Schedulicity – Review, Pricing, Alternatives

Schedulicity, a web-based appointment scheduling platform, allows businesses to connect with customers via a marketplace. This allows you to improve the visibility of your company by having your name displayed in search results. It even recognizes your multiple locations, so potential clients can see your branches from different areas.

Schedulicity allows you to book as many services as your service providers will allow. Schedulicity has real-time appointments as well as a calendar refresh feature. Customers can only schedule classes or services on free slots, so there is no double booking.

Schedulicity also offers a variety of marketing tools. Schedulicity allows you to reach your customers via email. The solution allows you to create site-specific promotions to increase bookings.

What is Schedulicity?

Schedulicity, an online appointment booking tool for service professionals and small businesses, is a great option. Schedulicity automates the process of booking appointments and provides easy solutions. Lawyers, music teachers, chiropractors and trainers can use Schedulicity.

Unlimited email marketing, SMS messaging, and other tools are available to users. Schedulicity makes it easy to schedule appointments and organize them by using powerful search, a client list, an online calendar, and web-based scheduling.

Large clickable graphics are used to represent various business categories. The solution allows you to create sub-categories that are specific to your industry.

Why You Should UseSchedulicity

Schedulicity, a cloud-based scheduling solution that is all-in-one, caters primarily to service- and class-based businesses. These solutions are primarily for businesses that need an appointment book in order to run efficiently and effectively.

These are the basic tools that you will find in most scheduling software products, including appointment or class scheduling, email marketing and SMS reminders.

Customers can visit Schedulicity to find the closest businesses and industries within their locality and get special offers. There are many industries that can be covered, including personal training and hairstylists.

Schedulicity, which is for businesses, allows them to reach customers via a marketplace. This makes them more visible and allows people to take advantage of their services.

It can be challenging for businesses that use appointment books to keep track of all customers and schedules manually. This can be due to many factors such as the fact that you have to manage multiple locations and branches under one business name.

Businesses must also distinguish between new and recurring customers in order to build stronger relationships with them through different marketing strategies.

Schedulicity eliminates double booking. Businesses don’t have to worry about losing money or resources due to a technical error. Customers have a variety of options when they need a particular service.

Features of Schedulicity


Schedulicity offers many core features that help businesses and organizations with scheduling and managing appointments. These features include:

Appointment scheduling

This feature allows you to book clients, edit appointments, and flag no-shows. This feature makes it easy to effectively manage your time and resources. You can edit your schedule quickly and easily so you don’t have to worry about double bookings. Instead, focus on maximising all of the slots in your calendar.

This feature works with a mobile application so you can double-check your calendar bookings. This feature also sends you SMS and email reminders, so that you don’t forget anything important.

Class management

The class management feature allows you to organize everything, including a day’s schedule or an email campaign. It also works for time spent before, during, and after classes. This feature allows you to send online waivers, manage workshop listings, and check attendance. Group bookings are another option that customers can use to invite their friends to join them for an appointment.


Businesses need to develop marketing strategies in order to attract more customers and keep them coming back. Schedulicity allows you to create customized packages, offer special promotions, and upgrade your social networks in order to convert customers into followers. Fill My Book and “Book Now” are also available to you.


SchedulicityPay is a software solution that integrates seamlessly with the software, giving access to industry-low rates. The prices start at 1.99%, which is quite affordable. Additionally, you can benefit from Next-Day or 2-Day funding, free EMV reader, priority support and free EMV card reader.

Customer support

Schedulicity support can be reached via phone, email, or by mail if you have any questions. You’ll be guided by an expert in your field, so live support is much better. You can also get help documentation and training to assist you with Schedulicity.

Schedulicity Benefits

Schedulicity offers users and organizations many benefits when they use the platform. These benefits include:

Comprehensive platform

Schedulicity offers a variety of powerful features that will allow you to book instantly, manage marketing campaigns, make seamless payments, and maximize exposure. Schedulicity offers all of these features in one platform. This makes scheduling and managing easier.

Marketing tools

The solution includes a variety of marketing tools as well as real-time appointment options that allow you to manage the services that your customers have booked. This solution allows you to maintain customer relationships and market to new audiences with appointment notifications and marketing tools.

Operation insights that are more accurate

This platform allows you to better monitor your operations. It can reduce double bookings and incorrect time slots. The platform gives businesses a complete view of their schedules, and gives them the ability to make changes as they wish.

