The Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi

As times get more robust and economies around the globe take a beating, many people are looking for ways to make more money. When it comes to generating wealth, many believe that wealth-generation is a path designed for a few people. However, this is not the case. Just because you weren’t born with a silver spoon, it doesn’t mean that you cannot carve out a path of wealth generation for yourself. The Underdog Advantage, written by coach, motivational speaker, and businessman Dean Graziosi aims to teach you how to use a disadvantage, that of being an underdog, to your benefit. It is a book that, at its core, is made to help you channel the inner underdog and beat the odds stacked up against you.

In this Underdog Advantage Review, we will consider the features of this book and see if it is worth your time. We have read it so you can decide whether to spend your precious time and money on it.

About the Author

The Underdog Advantage

It is interesting that this book comes from Dean Graziosi. Why is that? Well, it is because he knows what it means to be an underdog. The author has gone through rigors of life and will show you in the book all you need to know about how to use the ‘underdog’ label to your advantage.

Before we delve into the book and see what it contains, let’s take a look into what makes Dean qualified to give advice.

Unlike the millionaires around, he had no funding from parents or name that opened doors for him. His parents did not have plenty of money, so he couldn’t certainly ask them for money. However, what they gave him was plenty of support. They supported his dreams, even though they couldn’t completely understand them. Dean did not make it due to academic prowess. He also started at a rather late age of 20, especially when you consider several millionaires.

His first business was automobile restoration. Dean saw a market in the business. He flipped cars for a profit, and after doing this for some time, he was able to make a decent amount of money. Seeing that flipping cars were a lucrative endeavour, he decided to level up. This time, instead of flipping cars for profit, he decided to venture into real estate. He first learned the ropes and applied all he learned. While he didn’t have a formal education, he received even more important education that isn’t taught in a classroom.

Seeing as this helped him, he decided to go full time in the real estate business.

Hence, when it comes to business, he is one of the best people to go to for advice – considering that he started from the bottom.

According to Dean, most of his success is down to using the Underdog Advantage, which is what he has detailed in the book. If you are looking to imitate him and enjoy similar success in your business, then you should certainly listen to what Dean has to say via The Underdog Advantage.

Dean is not only into real estate, but he is also an author. He has written several books, including 30 Days to Real Estate Cash, Millionaire Success Habits, and more. Aside from that, he is a motivational speaker and coach. He has designed many courses that can help anyone looking to change their life.

Today, Dean is certainly no longer an underdog. He is hugely successful materially. Although he isn’t a billionaire, he is worth over $40 million. Therefore, if you are looking to make your first million, who better to learn from than an actual millionaire?

He currently lives in a huge, palatial mansion with his family in Arizona. If you dream of living like Dean, then you should pick up the book. It will reveal how he made himself into what he is today. Yes, Dean has succeeded in so many aspects of business, and he has proved successful at everyone!


What is The Book?

The Underdog Advantage is one-of-a-kind that reveals the road map an underdog needs to take to be successful. It shows you how to change your present circumstances, disadvantages into something that the world will tremble to behold.

If you don’t come from a trust fund family or are simply not born with a silver spoon, then you are an underdog.

However, as the title of the book suggests, you can turn that disadvantage into a power. You will see the steps to take to be successful. It contains real-life examples of underdogs that have achieved success in their respective businesses.

You will learn how to channel the anger you feel at being an underdog into whatever you apply your mind to. It gives you plenty of motivation to improve yourself and grow larger than you could ever dream of.

While being an underdog can seem like a bad thing, this book will help to change your mindset. It will help you to see that even being an underdog is an unfair advantage for you!


What will you find in The Book?

The Underdog Advantage is a book with seven chapters. Each chapter makes you unstoppable and gives you all the important information that you need. In this section, we will consider what is contained in each chapter.

Chapter 1 

The title of this chapter is Underdogs Have Nothing To Lose.

As an underdog without plenty of properties or money, you actually don’t have a lot to lose. Unlike rich folks with their properties and riches, you are not content with what you have and are ready to do almost anything to make your way.

Underdogs are unencumbered and are ready to take bold steps to solve their problems. This is a great advantage. You are ready to tread where other fear to walk.

In this first chapter, you are introduced to this concept of having nothing to lose. You can, therefore, use the information to get a better life.

