What is a TikTok Mashup?

A TikTok mashup is a video made with the popular app TikTok. These remixes combine one song with another to create a new one. The audio versions of the mashups are typically 15 seconds long, but they are quickly becoming popular. They are just as popular as the current chart toppers and are as deliberate as Girl Talk’s sets. It’s the best way to enjoy a new song while at the same time get a glimpse of the new artist’s style.

TikTok Mashup

Talisha is a DJ from Sydney who shares mashups on TikTok. She’s been sharing her NSW Lockdown Mix with the world and educating the masses on the latest Aussie artists. In this mashup, she layers Rihanna’s “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” with Idris Elba’s banger, Boasty. It’s not surprising that this mashup is a fan favorite. Cool Accidents are a DJ from Sydney who posts mashups on their page.

Despite its novelty, there are some issues with this social media platform. The democratisation of music listening can lead to appropriation, but a TikTok mashup can be removed from its curator’s page and the creators can be contacted to ensure that the mashup is not violating rights. Label heads could also be alerted to the mashups and take them down if they are infringing their songs.

Luckily, the popularity of TikTok has opened the door for DJ’s to make their own mashups, a way to showcase new talent and promote new artists. Many of the mashups have remixed well-known songs, and many DJs have created their own mashups. Check out the videos below and see what you think! If you’re in the mood for a fun mashup, make sure you check out Cool Accidents on the platform!

The mashups on TikTok have led to a lot of controversy. In a recent article, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mashup of ‘WAP’, which was made by rapper Cardi B, was shared on his Twitter account. The mashup features the original song’s heavy bassline swapped with the thundering organ from Phantom of the Opera.

With its democratization of music listening, TikTok has opened the door for a variety of artists and DJs to make mashups. For instance, a mashup that mixes a popular song with an obscure one is called a WAPera. This mashup has a “Wapera”-like voice, and has a voice that evokes the song’s lyrics.

Ha V’s version of “alt” TikTok incorporates “alt” music, a new genre emerging on the internet. This mashup combines a song with a different genre, such as rap, in a remix. While mashups aren’t limited to one genre, they are a great way to bring together a few songs. It’s a great way to mix two songs that you love.

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