ThinkWave – Should I Start Using ThinkWave?

What Is ThinkWave?

While other class management software packages are focused on offering a variety of features, ThinkWave’s interface is simple and intuitive. It allows teachers to easily create classes, track attendance, and grade assignments. Students can view uploaded content, and teachers can provide feedback and messages. A teacher’s time is valuable, so ThinkWave’s streamlined interface makes it easy to use. While it’s not as flexible as other online gradebook services, ThinkWave is easy to use and comes with many useful features.

ThinkWave For Educators

For educators, ThinkWave’s product scorecard can help them make the right decision. It summarizes real-world feedback from business leaders and IT pros. It also offers insight into the features and capabilities of the software. It’s a useful tool for students to track their own progress, and can help teachers see whether their lessons are meeting expectations. Its customizable reports also allow users to add standards to assignments. For teachers, ThinkWave’s free version should be sufficient. However, if you plan on using the program for a long period of time, you may want to upgrade to the paid version for more features and support.

The ThinkWave school management system lets teachers manage parent access. This tab lets them view the location of students in their class. The Online Tab also displays information about their student’s progress. In addition, the teacher can customize email updates by selecting which students they wish to send to parents. It’s also possible to manage student assignments, including uploading homework. All these features make the ThinkWave platform an excellent choice for teachers looking to improve communication and organization within their classroom.

ThinkWave For Teachers

For teachers, ThinkWave’s gradebook enables them to create unified report cards and transcripts. It also integrates all teachers’ gradebooks so students can see all teachers’ grades at once. Additionally, it supports a variety of features to keep track of student attendance. The interactive ThinkWave website helps educators set up example case studies and guides them through the process. Then, it shows them how to navigate the ThinkWave website and add grades and information.

ThinkWave For Students

Students can upload files using the ThinkWave web interface. The user-friendly interface eliminates the need for multiple clicks to access different classes. In addition to this, the ThinkWave web portal also allows teachers to view a student’s work. Moreover, a student can also upload his or her work and submit it online. And teachers can upload homework for their students. The system is compatible with most popular file formats.

ThinkWave Features and Overview

The ThinkWave school management system features a parent Internet viewer, and teachers can post blogs and record comments. It also includes a parent internet viewer and blogging capabilities for administrators. With the ThinkWave system, communication with students and their families is improved. The school’s gradebook is organized and updated in real-time, so it is easy to see where students need extra help. The student progress graph in the system is displayed automatically for both students and parents.

ThinkWave Overview


» Cloud-based School Administration Software
» Fast to deploy.
» Uniquely easy-to-use.
» For public, private and international schools including elementary, secondary, vocational, trade, and college.
» Print and email report cards and transcripts automatically.
» Integrated gradebooks for all teachers.
» Grades online for students and parents.
» Real-time access to schoolwide grades and attendance for staff.
» Modern, web-based, cloud computing platform for easy deployment. Use on PC, MAC or iPad.
» Upload handouts online. Collect homework online. 100 GB online storage.
» School and classroom blogs with file upload.
» Affordable pricing, even for small schools.
» 30-day free trial

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