Study Island – Is Study Island Right For Your Classroom?

What is Study Island?

Study Island is an online resource that supports mastery of state standards. It offers games, individualized practice, and assessment tools aligned with state standards. The website also includes progress monitoring and data analysis tools. Teachers can assign tests and monitor student progress with a click of a button. And the system allows teachers to upload their own tests to share with other teachers. It’s easy to create a class on Study Island. And students can customize their learning by adding their own questions and assessments.

What is Study Island?

Edmentum offers a free 10-day trial of its program. This trial period provides full access to the system, though you will have to enter your credit card information to sign up. You’ll be billed on a monthly or yearly basis. You can cancel at anytime via email. The company has good customer service, but there’s no automated cancellation option. This is the biggest drawback of Study Island. While it does offer a free trial, its costs are relatively high and the platform isn’t free.

The main benefit of Study Island is that it is completely customizable. Users can use the app anywhere with an Internet connection. This gives students the flexibility to review their progress and practice at any time. It also provides a teacher with a variety of tools to reinforce concepts. For example, teachers can use the “group sessions” feature to interact with multiple mobile devices. By administering questions to students, they can track their progress, review previous lessons, and give feedback to students.

Another major drawback of Study Island is that it is incredibly hard to customize. Its flexible structure makes it ideal for use in a classroom setting. For instance, a teacher can create a custom learning environment for students based on specific content. This helps students learn faster and more effectively. However, some students find it difficult to slow down, and this is where Study Island comes in. You can also choose how much time your students spend on the program by using the different modes.

In addition to the standard test, you can create custom tests with Study Island. These tests can be used at the end of a unit or in preparation for a state assessment. You can use the standard-based item bank or select custom items to create the test. You can analyze the results of your students and compare the results with the results of the state test. In addition, the platform allows you to track how your students are performing on specific topics.

Students can create their own tests and review their performance right away. These tests can be created using Study Island’s standard-based item bank, or you can create them using a custom list. They can be used to measure student progress toward a standard or a state assessment. The system is very easy to use, and the results are immediately accessible. You can even track students’ success by topic. In addition, Study Island lets you track how each student is doing.

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