Broader Business Visibility

Schedulicity is used by tourists and locals to find services in their area. You can reach more customers by registering your business on the platform. App visitors can search for services that match yours by searching your business name. This allows you to reach more people and potentially increase your revenue.

Real-time Calendar Refresh

Schedulicity automatically updates your appointment calendar when customers make bookings. This allows other people to only view slots that are still available. This will prevent double bookings and ensure that you don’t disappoint clients.

Client Reliability Monitoring

Schedulicity allows you to keep track of your most reliable and profitable clients. Schedulicity is particularly useful because you can see who is most likely keep their appointments. You can minimize the loss of profit due to no-shows.

Online Payment Gateway

Although Schedulicity doesn’t have its own payment gateway it does support Stripe. This allows you to ask clients for pre-payments for booked sessions. This will protect your business from cancellations or no-attendees.

Promotion Capping

Promotions are very popular and get a lot of responses. They can also cause businesses to lose money. Schedulicity allows you to limit the number of promotions that can be used by your clients. This allows you to limit the number or codes your clients can use.

Schedulicity Pricing

Schedulicity Pricing

Schedulicity’s pricing plans are straightforward and easy to understand. These services don’t come in a bundle. Instead, they are sold as separate packages. You can pick the service that you would like to add to your business because you are familiar with it.

Pricing also depends on how many providers are involved in the service. There are options for individuals, two to five people, six to ten people, and more than eleven people.

These are the pricing options:

Unlimited bookings

Businesses can book unlimited sessions for a monthly price starting at $20.00 Schedulicity does not limit the number of classes, workshops or appointments that can be booked. You can also get Schedulicity Pay at 1.99% for processing fees.

Client text reminders

This feature costs $5.00 per month and allows automated SMS text reminders that can be sent directly to customers. These messages can be sent up to three days before the appointment or one hour prior. You can reduce no-shows by reminding customers about their appointments.

Package management

It costs $5.00 per month. It is used to create and maintain session-based services packages. It is also possible to track and sell services through the checkout process or via the customer’s profile. You can also customize sessions, pricing, and other features.

Automated billing

Automated billing costs $5.00 per month. You can subscribe to packages that will automatically bill your clients. You can also set up custom billing cycles to improve cash flow predictability and increase your business’s cash flow.

Multiple locations

It can be challenging to manage multiple branches or locations within your business. For $5.00 per month, you can add multiple locations to one account. Clients can also choose the closest location to them which makes it easier for them to find the right business.

Automated Marketing

Automated marketing costs $25.00 per month and allows you to send automated emails and recommend services to clients. The analytics tool can provide deeper insight. This allows you to understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Square integration

You can integrate with Square for a very affordable price. It costs only $5.00 per month. However, processing fees are not included. These are used to collect payment collection, partial deposits, prepayments, and prepayments. You pay 2.6% and 10c per swipe, dip, or tap.

Stripe integration

Stripe is another online payment gateway that you can integrate. You’ll be charged 2.9% plus an additional 30c for each transaction you make with any card.

Schedulicity Alternatives

So not sure Schedulicity is for you? Why not try the demo version. This will allow you to get in touch with the inner workings and tools of the product, and help you determine if they meet your expectations. You can also try other Appointment Scheduling software services for free. Most competitors offer this kind of trial ride. You have a better chance of finding the Schedulicity alternative that is right for you. You can take advantage of the free trial to determine which product is the most value for your money. Here are some of the alternatives toSchedulicity


A leading collaboration and communication app that can be used on-site or remotely by both remote and on-site teams. The software allows users to create Boards using a variety of powerful columns. The software is flexible enough to allow teams to manage any type of project. To make it easier for users to adopt, the platform seamlessly integrates with third party apps.

2. allows businesses to automate their bookings and scheduling by using an online booking platform. Clients can book 24/7 via their mobile phones or desktop computers. Once a booking is made, clients receive confirmation notifications and email/ SMS reminders. Clients also have the ability to cancel any time they wish. Administrators will be able to take full control of the booking process and provide prompt and professional service for their clients with a completely redesigned Classes & Membership function.


When setting up a business, one of the most important factors to consider is whether it can reach your target audience. Schedulicity allows you to add your business into the existing market pool.

The platform not only makes you visible to your customers but also provides powerful marketing tools and features. You can effectively manage your business and avoid double bookings, while giving the appropriate teams greater insight into your daily operations.

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