What Is Amazon Moments? – How to use amazon moment

Amazon Moments

Amazon Moments allows you to engage your customers by giving them digital and physical rewards. Your buyers only need to perform certain actions on your apps, websites, or games.

App and web developers continue to look for better ways to keep their users on their platforms longer. Amazon has launched a service it hopes developers will use to accomplish this. Amazon Moments, as it’s called, will allow developers to create actions (or “moments”) that they want users to take. For example: taking out a subscription for a news site or streaming several episodes. Users can also get physical gifts as a reward.

What is Amazon Moments?

Amazon moments are a unique kind of digital and physical reward. This effectively increases your user’s engagement in your apps, websites, and games. Amazon moments are the best feature of Amazon’s platform. It increases the product-related marketing and customer cost per-action activity. This special feature serves as a call to action by increasing viewer engagements.

Amazon is a cross-platform platform marketing tool. Amazon’s moments effectively demonstrate the profitable result from viewers and global businesses perspectives.

Amazon Moments is an Amazon marketing tool that allows brands to offer customers digital and physical rewards.

Amazon offers customized rewards to customers who complete certain actions on the brand’s website or app. Amazon Moments are available on iOS, Android and FireOS (the proprietary operating systems for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets), as well as the web.

Amazon had already 20 brands signed up for the Moments tool as of February 2019, when it was launched. These included Bravo, Sony Crackle and Sesame St, Washington Post and Disney Heroes.

Moments allows you to increase the number of actions your audience can take online. It works by asking users to take specific actions. These actions will allow you to reach your marketing goals, and increase your sales.

Users are rewarded for completing the action with either a digital or physical item.

Moments API works with Android, Fire OS and iOS apps. The rewards are products that have been sold and Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). You can send rewards to 100 different countries.

How do Amazon Moments work?

Amazon is a cross-platform platform marketing tool, as we have already explained. Amazon allows you to access a unique interface. Business owners can create Amazon moments for their customers and offer them prizes.

Amazon’s greatest positive is that the reward is different than the royalty program. Customers are not offered discounts in the regular loyalty program. Amazon moments rewards offer more appealing benefits.

According to the records, customers who qualify for Amazon moments have more options than discounts. Customers aren’t aware of the loyalty-related discounts that they receive on a regular basis. Amazon Moments offers customers digital and physical rewards. Loyalty programs offer discounts to customers.

Customers are reluctant to take advantage of the loyalty discounts when they qualify for the loyalty program. Amazon’s moment was more successful in building a cost-per action platform.

So how do you launch a Moments?

Three main steps are required to launch a Moments campaign:

  1. Set The moment. This is the action that you want your users take and the reward they will receive.
  2. Users’ engagement. Your website or app allows customers to take action.
  3. Amazon delivers. Amazon delivers the reward you have selected.

Sellers can use the Moments console for instructions on when, where and how the Moments should appear to users.

All countries participating in the Amazon Global program can receive your rewards.

To redeem a reward, all users must have an Amazon account. A customer who is eligible for a reward will be sent an email to redeem it. Or, they can go to a redemption page and create one.

They’ll then be sent to the Moments page of your brand, where they can enter their redemption code.

How to Choose your Moments Rewards

Only customers will be able select the rewards they choose through the Moments console.

When deciding on rewards, think about your client base.

What’s more appealing to your audience than a reward? A tempting reward can increase the effectiveness of your campaign and your ROI.

There are two kinds of rewards.

1. Select products in a particular category eligible for discounts

2. You get free items You can choose up to five products free or one category at a discount per campaign.

Vital Things to know when choosing a reward:

  • A physical reward is more effective than Amazon credit. It is more like a prize.
  • Campaigns that offer a full reward are more likely to convert than those that offer discounts. A customer would rather have a $20 cap free than a $20 discount on a $40 cap.
  • To get a clear picture of the best rewards for your customers, don’t forget A/B testing. The most requested rewards are electronics, toys, and Amazon credit.
  • The campaign date will automatically set the expiration date for rewards at 30 days.
  • Amazon will offer an alternate value in the unlikely event that a reward is out of stock.

Why use Amazon Moments?

Moments allows brands to reward customers for performing a commercially worthwhile action on an app or website. This could include renewing a subscription, referring a user, or simply referring someone.

Amazon Moments is a tool that allows brands to automate these in-app rewards.

Moments makes it possible for brands to use Amazon’s product range and fulfillment reach to offer rewards, rather than having to create a rewards program internally.

Apps and brands no longer need to act as the intermediary when it comes to giving rewards and gifts their customers and users. Amazon’s global reach allows brands to reward customers in more than 100 countries.

How Amazon Moments Benefits You

1. These are truly unique rewards

Amazon’s customer and seller records are huge. There are almost 5 million sellers offering various types of rewards. Customers are buying products from different sellers.

Customers have the opportunity to purchase digital and physical gifts from Amazon, which is one of the best Amazon moments.

Amazon credits can be used to purchase products on special occasions, such as from sellers. Customers can use the rewards to buy anything.

2. Turn Benefits Into Rewards:

Amazon customers can also apply for other types of Amazon bonuses. You can also claim other Amazon parks automatically when you redeem the Amazon moment’s reward. These parks include the Amazon prime memberships.

Customers are receiving the moment’s rewards quicker; therefore, you are shifting your rewards into different categories of quick and easy gating rewards.

3. Shopper’s do not have to pay additional fees

Amazon moments are easy to use and very effective for customers. Customers don’t have to put in extra effort to receive their rewards. Customers just have to shop. This is a big difference from the loyalty programme.

Customers are often given the option to play any game or use any app to claim their rewards. The reward app can be used to claim rewards and the game playing is completely free.

Customers do not need to pay extra to get the rewards. Amazon moment has the greatest advantage: Customers can choose what kind of reward they would like to receive. You can choose from digital or physical gifts.

Amazon Moments Best Practices

Amazon Moments can help you reach the goals you have set in your campaigns. You just need to be aware of your metrics. Amazon Moments can be used to increase the number of attendees, retention and payer conversion.

Depending on your goal, there are three options to test your campaign.

  • Retarget users – Use this to highlight a reward for purchasing an IAP on sale, new content, or new features. The reward can be promoted via email and notifications.
  • Convert better – Choose a reward depending upon the app. If your app requires subscriptions, you can encourage your users to upgrade to the basic subscription. This will give them a chance to get a digital or physical product equal to one month of their subscription. IAP apps may offer rewards for purchasing items that are more expensive. You can also introduce existing customers to premium products by using IAP apps.
  • Engage users – Use interesting experiences such as difficult levels, new features adoption or limited time events to motivate users to act.


Since 2019, major brands have used Amazon’s loyalty program, Amazon Moments to their advantage.

Developers can use this service to bring back inactive users and reward top users by giving them digital and physical prizes based on their app activity.

Amazon Moments lets you create targeted campaigns, reward buyers with a variety of digital and physical items, and track actions in real-time.

You can use the Moments console to select the date, reward package or product you want to offer. You can customize your reward landing page or promotional messages to give users an exceptional experience. You can use social media posts, notifications and messages to encourage customers to complete specific tasks on your app or site.

Moments are a great way for customers to feel cared about and make extra money.

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