The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review

Whether you know it or not, you are an expert at something, and someone somewhere is willing to pay you for your knowledge. Leveraging your knowledge is the concept behind this course. In this post, we will review the different aspects of the knowledge broker blueprint. After considering the pros, cons, and other features, you will have enough information to help you determine whether it is for you.

What is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

What is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

This is an excellent program made with the goal of giving you all the training and tools required to use the knowledge you have into a means of making money. With this course, you can extract yours or other people’s knowledge and package it into a hugely profitable business. It was first launched in 2019, and the second version comes with even more tools to help you.

That former version was reviewed by us in the Knowledge Business Blueprint review. With the steps outlined in both courses, you are well on your way to taking a chunk out of a billion-dollar industry. Well, you won’t be the first to doubt the authenticity. However, it is true that people pay a lot of money for the knowledge they do not have. The course shows you a systematic way of extracting your knowledge, filling events, and running shops in-person or online, and even how to create a business, not out of your knowledge, but out of someone else’s. Some of the events will teach you how to run includes:

  • Seminars
  • Summits
  • Workshops
  • Coaching programs

And more. The bottom line is that you will discover how to make your business profitable and thrive. With such a large and profitable industry, thousands of ordinary people are now turning over profits and putting what they know into excellent use.

Would you like to be one of these people cutting through the noise and finding your place in the knowledge industry? Then this program will help you. You will learn the best techniques and practices from three of the best people in the industry. Who are these? Let’s find out.

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Who is behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Dean and Tony

There are three entrepreneurs behind this program. These three have a track record of success and have created some of the most successful companies in a highly competitive industry. Since they have made such an impact, you will likely have heard of them before. Let’s introduce them.

First is Dean Graziosi. Dean is a popular figure in the industry. He is what is referred to as a serial entrepreneur. Apart from profitably running several companies, he is also an author of bestsellers and a motivational speaker. His success stems from a commitment to helping people be their best versions, achieve financial independence and success in different parts of their lives.

He is a millionaire with a knack for identifying talents and making different successful programs. One of his books is the Underdog Advantage, which helps you channel your perceived liabilities into advantages. Aside from his prowess in the information industry, he has made his fortune from several investments.

The second person behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is Tony Robbins. Who is he? Tony Robbins and Dean work in the same industry. Just like his partner, he is also an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He has a passion for helping others as well and enabling them to turn their environment to their benefit. He has, over the years, developed a knack for making students improve themselves – while making loads of money. One impressive thing about him is that he made his breakthrough in the information industry without having any special knowledge or expertise. He started at a young age since, at 17, he became a knowledge broker for one of the best motivational speakers of the time. Today, he has carved a name for himself and is very qualified to help you package and make money off your knowledge.

The last but certainly not least is Russell Brunson. As his work with ClickFunnels indicates, he is a digital marketer. He is an American Digital Marketing expert and the creator of many tools like ClickFunnels.

He was born and raised in Utah and had a wonderful childhood in Salt Lake. While a child, he knew that he wasn’t cut out like the rest. He spent most of his childhood as a collector of junk. Instead of the cartoons that his mates loved, Russell loved listening to and watching commercials on the television and radio.

His curiosity grew with him, and as soon as he was old enough, he delved into the world he had only just watched from a distance. He became an entrepreneur and marketer, venturing into different businesses as soon as the opportunity came up.

His education in the local school saw him become part of the school wrestling team, where he distinguished himself through his victories and tenacity. His time in the wrestling team was a period of character development and learning. Some of the things he learned as a junior wrestler included competition, hard work, and a winning mentality – all of which he carried into his adult years.

He had as a mentor, the famous Dan Kennedy. Today, he is a mentor to both old and young digital marketers.

Together, the three men have created a plan to help you run your workshop seminar or mastermind.

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More about KBB 2.0

KBB(Knowledge Broker Blueprint) is an excellent course that reveals how you can begin to make money off your knowledge or that of a willing collaborator. There are three main ways you can successfully run the business.

First is by creating a mastermind virtually or physically. Next is the share knowledge and skills through a workshop. Lastly, you can start a membership group.

