Subiz Review – A Powerful Live Chat Software


The Subiz live chat software provides an interactive chat box that can be tailored to your website. This helps you engage with your visitors and increase customer satisfaction, conversions, and sales. You can view your website visitors on the dashboard and start a live chat with them right away. You can also customize your chat widget to match your website’s design. This allows your visitors to quickly get in touch with you and learn more about your company. Read on to learn more about this powerful tool.

Subiz enables you to manage your customer profiles efficiently. It can automatically connect your customers to an operator based on their feedback. You can even use their location and date and time data to personalize your customer service. The Subiz analytics tool provides you with insights on the effectiveness of your communication strategy. You can customize your own dashboard and customize your Subiz app to match your brand. Using this software is easy. All you need to do is install it on your website.

Subiz allows you to manage your customer profiles and personalize customer service. The application automatically connects your customers with operators who are familiar with their needs. Your operators can then customize their responses to meet their individual preferences. You can use the data collected to develop engaging applications and target specific demographics. This way, you can personalize the experience and make it more relevant to your customers. If you’re a small business, this is a great tool to implement.

Subiz enables your business to manage customer profiles effectively. If you have a large staff, you can use Subiz to assign different departments specific customer queries. For example, you can automatically assign technical issues and payment requests to an IT department or finance department. Agents can customize their responses and collect feedback. In addition, the data gathered through Subiz is stored in a secure database, which can be used for many purposes. This data can be analyzed for marketing, customer service, and more.

Subiz is a powerful live chat software that allows you to manage the entire customer experience. It asks customers for instant feedback and records complete conversations in its secure servers. You can easily integrate the Subiz live chat service on your website. The widget will appear at the bottom of your site, and visitors can click it to start a conversation. The company offers a 30-day free trial. More than 15,000 websites use this software. You can test it for yourself for 30 days with the demo version.

If you have a team of agents, you can easily manage their work through the Subiz live chat system. The platform provides automated chat system, real-time messaging, and customizable conversation bubble designs. You can analyze the various features and customize the interface according to your company’s image. You can assign tasks to individual employees or groups. You can create reports based on your customer satisfaction or engagement. You can also send emails to your clients from their own personal accounts.

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