Chapter 2

The second chapter, Underdogs Can Use “The Power Of You Can’t,” helps you to see how to use rejection to fuel your desires. Have you ever submitted a proposal or gone for an interview, only to be told “No” or “You Can’t”? When you heard that, how did that make you feel? Angry? Well, that anger can be channeled into a desire to prove doubters completely wrong and get what they said you could not get.

In this chapter, Dean shows you how to use this in daily proceedings. As an underdog, you need to find motivation wherever you can, and rejection is a powerful motivator. Rich, successful people do not have this advantage. They lack the motivation and anger of an underdog after hearing NO. Therefore, let Dean teach you in this chapter how you can use this anger to your advantage.

Chapter 3: Underdog Act Fast And Improve Quickly

Ever seen the quickness of a lean, hungry wolf? Well, as an underdog, you are like the wolf. Due to your status, you have to struggle for everything you have. Underdogs grow quicker than the favorite in life. You don’t have plenty of time, so all your actions should be geared at thinking quickly and smartly. You miss all the shots you refuse to take, and that is why, as an underdog, you will take as many shots as possible until you achieve the success you desire. Rich people do not have this hunger and are content with the privileges that they have. They are not quick and do not rush. They are content with not trying different ideas.

But you certainly do not have that luxury. That is why you act faster and hungrier. What an advantage!

Chapter 4

The fourth chapter focuses on how underdogs are super resourceful. This is similar to the third chapter but expands on the concept. Underdogs are striving towards a goal, and because they haven’t achieved that yet, they are hungry and ready to go the extra mile to achieve that. They go looking to use the resources at their disposal to achieve their goals.

Rich people, on the other hand, already enjoy privileges that quench their hunger and focus.

Chapter 5

Self-education is important for every underdog. Dean walked that path before he achieves the riches and fame he has today. The rich do not often even bother with self-education. They already have the privileges accompanied by all they want. Thus, they don’t see the need for further education.

However, for the underdog, stagnation is death. Therefore, underdogs fight tooth and nail to learn and improve. This helps them get better at whatever they apply their minds and energy. There is no chance to rest on laurels; instead, the motto is self-growth and self-education. That is how they can survive!

Chapter 6 – Underdogs Don’t Care About the Opinions of Others

As an underdog, your attitude and hunger certainly usually goes unnoticed by others. After all, you aren’t rich yet.

You can, therefore, use this to your advantage. You can make silent moves without the scrutiny of the public eye. Even if you try and fail, nobody sees or cares. You can, therefore, tackle problems repeatedly, using different methods until you get your desired result.

The privilege lack that advantage. They are often in the public eye, and most people want to know what they are up to. They are not allowed to fail without ridicule and scrutiny from hungry viewers.

Chapter 7 – Turning Desperation into Persuasion

Desperation is a powerful tool that is common to underdogs and can be harnessed to incredible results. When you are on your last lap, you are ready to take risks and do whatever you need to solve your predicaments and get what you want.

As you can see, The Underdog Advantage is a rich source of wisdom for anyone as a seeming disadvantage. You can use all these to meet your desired goals.


Price and Bonuses

Are you already interested in The Underdog Advantage? Well, you should be! The good news is that this book is readily available. In fact, Dean is offering it for free! Yes, you can get it without having to pay for the book. However, you will have to pay for handling and getting it to your place.

It is clear that Dean wants many people to break the shackles of poverty and discomfort to achieve their financial dreams. You get all the resources that can help you achieve success in this book.

Interestingly, apart from the book, you also get some bonuses. Let’s see some of these bonuses.

Live Online Training

This bonus offers you a free seat in the live online training. If you already have something you are good at, Dean shows you how you can monetize this from anywhere you are in the world. You will learn how you can profit from your knowledge.

Better Life Challenge

As part of the package, you get the secrets to a better life via the Better Life Challenge. By participating in the challenge, you can win loads of cool prizes, including a new car.

Another bonus is that Dean will accompany you on your learning journey. He accompanies you as you read through all the chapters in the book and enjoy an incredible time. You will be able to get the most from the books and each chapter.

Online Book

As another bonus, you will get an e-book version of the book. Therefore, you can read it wherever and whenever.


If you want a simple to read, practical, insightful, and interesting book that helps you to change your mindset and get it ready for success, regardless of the odds you face, then you should closely consider The Underdog Advantage.

It will show you how to change your future and turn your disadvantage into power. As the book is free, comes with plenty of bonuses, and you only need to pay for shipping, there’s really no excuse not to have it.



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