What is eCitizen?

With eCitizen, you can use digital credentials to pay for services and make payments through one government agency. These digital credentials will allow you to access services with a lower security level, such as paying for your license renewal online. You can also use the same credentials to register for a business or renew your driving license. In addition, eCitizen will allow you to pay for government services through debit cards or mobile money.

How to UseeCitizen

To use eCitizen, you must first acquire digital credentials (eOI, bank token, or m-Token). The security level of your digital credential depends on the services that you want to access. To determine which security level you have, visit the Catalogue of Services. You can register for an account for free. Once you have completed the registration, you can access the services you need.

Making Payments

To make a payment, you must have a digital credential to make an eCitizen transaction. The system requires users to provide a mobile phone number or national ID. This means you can pay with a credit card or a mobile money account. The eCitizen platform is operated by RwandaOnline. The company has an agreement with Crimson Logic in Singapore, which operates electronic single windows of trade in many developing countries.

To use , you must have a digital credential. You can use an eOI, bank token, m-Token, or ePass as your digital credential. Each security level is different and requires a different level of security. eCitizen also offers free account registration. The eCitizen system will enable you to access all connected systems, including your credit card.

The system is integrated with the Department of Immigration Services’ Foreign Nationals Portal. You can access the necessary information to apply for alien passes, permits, and cards. You can also register for a single sign-on account with eCitizen, which will help you make the entire process easier. In short, eCitizen allows you to access all of the government systems you need.

The platform is a one-stop-shop for government services. The portal will allow you to pay for birth certificates, death certificates, and more online. Unlike the NTSA, eCitizen has more features, so it is more convenient. You can pay for services from anywhere you have internet access. It will also reduce the time needed to apply for certain government services.

The portal will enable you to pay for services online. You can apply for a birth certificate online, apply for a death certificate, and more. eCitizen is a one-stop-shop for government services, and it will make your life easier. You will no longer have to queue in lines at government offices. You can also make payment for services online. Moreover, eCitizen makes it possible to access a variety of services, such as public records, and make payments.

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