which is cloud-based, can be accessed via mobile and computer. This allows staff to communicate changes to their schedules at any time. The interface is clutter-free, making it easy to track schedules, trade shifts, view time off, and much more. Managers can also get a daily crib sheet that details their entire working day.

Schedulefly also allows for easy communication between employees and managers. Managers can send their employees schedules via email or text with one click. Facebook-like message boards can also be created, which can serve as a platform for sharing business updates and team building exercises.

Additional solutions can be used by managers to make it easier for them to manage a restaurant. Schedulefly allows managers to view projected labor costs and use job listing tools for hiring new employees. They can also store documents like training manuals, send reminders to employees, and set reminders.

So are you looking for Schedulefly alternatives? Here are 5 alternatives you can use.

1. WebHR

WebHR (Human Resources Management) is an integrated software that helps businesses manage all aspects of their HR processes. It was specifically designed to support the entire employee journey, from hiring to retirement. It is used by over 16,000 companies around the world. It simplifies employee management and gives HR staff all the necessary tools to manage their HR processes efficiently and effectively.

The HR software also includes IT features that allow businesses to automate many HR processes. This reduces the burden on HR staff and allows them to be more productive and active in their respective areas. WebHR offers many features, such as a comprehensive recruitment solution, easy-to-use payroll tools, reporting, and more.

Software is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese. This makes it easy for international companies to adapt and integrate the software into their work flow and maximize its effectiveness. WebHR’s key features include an easy payroll, detailed reports, an online job portal and customizable data fields.

2. PeopleGoal

PeopleGoal enables businesses to manage their performance and goals.

This allows top managers to establish clear business goals and then measure employees’ performance against those goals. Employees can also use it to review their performance and identify what makes them stand apart from others.

PeopleGoal is an intuitive and simple solution. IT must manage the solution and provide a detailed guide detailing its features. This software offers the same services but with different tools and features.

3. Recruitee

Recruitee, a top collaborative hiring app, has an intuitive design that can streamline your hiring processes and help you manage your employees more efficiently. More than 600 companies use the software worldwide, and it is growing day by day.

It’s a quick and simple solution with a drag-and-drop interface that can be customized and brandable. You can quickly create pages specific to each job opening. Recruitee offers a collection of over 200 job descriptions templates that will save you time and money.

The software offers a wide range of tools and services, which are superior to other similar platforms. This allows you to easily create stunning career sites without any limitations.

4. OnPay

OnPay, a payroll software program that offers scalable programs for small to medium-sized businesses, is comprehensive. Cloud-based services are available that simplify payroll processes, automate tax filings and streamline payment workflows. Complete payroll information, including hours worked and bonuses, was easy.

You also have other responsibilities, such as the insurance and benefits for workers who are paid as you go. OnPay is the best-known and most cost-effective option in this niche. It takes care of unlimited payroll runs for W-2 employees as well as 1099 contract workers each month.

They will pay their employees by check or direct deposit. Direct credit is not offered to all employees. Only those who have applied for the features and passed the OnPay risk assessment can use them. The program optimizes the handling of payroll taxes by calculating your federal and state payroll taxes.

5. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a modern Human Resource Manager that can be used by small, medium and large companies. It’s one of the best HR solutions. It combines all the best practices for hiring and managing employees to create a system that allows you to make the most out of collaborative recruitment and employee management in a way you never thought possible.

It is easy to use and well-integrated. You can integrate it with your existing software infrastructure. These integrations provide a source of flawless effectiveness and many valuable features that are not available in other HR solutions. Breezy HR provides a complete solution for all your HR needs. It can help you advertise open positions, streamline employee communication, as well as automate human interaction. Breezy HR’s advanced calendar integrations make it easy to add new applicants. It also allows for resume parsing, which helps you skip long, boring forms.

It also allows you to post job openings on any premium job board and use scoreboards for performance measurement. You can also evaluate applicants. It’s mobile-friendly and keeps teams connected no matter where they are located. The core features include Email, Scheduling and Candidate Management.

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