Without having the right tools, you might find it stressful and fail at leveraging your knowledge. That is why you need the three authors to guide you. Some of what you will learn from the course are the problems faced by creators. For example, while you might know the message to take to others that can help them, you might feel overwhelmed about the starting point and how to get the message to them. Another challenge is that your prospective customers might feel overwhelmed by starting a mastermind or something like that.

If you have started a mastermind or seminar and feel tired or burned out, then you will find the KBB to be an excellent tool that can help you.

With the fact that there is so much information available, it isn’t the lack of knowledge that is the problem. Instead, it is the struggle to act on the knowledge. Without knowing where to start from, it becomes easy to give up. This is where KBB comes in handy. It helps you to take the raw knowledge and refine it into masterminds, workshops, and similar things.

Why does this program prove so successful for many users? Well, it is because the concepts it contains are the core ones used by the most successful people in the field. They come tried and tested by gurus like Tony, Dean, and Russell and have been used for many years to great success. No matter how the market moves, the knowledge broker blueprint gives readers and students the accurate direction to assist them to create a profitable enterprise.

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Overview of Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The KBB contains many gems, but here, we will have a brief overview of the main concepts of the program. What will you find in it?

  • Four different core modules and course workbook
  • Facebook group
  • 52-week access to MindMint software
  • Russel Brunson bonus

In this review, we will dive even deeper into what these entail.

Pros and Cons of KBB


  • The course delves into the psychology of what drives the market and how students learn
  • It comes in a format that boosts accountability and is actionable
  • High quality of production
  • Contains tips on how to make people embrace your program
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • 1-year free access to useful software


  • You must put in plenty of effort to see results
  • You will not get personal attention from the coaches

Comparing KBB with similar programs

Are there any similar courses and programs like the Knowledge Broker Blueprint? Yes, there are. However, none of them is as good as KBB.

People have managed to run seminars and successful masterminds for many years, but this is the first time two people that really know their onions have come together to create a course to help others. With the KBB, you can access more than 50 lessons in video format, and you get even more videos the deeper you delve into the program.

Apart from that, by getting KBB, you get a year’s access to the highly sought after MindMint software. This software is what all the professionals use to run, plan, and fill their events.

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Is the KBB right for you?

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Considering the benefits we have discussed so far, it is only normal to wonder if the KBB is the right course for you. If you have plenty of knowledge but have no idea how you will deliver the knowledge to the correct audience, then taking this course is a wise step. The KBB is for you if you:

  • Are willing to learn
  • Are not monetizing your meetings
  • Are ready to be dedicated and take corrective action.

One thing many fail to realize about seminars and masterminds is that you do not even need specialized knowledge to run one.

Instead of giving knowledge you do not have, you can be a knowledge broker instead and have people with the knowledge working with you. In the KBB, you see how to partner with those with the knowledge while keeping a big part of the profits realized. There are tons of knowledgeable people who simply need your assistance in reaching the right people.

If you are an expert, though, it becomes even easier. Although not everyone has the talent to teach or organize, you can learn by following the tips found in KBB. From fitness to cooking to digital marketing, you can carve out a niche and start making a lot of money.

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What is in KBB?

KBB has four core training modules. These are –

  • Extract it,
  • Fill it,
  • Run it, and
  • Knowledge broker.

In this first module, you see how to extract the knowledge. This might seem like the beginner level of the program, but it is very important because it contains the foundational lessons that will come in handy later. You will see how to know your gifts and make them profitable.

In the second module, you will learn how to become an expert at sales by creating compelling copy and making conversion-centric landing pages. There are up to five lessons in this module.

Module 3 tells you the way to run the mastermind and know what your audience is thinking. The last module is important if you are collaborating with someone that has the knowledge you want to sell.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Cost

There are two options – the one-time payment of $1997 or the instalment payment of $597 x 4. If you start with the course and aren’t completely satisfied, you can always stop, and you’ll be entitled to a complete refund. Click Here to Get Started with The Knowledge Broker Blueprint


As long as you can afford it, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an excellent investment. It teaches you so much and can help you sell your knowledge or that of others at a premium.

Dean, Tony, and Russell are leading names in the industry, and there’s no one else that we would feel is qualified to take us through the processes outlined in the course. Take advantage of the offers on the official website and get it at a reduced rate. You certainly will not regret it.

This course is not out to collect your money and bail on you. After reading the whole review, you can see that it will give you useful training to help you to improve your worth in the knowledge industry.

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What is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?


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